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A Monochrome Maxi Dress

Hey Guys,

Hope you've had a Great Week!

It's so funny how life throws you unexpected curveballs, there always is a lesson to be learnt from them though.

So, I'm really glad that this post is finally up.

If you watch my Insta Stories you would have followed me through the picture editing process.
It's so funny how it takes me like 2-3 days to edit pictures that are not food related and less than an hour for food ones. I always have to take breaks and come back to non-food pictures.
Food Photography is definitely my photography niche but in the process of editing these pictures I learnt new techniques on lightroom and discovered some time-saving tricks too :)
So, this post is in collaboration with @ayo_nikan, @theimagecliniq and @GreyVelvetStores.
I met Ayo at the Writer's for Profit workshop which I wrote about here.
I met of Tola of The Image Cliniq through Instagram, she left a comment on this picture here :)
Didn't she do such a Great Job.
I love the fact that her kit is filled with quality make up products from top brands.
I'm not sure what was going on with my lips in this picture but the Makeup looks cute!
The pictures were taken in my cousin's garden which was soooo perfect :D
I really wish I had brought my camera along so Ayo could have used my 50mm which would have given the pictures that shallow depth of field.
The pictures still came out Great regardless :)
 I really love the eyeshadow and lipstick combination.
I have been on the hunt for the perfect nude for a long time and I like how this shade matches with my skin tone.
My mum got the earrings for me sometime in May
My shoes are from Faith and they only cost £9 from about £49
It is advisable to pray for direction when shopping so you wouldn't waste money unnecessarily.
Have you noticed that majority of my style posts this year have been shot in gardens or places were there is greenery?
I just love it when the Background of my picture is a Garden or a nice park with luscious greenery.
If you know any pretty venues in Lagos with nice Greenery where a Blogger girl can have a shoot with no disturbances please let me know.
The dress is from Frankie & Co which is a label owned by Grey Velvet.
It isn't on their website at the moment but I know they have loads of it at the lekki branch in Centro Mall.
You can always call them on +2348022900376 to clarify
You can get the dress with Neon Pink flowers if that is more your style.
For mainland people, they have a Branch at Ikeja City Mall.
If you live in Port Harcourt they have a Branch at Port Harcourt Mall in Old GRA. If you live in Abuja, they have a Branch at Jabi Lake Mall.
I love the fact that they have branches in various states and I also love the fact that they stock only Indigenous and African Brands at their stores.
Check out their website www.greyvelvetstores.com to see the various brands that they stock.
They don't sell just clothes but Makeup, Skin care products and accessories too.
Have you ever bought anything from Grey Velvet? Let me know
For my readers who don't live in Nigeria, Zere Fashion House sells loads of Nigerian Brands so holla at them for your shopping needs :D
Have a Great Weekend!!!
Centro  Mall,  Lekki



  1. Such a pretty dress. You look beautiful in it!


  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!love the makeup..

  3. You have such a beautiful smile! Love your dress <3

  4. Lovely pictures! Looked like you had absolute fun while shooting it.


  5. Lovely Dress Tuke! You look stunning too! ;)

  6. You look so pretty.Effortlessly done actually!


    1. Awwww, I love the word "effortlessly", Thanks Cheechee :D

  7. I also love taking pictures in gardens and locations with greenery. They sort of add life to the pictures. Ibadan has lots of beautiful green spaces, almost everywhere is a cool photo shoot location. The gown is pretty on you.


    1. Lool, they definitely do :)
      I need to have a shoot in Ibadan, I've seen pictures of Agodi Gardens and it looked really beautiful. I also want to see the Giraffe at the zoo and take pictures at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture.
      Thank you!!

  8. Loool, Thanks Babe. Independence Day Brunch Party, Oshey!!

  9. LOL praying before shopping is a major key!
    Lovely dress and makeup, Tuks!
    Have you tried the Zaron Lipstick Pen in Mist? It's such a pretty nude.
    Mix it with the Cappuccino liner, or maybe the Vivid liner, depending on how you are feeling :)

    1. Lool, I'm glad you agree :)
      Thanks Ekene!
      No, I haven't tried it, I haven't tried any of their lipstick pens actually. I'm going to look for their stand at the Beauty Africa Expo and try it out :D