Abuja Chronicles III | Tuke's Quest

Abuja Chronicles III

Hey Guys!

Hope you've enjoyed the series so far! My third and final day in Abuja also happened to be Jemma's mum's birthday. She organised a kiddies party for all her nieces and nephews that were born around that period. I remember we got home on the 2nd day from all our activities and I was in shock when I saw 7 Beautifully designed birthday cakes, one for each child.

So this was the first baby to come into Jemma's room, She's sooo cute, I couldn't stop taking pictures of her.

Cute African Baby Girl

Check out her cute little dresses

That's another one of the birthday girl's!
 A lot of food was cooked and you can see how big the pots were!

Big Jollof Rice Pot

Cooking Pot on Firewood
All these mascots ehn! I'm sure there's a guy underneath that dress!
Dancing Cartoon Character
Ounje to dun! (Food that is sweet). Puff puff wey quality!!
Clown in Nigeria
Before Makeup
You can see 4 of the cakes in this picture
 Some of the best dancers getting down!!

The clown made them catwalk too!
The Birthday Girl Herself!
Jemma's mum = The Best Host!
Wearing my newly acquired beads, Oshey!
 You can see the Ankara bag I bought in this picure :)
Happy Happy me!!!
Bye Bye Abuja, Bye Bye Jemsco
That's the end of my story, it was fun reminiscing. 

I really want to travel to more states in Nigeria btw #JustSaying!!

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  1. Really fun. I don't like travelling but I think I'll travel more soon. I need a camera really bad, capturing moments during travels makes it fun.

    1. It was really Fun! I love traveling too, can't wait till I start getting paid to travel to play sax or to write about my experience. It's coming soon in Jesus name. Yeah, it does. You can always start with a small point and shoot then upgrade to a dslr when you get the funds.