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Food Fiasco

Hey Guys!

As I mentioned in this post, I am now a working class chick, remember my first workflow post?!. My colleagues and I typically order food from a local Buka and this costs between N300 and N500 depending on my order. Their Jollof Rice isn’t great so I typically get White Rice or Pasta. You all know I love good food, that's why I have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 posts which focus mainly on food/restaurants, Wow, I thought I only had like 7.

I budget 3k for food per week, Buka food 4 times a week and then a treat like Tantalizers or Chicken Republic once a week, typically on Friday. I really wanted something different yesterday, was bored of the buka food already so I went on Hello food and City chops. I was slightly overwhelmed by the wide range of options available and my colleagues aren’t too adventurous with food so we decided to go with safe ol' Chicken Republic.

Took this picture sometime in August, I love their wings too.

I placed the order and told my colleague the price. He was shocked and said that the prices are lower when you call and the delivery cost is cheaper too plus we could always send someone to pick it up. So, we cancelled the order and roamed round the office trying to get Chicken Republic's number. We finally got it and gave them a call, delivery cost was N150 instead of the N350 we would have been charged by Hello Food and the food my colleague's ordered was about N250 cheaper. The guys wanted the same thing (Rice and Beans with 1 piece of chicken) and I specified that I wanted a zippy burger meal with rice instead of chips. The chicken republic attendant said that wasn’t possible as a meal so I told him I wanted them as separate food items.

The food got to my office really quickly, it only took 20 minutes, we ordered at 11:30 and it got to us before 12 . I had work to do so couldn’t eat until about 1:30. I opened my food at this time and was shocked to discover that it was burger and chips. Both items were cold at this time and I’m not even a huge fan of chips so imagine how I feel about Cold chips. I was hungry and the saying “A hungry man is an angry man” was very applicable in this situation. Plus, "A hungry man is an unproductive man"

The burger was tiny and it was beef, I just assumed it was a chicken burger as I ordered it from Chicken republic. I was so hungry afterwards and I told someone about my experience. He asked me what I wanted to eat now and I told him but I didn’t expect him to do anything about it. I was very unproductive at this point so decided to go look for food. I went to the canteen but the food didn’t look appetizing. I decided to walk to a supermarket to get some sausage rolls and Lebanese bread. I spent 1k on this, realized chicken republic was next door and decided to go in there to buy ice cream to cheer myself up.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to complain when I went in by the way. I ordered the ice-cream, the lady at the counter said I should wait for 5 minutes. I decided to ask for the manager as the whole situation was upsetting me, I had spent 2k on food in one day and when I called the attendant to come and change it he was giving me attitude and said it was too late. I didn't know chicken republic was a short stroll from my office or I would have gone there straight up instead of wasting my credit calling the guy.

I was almost crying when explaining the situation to the manager and she was extremely apologetic, She gave me my fried rice and even asked if I wanted chicken too. I declined because all I wanted was some fried rice. I left there very happy and forgot about my ice cream. Shout out to the managers who realise the importance of Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction.

I skipped back to my office, chowed down the fried rice and went upstairs to continue my work. I was shocked to find a chicken republic bag on my table with Fried Rice and Chicken, overjoyed doesn’t even describe how I felt at that point. The guy that asked what I wanted in paragraph 5 actually went to buy me food, never hexperred it.

I’m going to have the rice for lunch today, going for lunch with a friend who works nearby on Thursday and I don’t have work on Friday. Yayy me! No need to spend more money on food this week. I wonder what’s going to happen next week though.I might just pack food which is what I did during NYSC.

My wonderful readers, what do you guys do for lunch? Do you bring food from work? Does your office provide free lunch? Or does it have a nice canteen where you can buy food from? Have you had any funky food related experiences?

Share your stories below!

Tuke, the foodie signing out.

P.s. my office has a nice canteen but I'm at the client site which is why I have to order.


  1. Right now I am at work and I can' even decide what to eat
    I dropped a comment on your Instagram earlier
    I work at osborne so I either get from ghana high via hellofood or chopbox or kike pots n pans or a joint at Nitel.

    Funny story though one day I ordered from lekki shawarma via hellofod and my food never arrived!
    next thing I know as I got home like about 7pm the delivery guy called and told me he was at my office to deliver. I was so livid!
    I put up a tweet and the manager of hellofood did apologise though.

    A hungry man is truly an unproductive man!

    Pheew! Such a lengthy comment

    1. Imagine that, at 7pm! They should have brought the shawarma for you the next day free of charge.
      I've actually never tried Ghana high before but people hype it a lot, might have to give it a shot soon.

  2. Hi Hun,

    I bring food from home and for some reason when I don't, my job provides food. -_- mehn grubido mode hehe

    New subbie, thanks to BellaNaija


    1. Heyy
      Wow, lucky you, sounds like free food always comes at the perfect time.
      Whoohoo, Bella Naija-spreading the word, Welcome aboard :)

  3. At my former place of work, I use to get free food which was always ordered from Ofada hut. there was a time I got a really 'dried to the bones' chicken with my fried rice. I almost cried. I complained about it and it didn't happen again. see me complaining about free Where I work now, there is no free food, I either take food to work or eat at the cafeteria

    1. Eyah, dried to the bones doesn't sound appetising at all.
      LOL, I hope the new place is paying you better so things somehow balance out.

  4. im so lucky.. I get free food at work and its so amazing, I cant even complain.
    I can imagine if I didn't, somebody will get hurt o.
    can imagine your frustration in this post. lol. food can make a grown man cry abeg.

    1. WOW, Lucky you, I've only experienced that once, at an internship I did in 2012.
      Lol, it's very good, you don't have to worry about what you will eat.
      Hmmmm, na true you talk o!
      Food is very vital and fundamental to life. End of Discussion.

  5. I take food to uni. I'm not yet a working lady. I've been taking sandwiches because we don't have a microwave so I can't take anything that requires warming. When I had work experience in Lagos, I used to take food from home or buy food from KFC once a month. But KFC was expensive, imagine buying KFC every day plus it's not good for the body. I actually read this post a while ago but came back to comment. Before, I used to be one of your silent readers until you said we should be commenting.

    Pardon, my long comment.

    1. Lol, true. I always wished there was a microwave in the Libraries on main campus. There is a microwave at the library in Jubilee though, the library in one of the Business School Buildings, not the one by the lake.

      Yayyy, keep commenting, it makes me happy :)

  6. Aww. Ok. I'll keep commenting. I'm not at Nottingham this semester. i know there's a microwave on Uni Park. I'm at Uni of Zurich this semester and they don't have a microwave

    1. Oh, wow, that's really cool! Exploring Europe abi?
      You should start a blog and share your adventures in Europe with us o!