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Day to Night: Double Denim

Hey Guys!

Happy Monday :)

If you follow me on Instagram, you would realise I got a new look, haven't done a weave since May and I only did it then because it was my mum's 50th. I can count the number of times I've done a weave on my fingers. I've always been more of a braids girl but yeah, a little change is always good.

My sister and I traded weaves since September but I lost my closure and I didn't want to leave my hair out so that's why I was just rocking my fro. I left a little hair out this time around but I used the ORS straightening and strengthening treatment on the section of the hair I left out. I'll do a review/update post on the product soon, but just so you know, it lasted for 4 weeks :)

I got my hair done on Saturday and took these pictures after church on Sunday. I wore it with my flossy's from this post to church but I never really wear my Loafers so decided to give them some love. It's weird but I tend to express my tomboyish tendencies when I have long hair because I know the hair makes me look girlyish so I can dress like a guy and people won't be asking questions, you feel me? Someone said I look like a Lioness when the hair is out, imagine that!! Do y'all agree?

I haven't done a day to night post since the first one in August so here's another one for you :)

Hope you like it!!

I'm not really sure about this fila (Hat)

This look was inspired by Skinny Hipster btw. Can you tell that I Love the camera? I didn't even have any sugar, don't know why I look so excited. People need to start using me for ads, I think I'll be perfect for the job, hehe.

Top: H and M
Jeans: Bershka
Loafers: Russel and Bromley
Sky Blue Satchel: DKNY (It's my sister's own but she doesn't like the colour so she left it in Lagos, yayy me! Mine is the Lava coloured one from this post. Which one do you prefer? How would you rock them?)
Indigo Clutch: River Island (was a gift from my friend, Ope, in Uni :D)
Heels: Peacocks



  1. I absolutely love the transitioning from day to night look. Girl the excitment is beautiful... ♥

  2. Love love love transitioning posts. Such a joy to view. Triggers a lot of creativity in my mind right now.

  3. Love both outfits. The hat looks good. You look so happy in this pictures.

    1. Thank you Sogie. Yes, I do look super super happy, hehe :)

  4. Very very nice :)

  5. Replies
    1. Yes o, Natural Sugar High 🌞 Thanks Boom!!

  6. I like ,meanwhile you started something .I have ordered a cobolt blue skirt after seeing your work flow post and yes I now have an ID too no more anonymous comments Lol.

    1. Whoohoo, Yayyy, Progress!!! You're one step closer to starting that blog :)

  7. Lovee your Hat!!

  8. Replies
    1. LOL, that's because I was happy. The person behind the camera might have had a part to play too, hehe :)

  9. I love this, absolutely beautiful. Night version is my favourite.