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Birthday Wishlist

 My Birthday is in 4 days and I'm not overtly excited about it. I'm not planning a party, it's on a monday & everyone is going to be at work during the day. I am going for the Michael W Smith Concert I mentioned in this post in the evening though. This is very unlike my other birthday celebrations which you can read about here and here. I am excited for Change though, New Month, New Things :)

The Night before my Birthday, which is a Sunday,  I'll be playing Sax at an Open Mic Night organised by SU4Christ, interesting name abi, read up about them here, it's a great initiative and I'm looking forward to it.

Don't forget to enter the cookie skin giveaway, I decided to extend the competition so the winner would be announced at the end of June. I'm also offering 50% off my Saxophone services for the month of June as my Party Pack to y'all, hahaha

So a Blog reader sent me a DM on twitter saying I should put up a Birthday Wishlist, I haven't done one before but I was like why not? My Number 1 wish is for my goals for the year to be fulfilled (Check out my quarter year goal audit post here). In terms of material things, in no particular order:
  1. External Flash for my Camera: I realised my flash had stopped working when I was in Uganda in December and had to improvise by using my phone torchlight to take pictures when it got dark. The pictures I took when it was bright came out really nicely though. Check them out here and here. At the Nikon Class in February,  I asked how much it will cost to fix it and they said 20 to 30k, imagine. My photographer friends say getting an external flash takes your photography game to another level.
  2. Soprano Saxophone and a Metal Mouthpiece for my Alto Sax: There are notes you can hit with a soprano that you can't hit easily with an alto plus it sounds more heavenly and can be as calming as a Harp. Also, the Metal Mouthpiece will give me a more jazzy and fuller tone.
  3. A New Phone with at least 64gb: Mehn, I wish iphones had a memory card slot. My iphone is 15 months old and there's NO SPACE on it anymore, it came with 32gb. The good thing is that Jumia's Mobile week megathon is happening next week from the 1st (my birthday) till the 7th and each day phones will be sold at unbelievable prices, they plan to break the internet. Did any of you take part in their Black Friday Sales last year? If yes, what did you get? You have to download the app to take part in the promo and each brand has a day, Apple Day is Friday :) Check out this video and their website for more info, the competition will start at 5am each day. I watched a little snippet of the press conference today. My Friend got the Infinix Hot Note sometime last month and now 3 people in his office have bought it because of it's affordability and functionality. Are any of you Infinix Lovers, if yeah, infinix day is Tuesday. 
  4. Matte Liquid Lipsticks: Like Lime Crime Velvetines (Wicked, Red Velvet, Pink Velvet, Riot and Suede Berry), BM Pro (Red, Chai and Gilly Flower) and Kat Von D (Bauhau5 and Lolita). My friend, Harira, has the Lime Crime Velvetines in Wicked, i tried it on a couple of weeks ago and the colour didn't budge atall. These kind of lipsticks are perfect for me especially because I'm a Saxophonist.
  5. Olori “Damage Be Gone” Deep Conditioning Treatment & Kinky Apothecary whipped Shea Butter : The Olori Deep conditioner is the best one I've ever used and I've tried A LOT, read my review of it here. The Kinky Apothecary whipped Shea Butter (as seen here) is the truth, I Love the Texture and Smell and I use it on my Hair and Body, it's replaced the body shop body butters I wrote about here.
  6. Zaron Face Primer and the right coloured Foundation that doesn't melt: The Staying Power of the Zaron primer is impressive. I still haven't found the perfect foundation or powder tbh, ladies in Naija, what do you use to keep your face matte?
  7. Wifi Memory Card: I did a shoot a couple of weeks ago and the photographer had this orange wifi card that sent the pictures he took straight to his ipad so 
  8. Closed Toe Sandals: I've got Big Feet like Gbemi of Gbemisoke and Daks of Third World Profashional so I like to wear closed toe sandals. I have some brown ones from Bershka that I literally wear all the time. I've worn them here, here, here, here, here, here and here. A friend hates them so badly he got me 2 sandals as a present sometime in February but they didn't fit right. I think Black is the most neutral colour, Navy Blue too, I had some really nice red ones as seen here and here.
  9. A Black Fitted Midi Dress like this green one: I don't have a go-to LBD, imagine.
  10. Cupcakes from Helado Delicia and Rum N Passion  (A mix of Vanilla, Red Velvet, Chocolate & Oreo)
    Writing this post was an interesting experience. My Fellow Bloggers, have you ever put up a wishlist post? How did it turn out?


  1. You look divine Tuke. I hope to be at Micheal Smith concert and to see you. Happy birthday in advance.

    1. Thank you Temitope :)
      Did you end up going for it?

  2. Happy Birthday in Advance Detuke....
    hopefully I get to see you at that concert on your birthday.. :)
    your wish list is very reasonable.. :)

    1. Loool, Thank you Yeva, where you there on Monday?

  3. Aww and I had a giveaway for the Kinky Apothecary's whipped batter which ended 4 days ago.
    I had a Christmas Wishlist In 2014 on my blog here
    Happy birthday in advance Tuke! May all your wishes come true!

    1. I actually got a tub on the 5th of May but I've almost run out. I use it more on my body than my hair because it's soooo good!
      Oh, nice, I see you've gotten the iPhone and hello hydration, hope all your wishes come true before the end of the year!
      Thank you Jen :)

  4. Happy birthday Detuke. May God's will be forever made manifest in your life. Have loads of fun and I hope you enjoy the Michael W Smith concert.

  5. Love that dress!
    Happy birthday in arrears dear (still counts no?) I wish all your heart desires come to pass and you experience joy like no other.
    I did put up a wishlist on my blog for NH products but eventually got them months later.
    I write wishlists every other week because a lady had needs uno. :)

    1. Thank you Bookie :)
      Oh nice, Lool, you're sooo right, we definitely have needs

  6. Happy birthday Tuke I wish you all the beautiful things in life.

  7. Happy birthday, dear. May all your goals be achieved by November this year

  8. Happy birthday Tuke....
    I love your blog

  9. Happier birthday dearest Tuke, may this new beginning usher grace, mercy, joy and peace unspeakable into your life. You are a delight.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday dear! I hope you enjoyed it :)

  11. Hmmm... interested in this one - Wifi Memory Card.