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Weekend Gist: Radio Interviews, TV Features & A Millesime giveaway

Hey Guys :)

Happy Hump Day!!

Hope you're having an enjoyable week!!

Last week Friday I had 2 Radio Interviews, one at Liveway Radio & the other at Naija FM 103.5. I enjoyed both of them and will put up the recordings once I get them.

I wore my Independence Day Dress (from this post) to the liveway one and then one of my favourite polka dot tops to the Naija FM one.

I was interviewed by Fedel Ebohon, on the left.
The man on the right calls himself Mallam, his Hausa Accent is so On Point!
It was A very Fun Interview
I played at least 6 songs unplugged.
The  National Anthem, Nysc Anthem, a Church Song, So Amazing, Careless Whisper, Barney Song & My Single, hehe
We laughed A LOT, as you can see.
I stopped by at Afropolitan afterwards but I didn't take any pictures. The last time I went was last year September. It's a lot bigger now and the location in Freedom Park has changed too. Parking was long but my friend & I got some exercise walking to & fro. I saw sooo many people I know, even Mide Coker.

On Saturday, I had a photo shoot, with me as the photographer :) Then I played at a women's programme at my church. I have no DSLR pictures though but I have some pictures of the present I was given.
I haven't received a wrapped present in a while so it made me Smile :D
Have any of you read this book before? What is your favourite inspirational/motivational book? Or what book inspired you to follow your passions. I haven't read a novel in a while as I'm in Student mode like I mentioned in this post.
 On Sunday I went to church, came home, chowed and napped. Then stopped by at Muson Centre.
This week is their festival, Sunday was the Classical Night. This Friday is the Jazz Night, I'm really looking forward to it.
The Conductor was really dramatic, I Loved it!
 I also went to the Veba fashion show and I saw Tosin of Africanism Cosmopolitan, Deola of Omoge Mura and Okhai/The Lean Kid who did a really cool illustration of me. Check it out here.
I like what the lady in the Yellow Jacket did with her material.
The Small Chops & Mocktails were delicious
I like the host's dress.
Femi Leye provided some Great Entertainment.
If you don't know him, check out this post.
On Monday I was a Guest on Cool TV's the Night show, put a picture on Instagram, check it out here
I was interviewed by TVC a couple of weeks ago, check out the video here, from the 15th minute.
My activities will be toned down until the exam is over. I've been posting pictures & video clips on Insta pretty frequently so make sure you're following me on there.

You guys should keep the 14th of November free as myself and 2 other bloggers are having a Meet & Greet on that day. Details will be revealed soonest but out of curiosity, is there anything you would like to hear me speak about?
I'm giving away these Beautiful Pearl Earrings from Millesime. To win them simply repost the picture below on Instagram with the caption: I want to win these earrings in the #MillesimernmXBloggers Giveaway.
The winner will be announced in next week's vlog. You have to be following @millesime on Instagram & Make sure you like their facebook page too :D

Do you like my make up look? I recorded my first Beauty tutorial and it'll be going up before this week ends, Yippee :D
In the mean time, check out the vlog of the week!


  1. Tuke Amazing! The lady's jacket was lovely! A blogger/ Youtber called Jouelzy (one yankee babe lool) is coming to 9ja. I left a comment mentioning how she should check your blog out. O girl defo try and meet up I think you pelu sisi yemmie ati Jouelzy will have a blast! :D

    1. Thanks Girl, just checked out her channel, Love her personality :)

  2. I love how they are so many activities you can attend in lagos. Abuja can be so boring. Have an amazing weekend ahead.

    1. Eyah, I Love it too, Thanks Hilda :D
      Hope you have a Great Weekend!

  3. You def had an amazing time!!! Congrats on the radio interviews

  4. My gehfren.....bigggggg congrats on the multiple interviews. Keep slaying girl! Me se will say I know celeb....hehe

    Have you heard about the Lagos Poetry Festival? Are you going? Athink it's next week.

    I miss you sha ooooo

    1. Looool, Thanks Hunnay!!!
      Yeah, I've heard about it, not sure if i'm going sha!