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A Fun Birthday Celebration During Quarantine

I turned a year older at the beginning of June and fully thought the Pandemic would have ended and things would be back to normal. However, the world is still on Lockdown so I celebrated my Birthday at home.

The day before my Birthday, my siblings & parents surprised me at home with food and their presence.
It was such a fun and thoughtful experience & I vlogged it, Check out the pre birthday vlog here!
My Sister & I decided to film a video together and people really enjoyed getting to know us better! Check out the video here!

I also Vlogged my actual Birthday! You get to see Behind the Scenes of my Birthday shoot, snippets of my Surprise Zoom Party & all the presents I got!
Check out the vlog here & get ideas on how to make a Quarantine Birthday Fun!

Have you had to celebrate your Birthday during the lockdown period? How did you make it special?

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