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Abuja Chronicles II

Hello Hello Hello!

I felt like the previous post was getting a tad bit too long so decided to split the Abuja Chronicles into a 3 part series. I took over 200 pictures in Abuja but I'm obviously not going to post all of them. We sorted out the NYSC registration quicker than we thought so stopped by at the Craft shop to get some souvenirs.
I love Jemma's robot earrings
Robot Earrings
How cool are they?! They look like they're walking!
Ready for the day's activities, Oshey!
We drove past some pretty cool places like
Central Bank of Nigeria
The Central Bank of Nigeria
Abuja National Mosque
Nigerian National Council for Arts and Culture
National Council for Arts and Culture
The entrance to the market, we went on a friday so some of the sellers were at the mosque/heading to the mosque as we got there
Fulani Outfit for Females
Feeling like a Fulani princess
Fulani Girl with Beads

Beautiful Fulani Girl
Huts in Africa
This picture reminds me of all those village scenes in Africa Magic movies
I bought the full Fulani attire, that's what I'm carrying in the Black bag
African Arts and Crafts
I can't wait to go there again
I bought a lot of stuff but I didn't take pictures of them. Here's a picture of my little brother in the Dashiki set I got him. I also got a Fulani set for him, an ankara top for my mum, a buba like dashiki for my dad and an ankara bag, some jewellery (like these red beads) and a saxophone print dashiki for myself.
Child Dashiki
That's Deji
Happy Ladies at an African Arts and Crafts Market

African Girls at an Arts & Crafts Market
We went to Food city for Lunch and ate at a Restaurant called Grills. The food was sooo delicious and they served Non-Alcoholic Cocktails in Huge Plastic Water Bottles that you could take away. I'll take pictures of the drink this time around.
Chicken wings, Yummy!!
Crabs, Delicious! I love Seafood!!!
Sopho, Nottingham's finest, she now blogs here
Recent Graduates at that time: Jemma, Tuksy, Ewi and Sophie
The necklace i'm wearing in this picture was bought at the market and the shell bracelet too(I didn't waste time before I launched them mehn)
The tailor Jemma's sister used is sooo affordable, she made all these for less than N10,000!
Yellow Ankara Dress with Peter Pan Collar



  1. Very interesting pictures to look at. I guess I have to cultivate the habit of taking memorable pictures.

    1. Thank you Mary. Yes o, Pictures last a lifetime. Wish I took more sef, at least I've got the memories in my head sha :)

  2. The pictures are all so beautiful! I can't wait to get to abuja next week armed with my camera , I've never been there before. The traditional outfit is soo cute, really 'princessy'.

    1. Thank you Ronii!!! You'll have a lot of fun, Hope you're going to be with someone that knows the area so they can show you round well!! I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures 😊

  3. Wow, this is just one but I am already being photo overfed, lol.
    You had a lot of fun

  4. Tuke pls where's the location and contact details of this tailor. Thanks

    1. Lool, the tailor got married and moved to another state, sowiii