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My First Beauty Video

Hi Guys,

Happy Friday!!

I hope you had a Great Week :)

I'm excited for this post because it is my first Beauty Tutorial!!!!

People asked for it when I put up the Simple and Easy Make up Pictorial so here it finally is!

I did my eyebrows off camera using the method from this post.
It's very important to blend out the concealer. Can you see the difference in the picture above & the one below.
I think I look like some sort of Eccentric Scientist with the way my hair looks.
Let me tell you something about Natural Hair, it does what it wants.
If you compare these pictures with the ones in this post, you will wonder why my hair looks so different.

That's my Natural Hair for you o, it can take on different personalities, so versatile :)
I had a lot of fun with my facial expressions during this shoot.
My flash is back so I can keep churning out High Quality Content & Pictures, especially Beauty ones :)
Remember the first time I used the flash in this post.
I used it in this post, this post, this post, this post and this one too.
Yayyy to Self Potraits :)
When you watch the video, you'll understand why I'm holding this Nude lippie!
Do you notice the difference between the lipgloss in the first couple of Pictures and the Nude Lippie now?
Question, Question, Question, Answer me o ;)
I'm rocking my Vintage Necklace from Millesime. They stock rare signature pieces from brands like Dior, YSL & Givenchy and some of the pieces date as far back as the 1940s, isn't that Impressive?!
I'm holding the earrings that I'm giving away.

The giveaway instructions are really easy, find them at the end of this post!!

The Winner will be announced in Next Week's Vlog

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Here's the video, don't forget to Like, Comment, Subscribe to my Youtube Channel too :D
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  1. I wonder why we ladies open our mouths while applying mascara. Loool. You have such a beeyuteeful smile Tuke.. Great post.
    Breast Cancer & Pink October

  2. of everything in this post, I'm loving the TBC connect the most, lol *covers face*
    Fingers crossed on location *let it be favourable, pls GOD let it be favourable*

  3. Yeah you do look like an eccentric scientist cos of your hair, lol. nice one!!!

  4. Nice one! Your facial expressions though. LOL

    I will save the date! Thank God it is a weekend. Would be great seeing you ladies.

    1. Yayyyy, looking forward to seeing you, hehe, don't mind me :D

  5. I love this simplicity of the look. It can work for various occasions :)