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ORS Hair update

Hey Guys!

This is a follow up post to the Hair Experiment and a review of the ORS Strengthening and Straightening Treatment.  Read the first post so you understand the process.

An anonymous reader left a nice question filled comment on the post so I will be addressing all her questions and sharing pictures of my hair during the time period.

Day 1

Hey Tuke,

Were you still able to install your weave without a closure? And how long did the straight hair last before reverting? Is your entire head of hair fully reverted or are there still some straight ones? Did you wash your hair throughout the period you had straight hair? Please bear with me and my too-many questions, I am just genuinely curious. 
Thank you

Yes, I was able to install my weave without a closure. I've lost my closure, which kinda sucks as I haven't got money lying around to invest in a new one.  I used the ORS Straightening and Strengthening Treatment on the leave-out, however it isn't silky straight, my hair looks more like it had a blow-out. I straightened it earlier in the week as I really don't like the 2 textures/hair flying which is seen a lot in this post. I thought my hair would blend completely with the curly weave but it didn't so I would definitely recommend getting a closure if you can afford one. It makes life easier and you don't have to worry about your leave out being unruly Alternatively you could get a fringe done so all of your Natural hair is covered/protected.

The straight hair lasted for 21 days so 3 weeks, here are a couple of transition pictures so you can see how my hair texture changed during the period.

My entire head is fully reverted, there is no straight strand left. The pictures in this post were taken on day 22. As you can see, my curl pattern looks slightly looser as I hadn't put water on it yet, so my hair looks like an old blow out.

I did not wash my hair throughout the experiment period. I didn't use my spray bottle or any water based products. This was the downside to it, I couldn't pamper my hair the way I normally would, no shampoo, no conditioner, no nothing. I massaged my edges with Jamaican Black Castor Oil every few days and I used the Dark and Lovely Anti-Breakage Oil Moisturiser from this post towards the end of the experiment period as it isn't water based.

Hope I answered all your questions.

Thanks for being curious, it shaped the structure of this post

Day 1
Day 8
Day 15

Day 16

Day 16

Day 22

If you have any more questions about the ORS Strengthening and Straightening Treatment, feel free to leave them as a comment below :)


  1. Hey Tuke.
    Thank you for answering. I 'almost' forgot I asked a question. Your answers have been helpful. I think you have just helped me make up my mind about my straightening dilemma.

    1. LOL, you're welcome :)
      I'm glad I could be of help!