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Initial Thoughts on Her Given Hair

Hey Guys,

Happy New Month!
Hope you enjoyed the Long weekend.
I sure did :)
Mine was full of adventure, learning and family bonding.
I've been sharing pictures and videos on instagram so check them out :)
I ordered some hair from Her Given Hair a couple of weeks ago.
It came in this sleek black box which has their website details, contact details and social media handles at the back.
 I ordered two bundles in the kinky wefted hair.
 One 18 inch and One 20 inch.
 How cute is the curl.
 The hair is really full as you can see.
 It's springy and bouncy too.
 The box came with instructions explaining what to do before installing the hair.
 First things first, I unravelled the bundle.
 I stretched it out so you can see how much hair comes in one bundle.
 Quite a lot right.

You can decide to wash your hair before you unravel the bundle, that's what I did with my second bundle.
 This is what my hair looked like with the deep conditioner in it.
 How beautiful and defined are the curls?
 I lost this little ball of hair after washing which isn't that much
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I ordered it to Lagos with my Diamond Bank Card and it came in a couple of days with minimal shipping costs ($10.00 for delivery to my house in Lagos)
 At first I installed only one bundle (the 20 inch one) with no closure
I only had it in for only 1 week as blending the leave out in required time and effort.
I then ordered a 12 inch closure and made a wig with the two bundles.
The wig is super full as you can tell by my expression.
There'll be a video on my youtube channel showing you how I tame the mane.
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If you will like to order some lovely kinky hair visit their website here and enter the promo code "Tuke" so you can get a Free Headband & 5% off :D

They have looser textures called Coily & Curly. They also have kinky straight hair in a variety of lengths. The Curly hair reminds me of the hair I had in this post and this post
The next style of hair I'm going to order from them is the coily, it looks so cute :)
If  you have any questions on the hair, kindly leave them below and I'll address the ones that require a verbal explanation in a video.
Check out style posts of me rocking the hair here and here.


  1. I love kinky hair be it braids or weave.The hair really suits you. Did you make the wig yourself?

    1. So do I.
      Thanks Hilda :)
      No I didn't, I got a hairdresser to make it!

  2. Loved the one with the first bundle, but saw the second bundle one and loved it so much more!

  3. Interesting how this is the exact kind of hair I was thinking of getting!. I think I'll get it done as a wig. Thanks Tuke. I'll have a look at their website.

    1. Awwww, Yayyy!!!
      Tag me in a picture when you get it :)

  4. The wig is really super full.. and it looks cool on you.

  5. Looks so good! Loving how you made the wig

  6. I'm still pretty obsessed with your smile, the wig is so pretty and full. Love it.

  7. The hair is beautiful . Loved the first bundle but the full wig was a hit look..

  8. It's really cool and perfect since my hair texture is 4c. Thank for sharing