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Bantu Knot Out? Twist Out?

So  I haven't done a successful Bantu Knot Out or Twist Out in years.

I've been following a lot of ladies with Beautiful Natural Hair on Tik Tok so got inspired to do something different to my curls.
I used 4 different styling products on different sections of my hair and share the results of each product.
The Bantu Knot out didn't come out as defined as I expected but it did give some nice definition to my curls.
If you want to know what products I used and which one worked best, check out my latest video here!
Happy Childrens Day !!
My Baby is almost 16 months and I'm super grateful for the gift of Motherhood!
I've shared a lot about my Motherhood Journey on my youtube channel so check out this playlist to find out how motherhood has been for me, from Labour to Breastfeeding, Pumping & Baby Shopping.
Hope you enjoy these pictures I took after recording some Fun Tik Tok Videos.
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