Tuke's Quest: May 2015

Birthday Wishlist

 My Birthday is in 4 days and I'm not overtly excited about it. I'm not planning a party, it's on a monday & everyone is going to be at work during the day. I am going for the Michael W Smith Concert I mentioned in this post in the evening though. This is very unlike my other birthday celebrations which you can read about here and here. I am excited for Change though, New Month, New Things :)
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Oleku by the bridge

Hey Guys!

How is your week going? Do you now have fuel? Hehe

This is a set of photos from the shoot I mentioned in this post. I was asked to bring different African prints and this has to be one of my favourite Oleku's. I remember when I moved back, Oleku's were all the rage as seen in my Oleku Obsession post. Then the silk one's took over like the ones I rocked in the shoot with Aima's
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My Simple Skincare Routine + a Cookie Skin Giveaway

Hey Guys

How are you? Eku Fuel Scarcity o, Nawa :)

This is my 50th post of the year and the Blog just hit 150,000 views, Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting and sharing, I appreciate it!

I woke up 2 weeks ago with the hugest zit on the right side of my face. I had been slacking with my skincare routine, not cleaning my face with make up wipes so I immediately got to work.
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Busy & Fulfilling Weekend

Hey Guys

How are you? How was your weekend? Who came for Live Your Dreams? Wasn't it Great? I absolutely loved meeting some of my wonderful blog readers and I can't wait till you tell me what has changed in your life because you attended the event :)

If you weren't able to attend it, check out some pictures here, follow @lydafrica on twitter or search for the hashtag #LiveUrDreams and read the tweets. The DVDs are on sale too so if you want to get one send an email to mail@liveyourdreamsafrica.com.
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Oldie but Goodie

Hey Guys,

Long time, no post, can't believe it's almost been a week. I had a pretty busy weekend, didn't take many pictures though, I was weak from all the activity. I was at the Naija Naturals meet up on Saturday, gave a little talk about the struggles I've faced in my Natural Hair Journey and I hosted a game too. Oyime of Oyime's musings was one of the winners and she did a post on it, which you can read about here. You might remember her from the FOA post, she was one of the contestants.

I'm on the planning committee for Live Your Dreams Africa and the event is this Saturday, woohoo. I blogged about it here and I'm really excited for it, 3 days to go. Click here to register and follow @lydafrica on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep yourself updated. There will be live stream so my readers overseas can watch it on that day.

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Flower Princess II

Hey Guys

Remember Flower Princess I, well, this is part 2 of the series. These pictures were taken by Gloria Etim and as you can tell her pictures tell a different story. 

Every photographer has their own style and when they develop it well enough, you'll be able to easily pick out their picture from a crowd as their style of photography is distinct in it's own way.

What do you think are the differences between her and Linguini's style of photography  as seen here, here and here.

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Smell the Daises

Hey Guys!

How are you? 

Hope you had a great weekend! I met some blog readers at the volunteer meeting for LYDA and it was really nice to know that people volunteered because they read about it on my blog :) I hope the rest of you have registered to attend, do it quick before the spaces get filled!

My Birthday is exactly 4 weeks away. There are many things I pray would have come to past by then. Right now, I'm learning to stop and smell the roses i.e. to take some time away from the busyness of life to appreciate the little things that matter.
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For People who want to Live Their Dreams

Hey Guys :)

Happy May Day!

Hope you have a restful and productive long weekend :)

My Birthday is exactly one month away, June the 1st, ghen ghen, I don't plan to have a party this year. But you can check out my Birthday Timeline Post to see how I celebrated my day from 2008 to 2013. I've also got pictures from my 22nd Birthday here :)

So, there's a really great event happening on the 16th of May, It's called Live Your Dreams Africa and this is the 3rd edition.
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