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Family Fun Day

Hey Guys!

Happy Monday!

Hope you had a good weekend.

Well, I did, my Saturday was very busy. My church organised a Family Funday and it was my first time going for one at this church as I was in NYSC Camp last year and Uni for the 3 years before that. I was placed in Red house, never been in red house before. I was in Yellow House (Topaz) in Primary School, Blue House (Opal) in Secondary School and Yellow House (Barat) during A-levels. That is why Blue and Yellow are my favourite colours, like I mentioned in this post.

So I wore my dad's fila (cap), haven't worn one in ages, wore my sister's polo shirt as I didn't like the other red shirts I found, my jeans which I cut off into shorts aaaages ago and my flossy's (same as this post).

I look really sporty, but I'm not really that sporty. I can play Lawn and Table Tennis confidently, won medals for those sports back in the day, but I'm not an athlete, I no dey run. In secondary school, I marched every year and I Loved it, probably because in primary school I wasn't allowed to March as they said my legs and back weren't straight :(
They wanted me to do relay at the fun day sha, I took part in the trial run and came second but I had to leave before it was time for the relay race.

Limbo, limbo, limbo like me!