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Throwback Thursdy: Oleku Obsession

When I first moved back, I was more or less obsessed with Olekus, I used to wear them almost every Sunday because they were so easy and convenient. Nowadays, I don't wear them as often, the fad has been replaced by the Silk Iro and Buba. I only have one of those but my friend, Tosin sells the Fabric Express ones on her newly launched website, Zere Fashion House

She also stocks Eve and Tribe clothes (formerly called Rukky Simone) and Slippers by Kene, Femalepreneurs Rock!! I spoke briefly about Zere in the Giveaway Post and I'm really pleased that they've moved from being on etsy to having their own Website. They deliver worldwide, the customer service is spectacular and the prices are really reasonable too so check them out for your fashion needs.

Apparently, the name Oleku is derived from the movie Oleku by Tunde Kelani as the main character Asake wore a short sleeved buba and a mini wrapper (Iro). I've watched the movie and I found it really interesting so if you've got free time and you want to learn a bit more about Yoruba culture, Youtube is your friend (Part 1 and 2).

I'm sharing pictures of my 2 favourite Oleku Fabrics. These Pictures are from Last Year and at that point in my lifetime I wanted the date and time to be imprinted on my photos so I would never forget when they were taken. I realise now that the date and time stamp takes away from the aesthetic of the picture.

I really like my Side Profile btw

I think I'm going to do a weave soon

Twinning with my Lil Bro

Cool Kids, Oshey!!

I wonder what I was saying, I had no make up on and my sister and some cousins think I look better without make up than when I do half make up asin concealer, powder, liner, brows and mascara (No Foundation). But they prefer Full makeup to No Makeup, what do you think

So, do you prefer the Oleku trend or the Silk Iro and Buba one? and why?



  1. The weave is nice!!!

    And I like the first oleku.

  2. I like Oleku as well!
    They are so nice and comfortable

  3. Oleku as always looked good on you.

  4. Your weave looks really good on you
    i'm fully here for the silk iro and buba trend!
    I think i've got about 10 pairs and counting.

    1. Thank you Abby, Wow!! That's a lot, na you oo!

  5. Your brother is so cute. Love the first oleku. The silk iro and buba is definitely in now.

  6. All gud tuke, it's official, u ROC!