Tuke's Quest: 2020

Best Steak in Africa | Inka Steakhouse Rwanda

I had dinner at the Only Steakhouse in Rwanda which makes the Best Steak in Africa.
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Restaurant Review: House Cafe Lekki Lagos

House Cafe is a Restaurant in Lekki that has 3 different experiences in one building.
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Restaurant Review: Traffic Bar Lagos

Traffic Bar is a new ish garden spot in ikoyi with live music and a variety of food dishes

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Styling a Vintage Shirt 8 ways

I love Vintage shirts with vibrant prints and this top is one of my favourites!
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First Trimester of Pregnancy: What to Expect

My Baby turns 1 in a few days & I've been reminiscing on my Pregnancy journey, how I felt when I found out I was Pregnant, Morning sickness, losing weight in the first trimester and more.
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2019 Review

Happy New Year! Hope 2020 is off to a Great Start!
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