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Naturals in the City 8: How it went, What I got, What I learnt!

Hello People!
So I went for the natural hair meet up on the 28th of June and it was really good. I bumped into a fellow blogger Ebun Oluwole while registering and I was kinda shy that she recognised me, you can read about her experience at the event here. She took loads of pictures too.
I planned not to buy any product and I controlled myself, Well Done Tuks!
I took part in the product swap and got 2 shampoos. (Giovanni Smooth as Silk and a Tea Tree clarifying one). Now all I need is a correct conditioner and a moisturiser and I'm good to go.
I bought some hair accessories though. I love bows! Used to love flowers but I'll choose a bow over a flower anyday. I have too much fun when I'm taking product shots. Do you like the faces? :)

Ankara Hair Bows

I got all of these for N2,000. She had a deal going on and you got to choose a free product for every N2,000 purchase. She gave me all the bows for free though as I wasn't sure which colour I wanted to drop. I've rocked the teal one and the orange one already, Love em!!
Now here's a summary of what I learnt:
KL of KL's Naturals was the first speaker and I got my protective style done at her salon.
Her topic was the Interaction between silicones and sulphates but she gave lots of good hair related advice.
  • Apparently, Sulphates strip your hair of moisture and are found in shampoos, they are found in dish washing liquids too.
  • Silicones coat your hair and make it easier to comb and detangle but moisture can't penetrate through. Anything that ends with cone is a silicone 
  • Be aware of what is in your product. 
  •  The contents of a product are listed in descending order from the most concentrated to the least.  
  • The first 3 ingredients make up 80% of the product content. 
  • Stay away from products with mineral oil, petrolatum and lanolin. They seal your hair and moisture can't get into your strands
  • You need to clarify your hair once a month 
  • For a Healthy hair regimen, daily discipline and consistency will help you achieve success/growth
  • For your hair to grow your scalp needs to be clean 
  • Every time you shampoo you need to put some moisture back by conditioning 
  • Rinse off conditioners with cold water because hot water lifts up the cuticles  
  • An Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse seals in the cuticles, lifts build up from your hair and gives it a nice shine . Mix 3 table spoons of Acv with 16 ounces of water. The mix shouldn't be too harsh, pour it on your hair 2 times and use it after your conditioner. 
  • Butters and oils lock in moisture, they don't moisturise 
  • Cleanse your hair  
  • Moisturise your hair every day and seal 
  • Protein strengthens your hair 
  • Always figure out what works for you 
  • Try things out step by step so you can identify which one actually works for you 
  • Never use tap water in your spritz bottle 
  •  Use filtered water or distilled water as tap water has trace minerals
  • Chelating shampoo gets rid of minerals in your hair

She also spoke about The Strand test 
  • Pull a strand of your hair. If it stretches too much add protein, if it snaps you need moisture.  
  • Cotton sucks moisture from your hair and causes it to break so make sure you sleep with a satin bonnet.
  • Also, make sure your ends are protected. 
If you have questions about hair, then got to KL's blog and comment there. She's the pro, I'm just a sponge, i absorbed all her info and I'm passing it on to you. 

There are many other hair blogs with loads of good advice such as:

There was a guy from Apples and Oranges, (the natural hair Salon that offered free Hair Styling). He spoke about the Hair cuticle which is the very beginning of the hair (10%) . At his saloon, they do a Coscan which tells you what kind of cuticle you have.

Halima Bepo spoke about head wraps/sarongs and a little bit about makeup. She also did a few demonstrations. She has a blog and youtube channel where you can get more information and advice. Some things she said:

  • Wear a satin scarf or bonnet before you wrap the hair 
  • Don't put the scarf on your hairline, move it forward  
  • Overlap the scarf, put the scarf on the bun then tuck the end in  
  • You get more volume and staying power with cotton 
  •  In Lagos she use gels and powders, things that set as the weather is humid but in Abuja she uses liquid or cream products
  • Skin care is extremely important so your face can act as a smooth canvas for makeup 

Halima on the Left, Volunteer in the middle and Chigo, the host on the right

The final Speaker was a fitness expert, Banke Claude-Wilcox: 
  • Apparently Obama exercises for 45 mins 6 times a day and he's the president of the USA, so how busy can you be?
  • When you don't chew your food properly it goes through your body undigested so chew your food thoroughly and slowly, don't just swallow.
  • Protein and veg for the win. 
  • Don't eat carbs at night  
  • Turn your gossip session into a walk, like be gisting with your friend while walking/jogging round your estate.
  • Vitamin c increases fat burning potential during exercise by 400%
  • Beans takes a long time to digest, like 2 hours 
  • Get more sleep 
  • People have trouble getting pregnant if their belly is wider than their hips 
Reading over my notes/editing this post reminded me of all the things I need to start doing. I used to play Lawn Tennis at least once a week before NYSC, now I don't really play, i'l try and play this weekend, hopefully it doesn't rain! 
I prepood my hair yesterday, then washed first with a clarifying shampoo, followed by a moisturizing shampoo and then I deep conditioned it, I WANT GROWTH!!!
Have a Great Weekend!!
I sure will, my school went on Holiday today, Yayyy me!!



  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog Tuke! Thanks for breaking the event down for the latecomers like me. I only got to shop nothing more. I love the way you arranged the accessories for the pictures too,so cute!!

    My June/July hair product buys

    1. You're Welcome!! Oh, okay, at least you got a lot of goodies. Thank you, hehe, had a bit of fun arranging them!!

  2. I can't believe I didn't remember to buy accessories especially hair clamps! Smh

    It was great meeting you too!

    1. Lool, and you were registering people right next to the fashion strings stand, oh well!! You can always call the number on the bag and ask if they deliver.

  3. I've never been to a hair meet. I have one scheduled for next week or so though so should be fun. Ohhh I love bows more than flowers which is odd coming from me but ever since I returned natural I accessorize more than anything !!! Mehn I'm pretty simply with hair routine...boring too and I'm totally a lazy natural but hey that's OK my hair works fine for me.

    1. Hair meets are fun, it was my first proper one. I'll try to be more social at my next one, I was kinda reserved/shy at this one. Would love to see pictures of your hair btw!!! It's sooo good that you can make your own accessories, you have an unlimited supply!!

  4. Oh yeah I hope I don't stay shy at this one I'm going to. Its more like a picnic but for naturals so I guess no time to be reserved. Oh you should see my drawers. Hair accessories everywhere. I'd make one for sale and then keep it for myself. Lol. Will have a hair album set up one day!!! I'm trying out an experiment with yarn so imagine how much I miss my own hair.

    1. Oh, nice, Picnic sounds like fun. Plus there always seems to be good conversation when food is involved.

  5. That was a creative thing you did with your bow and ribbons..lool. And wow, are you a stenographer or what? You practically wrote down almost all the basic needs a natural hair needs. Indeed, you're a sponge. lool, well done Tuke!

    1. Awww, Thank you! I'm glad someone finally appreciated what I did with the hair accessories, hehe :) Loool, you got that right, sponging skills on Point!