Tuke's Quest: 2020

Gold Mofajang Hair Paint Wax on Dark 4C Natural Hair

 I dyed my Hair Gold using Temporary Hair Paint Wax from Mofajang

Gold Hair Paint Wax on Natural Hair

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Jerusalema Remix Instrumental Saxophone Cover | Master KG ft. Burna Boy

 The Jerusalema Remix Song by Master KG featuring Burna Boy is such a catchy danceable tune.

Jerusalema Sax cover
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Honey Blonde Box Braids with Natural Hair on Dark Skin

 I did the cutest Honey Blonde Loose Box Braids for my Holiday to Dubai & Rwanda.


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My Plant Collection | Plant Mum in Nigeria

Over the past few months, I've fallen in Love with plants. They add beauty to my environment and serve as a Great Prop for pictures & videos.

Plant Collection in Nigeria

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 I really Love the GTB 737 Song so I did a cover of it on the Sax. 

gtbank 737 jingle sax cover
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How to Install Box Braids on Natural Hair Nigerian Style

Box Braids are such a Great Versatile Protective Style! In this Hair Styling Tutorial Video, I share tips on how to install Box Braids for Natural Hair!
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Nigeria turned 60 on the 1st of October and it seems this was the start of a Revolution as Nigerian Youths have been protesting for the past few days.

We are tired of being profiled because of our hair or the way we dress and we have come out worldwide, in huge numbers to make our voices heard.

Sars Must End! Police Brutality needs to stop!

 Too Many innocent people killed unjustly, Too many honest Nigerians losing their Hard Earned Money because of Greed & Corruption!

The revolution has started and I am so excited for the change that is about to happen.

Enjoy this instrumental rendition of the Nigerian National Anthem!

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All of My Help Cometh from The Lord Sax Cover

Psalms 121 is such an Amazing Chapter in the Bible! Jackie Gouche Farris wrote a song about it and Brooklyn Tabernacle choir sung it so Beautifully.

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So I finally did a Twist Out on my 4c Hair!
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White Shirt Dress on Gorgeous Black Girl (Picnic Vibes)

So I got the cutest white shirt dress from a Nigerian Brand called Balise Fashion

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Nathaniel Bassey Wonderful Wonder Sax Cover

Wonderful Wonder by Nathaniel Bassey is one of my Favourite songs. I played it so much while pregnant and it kept my soul and spirit uplifted.

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Edelweiss is one of my Favourite Songs from the movie Sound of Music. I love how Captain Von Trapp sang it and how it brought the Von Trapp Family Together.

Enjoy My Cover of this song here & be sure to check out my other Sax Covers!

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Funniest Song Association Challenge Game

My sister came over last weekend and we played the song association challenge Game.
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He's got the whole world in his hands Challenge by Tyler Perry

At the beginning of the Lockdown, Tyler Perry challenged Musicians all over the world to do a cover of He's got the whole world in his hands.
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Can't Help Falling in Love with You Sax Cover

Wise Men say, only fools rush in but I can't help falling in Love with you!
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Best Teething Toys for Babies

Babies can be soooo cranky when they are teething which is why it is necessary to have teethers to soothe the pain.
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Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

So I completed the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme & it is undoubtedly one of my Greatest Achievements.
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Invade my Privacy Tag

Get to know me better in this Invade my Privacy Tag!
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A Yellow Sunflower Theme Monochrome Shoot

I've always loved photography and this year has forced me to look within and think about what I really want to do with my life.
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A Fun Birthday Celebration During Quarantine

I turned a year older at the beginning of June and fully thought the Pandemic would have ended and things would be back to normal. However, the world is still on Lockdown so I celebrated my Birthday at home.
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Bantu Knot Out? Twist Out?

So  I haven't done a successful Bantu Knot Out or Twist Out in years.
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Dealing with Postpartum Life (Bleeding, Episiotomy, Incontinence Nappies)

I didn't know how deep postpartum life would be until I experienced it. Dealing with an episiotomy and heavy bleeding is an experience I wouldn't forget in a hurry!
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Breast Pumping 101: Choosing a Pump (Electric VS Manual VS Silicone)

If you work a 9 to 5 and plan to Exclusively Breastfeed, a Breast Pump is key. There are so many different options available and in this video I'm showing you the different pumps I own, which Breast Pump is my favourite and why I chose the Breast Pump I use :D I'm also talking about the difference between Manual Pumps, Electric Pumps & Silicone Pumps!
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Enjoying Pregnancy & Getting ready for Childbirth

I enjoyed my pregnancy and spent time preparing myself emotionally, mentally and spiritually for childbirth!

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How I met my Husband & why I didn't date till I was 21!

It's been 2 years since my Husband and I got married and 6 years since we met each other :)
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Best #DONTRUSHCHALLENGE Nigerian Edition

The Don't Rush Challenge which involves ladies passing across makeup Brushes to the song Don't Rush by Young T & Bugsey is keeping people entertained during this Lockdown Period!
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Food Shack Lagos Revamped their Menu

Food Shack is a spot in VI that serves nice ribs, wings and burgers, a BBQ & Cravings Vibe!
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Restaurant Review: Food Shack Lagos

Food Shack is a spot in VI that I first visited on Valentines Day in 2017!
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Restaurant Review: Warehouse Kitchen & Keddis Grill

To celebrate our Wedding Anniversary, my Husband & I had dinner at Warehouse Kitchen which shares a compound with Keddis Grill.
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Best Steak in Africa | Inka Steakhouse Rwanda

I had dinner at the Only Steakhouse in Rwanda which makes the Best Steak in Africa.
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Restaurant Review: House Cafe Lekki Lagos

House Cafe is a Restaurant in Lekki that has 3 different experiences in one building.
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Restaurant Review: Traffic Bar Lagos

Traffic Bar is a new ish garden spot in ikoyi with live music and a variety of food dishes

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Styling a Vintage Shirt 8 ways

I love Vintage shirts with vibrant prints and this top is one of my favourites!
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First Trimester of Pregnancy: What to Expect

My Baby turns 1 in a few days & I've been reminiscing on my Pregnancy journey, how I felt when I found out I was Pregnant, Morning sickness, losing weight in the first trimester and more.
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2019 Review

Happy New Year! Hope 2020 is off to a Great Start!
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