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Restaurant Review: Chaophraya Edinburgh

Hey Guys!

Happy Hump Day!

Hope your week is going well :)

Mine's been good, being doing all the things I love to do and I just love the fact that I'm able to live life more intentionally now!
So, remember how I mentioned I went to Edinburgh in this post and put up a hotel review in this one.

This post is a review of a Thai restaurant that my family and I went to after I got my D of E Award. If you don't know what the Award is, check out my instagram posts from here to here to understand.
It was recommended by 2 people who went to uni in edinburgh and one of them even called it Edinburgh's best restaurant. Any Edinburgh residents in the house, do you agree? We went there on a Monday evening and all the nice tables with booths by the window were booked so it most be pretty popular.
It was my first time at Chaophraya and the only reason I had heard of it was because my friend's boyfriend (now Fiancé) was thinking of proposing there (My next food post is a review of the restaurant he proposed at so look forward to that)
We started off with the Chicken Spring Rolls, they were delicious :)
We got the Chicken Satay as a Starter too.
My mum got the Grilled Sea Bass which came wrapped in Banana Leaves, we called it moin main leaf, hehe :D
It looked really pretty and she loved it.
My dad got chicken which came in an edible vermicelli-like bowl.
I got the King Prawns with Ginger which was alright. I wish it came with more sauce and more prawns sha.
If I ever go back there I'll get the Grilled King Prawns, saw it on someone's table and it looked LIT.
We got the Rice Noodles with Soy Sauce, Bean Sprouts and Fried Garlic, I wasn't a fan, white noodles don't appeal to me.
We got jasmine rice and sticky rice as sides, I really like sticky rice, had thai food three different times this trip.
I had Japanese from Wagamama and Wasabi at least 5 different times instead of me to have bought mac Make up, it wasn't make up that was doing me sha. Can you imagine the Mac foundation I used in this post is now 18k in Lagos.
We got three scoops of Ice-Cream: Vanilla, Strawberry & Mango Sorbet.
We got the Chocolate Fudge cake too and it was Yummy!!!
It was my first time at Chaophraya and it was interesting to find out they had branches in Aberdeen, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, London and Liverpool.

Have any of you been to Chaophraya before? What did you think of it? Any Thai lovers in the house? Do you think their Thai food is too light and not filling? Let me know :)

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  1. Your photos are so nice. Love love Thai food! Those prawns and spring rolls are making me so hungry!! || Follow me on Bloglovin'!

  2. I miss Thai food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But diet. But Thai. SMH - the struggle!

    Where in Edinburgh was this restaurant?

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Looool, the struggle!
      It was located on the 4th Floor of 33 Castle Street, the closest I got to Edinburgh Castle.
      It was a bit of a distance from our hotel (there was traffic too) and my dad kept on asking why I had to choose a restaurant that was so far away.
      He was sha happy when we got there as there was a Thomas Pink shop opposite the restaurant so he was able to get a nice shirt :)

  3. Your food pictures always make me hungry 👄.. Haven't tried Thai food before but I look forward to it..

    1. Loool, I'm glad :)
      You should try it, it's much lighter than Chinese food.

  4. The chocolate fudge cake is screaming my name....Your pictures are Great..

  5. Wow! Congratulations on getting the duke of Edinburgh award!

    What was your activity?

    UmmiBee's Blog 

    1. My Skill was Young Enterprise
      My Physical Recreation was Lawn Tennis
      My Volunteering was youth group work
      My Residential was the 2 week summer school I attended in China which you can read about in the travel section of my Blog.
      My 1st training expedition was in Brecon Beacons, The second training was in Dartmoor and the final expedition was in Exmoor.
      Did you do D of E?