Tuke's Quest: September 2016

Brunch at 34 Mayfair London & Lobster Noodle

Hey Guys :)

I hit 400k on the Blog over the weekend, whoohooo :D
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A Monochrome Maxi Dress

Hey Guys,

Hope you've had a Great Week!

It's so funny how life throws you unexpected curveballs, there always is a lesson to be learnt from them though.
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Restaurant Review: Sri Suwoon Victoria London

Hey Guys,

Hope you had a Great Weekend!!!

Mine was so busy, went for a breakfast meeting, NITC 16 (check out my recap of the 8th and 9th editions), a training my mum was facilitating, the vulcaniser and then a rehearsal, all on saturday.

On Sunday, I just went to church and then had interesting conversations with different people. This week is really really Sax filled, I'm playing at quite a number of events and I pray for grace, strength and favour. I'm really glad that my Hobby has now become my career/occupation, it's such a wonderful feeling and I hope and pray you all get to experience this kind of joy.

So this post is a review of a Restaurant I went to while in England, there are 4 more food posts from London in my drafts, I ate out A LOT, that's what happens when you haven't been to London in 2 years. The exchange rate these days isn't cute and I pray this recession is over as quickly as the famine in 2 Kings 6-7.
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The LBD: Little Black Dress

Hey Guys,

Happy Eid!!!

Trust you're all enjoying the long weekend :)
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Restaurant Review: Chaophraya Edinburgh

Hey Guys!

Happy Hump Day!

Hope your week is going well :)

Mine's been good, being doing all the things I love to do and I just love the fact that I'm able to live life more intentionally now!
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Weekend Gist: Freedom Park, Writer's Workshop & The CEO Movie

Hey Guys!

Hope you had a Great Weekend!

Mine was fun and insightful.

I finished the first level of French Class A1 on Friday and I am really enjoying learning the Language. I just might continue to the next level if my schedule permits.

I had some interesting meetings on Friday, praying that it all works out for good. I went to Freedom Park to listen to live music afterwards which was wonderful.
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Infinix Hot S Review

Hey Guys,

Happy New Month!

 I'm looking forward to all the Great Things that will happen from now till the end of the year :)

We've got four months till the year ends, it's time to buckle up and try and achieve all those 2016 goals!
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