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Weekend Gist: 9ja Mentors, LCA Film Fest & Sax Things

Hi Guys,

Happy Tuesday :)

I owe you 2 weekend gists, the one for the Sallah Weekend and the Independence day one. The flash I got for my Birthday stopped working a couple of weeks ago :(  I got it back from the repairman today though so I can start taking detailed pictures of my makeup (like this one & this one) and pictures of events at Night/when there is low light. Fun Fact, I have gotten all the items from my wishlist except the original number 2, Thank God :)

So, First of all, Vlogs, the 10th one is up and so is the 11th one. I share a lot of experiences about challenges I've faced in this journey and lessons I've learnt too so watch and share.

If I watched videos like this before I embarked on this journey of entrepreneurship, Lord knows I won't have made all the mistakes I did. I'm still learning everyday but the good thing about learning by experience is that it sticks and it is very unlikely that I will keep on making the same mistake.
So, if you don't know, Nigeria turned 55 on the first of October, I did a shoot in collaboration with Pretty Faze & you can see all the pictures here.
On Friday, I attended an event by 9ja mentors at Yaba Tech. I only found out about it the day before but I went because Ara, Nigeria's first female talking drummer was going to be there.
 I saw her perform at a concert last year and I was really impressed.
 She was the last speaker on the day and her story was Jaw dropping. I usually don't hussle to take pictures with entertainers after events but I found her talk so inspiring that I had to have a physical abi virtual memory of it.

On Saturday, I attended the LCA Film fest that I spoke about in a couple of posts. I watched Lunch Time Heroes and I really enjoyed it.
 They had cool ankara squares and ankara chairs too.
 I like the pack the popcorn came in!
 Here's what the hall looked like after the movie.
 Stopped by at the opening of Tresses, a new Salon in VI.
 The talks started at 2 but I had so many other places to be that I couldn't wait.
 I like the way the store looked and the products were nicely packaged.
I went for a family reunion at Cathedral then to Muson for rehearsal and a music lesson then back to the LCA Film fest to play some Fela Tunes before going home.

 Alphonso, the Saxophonist.

 Tosin Phebean, Saxophonist.
Ruby Gyang, a Singer with an amazing stage presence
Esther, PR Girl, writer and blogger at estaordia, her Natural Hair is Super Cool!
Sunday is usually my day of rest but I ended up going for a Family Friend's baby dedication. One of the waiter's from my Family reunion was serving at the Baby Dedication. He remembered me and brought me one of my favourite drinks, Pink Lemonade :) Yummy

My weekend was busy but fun and this week is just as busy. I'm grateful for opportunities to do what I Love. I'll be playing the Sax at Glowreeyah's album launch, the line up is incredible and I'm really looking forward to it :)
Hoping I see some of you there too :D

How was your weekend?


  1. Wow, it looked like you had an amazing weekend.
    It is so nice to get the opportunity to do what we love.


  2. im proud of u tuke-keep it up!!

  3. congrats dear