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Weekend Gist: Jazz Night, Lagos Photo & A Natural Hair Shoot

Hi Guys,

Hope your week is going well!

Weekend Gist is coming late because my exam is in a couple of days....Aaaahhhh!!!

First things first, the vlog of the week is up :)
I took some pictures of my makeup for an engagement last week
 This is my face before Make up, do you prefer the plain puff or the one with the side sweep?
 I changed my earrings & necklace too!
I followed the steps in this video but used small eyeshadow and highlighter.
I'm rocking my LA Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss in Rebel, from this post.
Who is going for Lagos Fashion Design Week?
I went to the venue to get my press pass and 2 people didn't recognise me because I had a Weave on.
 I didn't realise soo many people identified me by my afro or puff.
The Giveaway I mentioned in this post is still on!
TBC is coming up on the 14th of November so send an email to tbcconnect@gmail.com to reserve a seat as spaces are limited.
 The Muson Jazz Festival was on Friday and it was Amazing!!!
 That's Debbie Soul, a Jazz Singer with a Unique voice
 The Girlz Rule Band
 The Guitarists had sooo much swag
 I absolutely loved their outfits too!
 I stopped by at the opening gala of the Lagos Photo exhibition on Saturday
It was interesting, saw A LOT of people I know.
  I don't know why I didn't take pictures with them sha.
 I had a shoot earlier in the day with Chubb who took some of  the pictures in this post.
 My makeup was done by @face_of_oma and it was my first time rocking a Smoky eye :)
 I haven't worn lashes since the shoot that produced these pictures and these ones too.
Don't think I can ever get used to them sha.
My Iphone has finally retired!
Rest in Peace I phone 5C!



  1. You look gorgeous with and without makeup!
    Your skin is flawless! What's your skincare secret abeg?

    BLEURGH - www.bleurghnow.com

    1. Awww, Thanks Hunny!!
      Mehn, I blogged about my skincare routine but I don't follow it strictly any more, maybe once in 2 weeks or when I'm going somewhere important that I scrub, cleanse and wash.


  2. I'm sad I missed the jazz festival :(

    Nice makeup though. What was the shoot for?

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Awww, Pele!!
      Thank you :D
      It was a collaborative Natural Hair Shoot, you will see the pictures soon :)

  3. Ahh respect to that iPhone! Dude gave his all!

    You look beautiful. I thin some of the links you wanted to insert didn't show. You want to check them later?

    God's grace as you prepare for exams. I have missed all the gist on your blog. New job and stuff, needed to focus and 'prove my worth'.

    And yea, your skin, gorgeous!

    1. Loool, asin the phone tried small sha!
      Thank you jare, just noticed that, I've edited it so now the links show.
      Amen ooo, I have missed your comments o, ahnahn!
      Eyah, Congratulations!!!! I'm sure you'll over prove your worth ;)

  4. Aha! Hairstyle inspiration (the puff with side sweep). Lovely makeup.
    :-( RIP phone..

    Work Outfit, Faux Leather Patch Skirt

  5. time to Upgrade dear...
    success in your exams.
    You should do a post on your night time regimen for your hair.

    1. Asin, I've moved on!
      Thank you Yeva, it went well!
      Lool, I just put my hair in Braids but I will put up a post when the Braids are out.
      I use the LOC Method and cornrow to bed sha!