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The Monochrome Way: Twinning with Evita

Hello People

So, my cousin, Evita came round on Saturday, she's based in Canada and I haven't really seen her in a while so I was pretty excited. I was having a Sax Jam session with Niyi and Tito. After a while, I went upstairs to get ready as we were going to watch a movie. I wasn't really sure what to wear but when I saw her outfit I decided to go the Monchrome (Black and White) Way.

I even copied her hairstyle too, imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right? Her fro is way thicker though and mine shrunk after a while, blame it on the Humidity. Can you tell I'm rocking the bow from this post? And i used the hair slides to clip my hair in on the sides, thus creating the fro hawk look, Oshey! I ended up changing my lip colour to red and wore a paisley blazer when things got chilly during the movie.

I wish I took the pictures with her on the street outside my house. The background makes a huge difference! Oh, well, now I know! Prepare yourself for a picture overload *drumroll please* I might have been a tad bit hyper by the way!
Niyi was doing shakara at first
Sound of Music kind tinz
She was probably saying, Detuke, what's your problem? Why are you like this?
Cute, right?
casual Black and White outfit
One leg in, One leg out
Bros, how far na?
Ayyy, she fine small o
Gast bone small
Looking like a pre-wedding shoot kinda pic

The top is actually a Leotard from Forever 21, I have it in Black too
Skirt: Random shop in Broadmarsh Centre, Nottingham only 10 quid, I also have it in Navy Blue
Sandal shoes: Bershka
Watch: Michael Kors, Present from Daddy

I sorta just discovered lip pencils, the purple lip is actually Mac Lip liner in Vino with Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lip gloss in Stunner. I know, it's weird that I know what lip liner is right? I used to be a tomboy, would write about my make up journey one day, hehe.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. you look like you had fun taking these pictures. love it!!

    1. Lool, I definitely did!! Had wayyy too much fun, Thanks E!!

  2. First time here. This is lovely and your natural hair fits you so well :)

    1. Awww, Thanks for stopping by and leaving such wonderful comments :)

  3. I see the lady in the last three pictures got the White top memo eh? lol . Loving your hair. Mine is still in protective braids, i thought the harmattan will last a while. :)

    1. LOL, The lady in the last 3 pictures is me o!
      Thank you :)
      Yeah, protective styles are great, mine is all didi'd up at the moment, been rocking a w-i-g.