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L'aviye Lookbook: Three ways I rock Kente Accessories!

Hey Guys!

So, a friend of mine started her business while I was in my final year of University. I bought some accessories from her and wore them to an Africultural Society Event in the Summer of 2013 as seen below.

The business was originally called Accessories by Abiye but now the name has been changed to L'aviye. The accessories featured in this post are from the Spring/Summer 13 collection. Check out her website and order stuff from her newer collections, the designs in the Autumn/Winter 13 and Summer/Fall 14 collection are exquisite. 

I Love that the brand has evolved and now stocks a wide range of bracelets, triangle necklaces, loop earrings, rings, triangle earrings and even strappy heeled sandals in a different prints. The design of the clutch has changed with the times and I can't wait to feature the new collection on my blog, plus her customer service is spectacular.

Isn't this Kente print so beautiful
I Love how Lad-like I look with one hand in my pocket, Oshey

I was actually waving at a guy o!

I gave him the Thumbs Up Sign too
When I plan stuff in advance, it sticks better than if I plan it impromptu. I could have worn the flower as a brooch for this look but I forgot and we were in a bit of a hurry as there was a time constraint. I had actually planned to wear the plain black beads from this post not the blush coloured ones, oh well. That's why preparation + Opportunity = Success.

Look at what Lagos Humidity does to my Afro o! Shrinkage is real.

Even guys rock L'aviye

They Rock em with Swag too
Shalla to Dami and Olamide!! 

You can find L'aviye on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or their website
They ship internationally and all the accessories are handmade with Love  :)
Plus they offer gift wrapping and customisation services too so you can have an accessory made in your favourite print, Tres cool!

Outfit Details
1st Look:
NYSC Uniform

2nd Look: 
Heels- Peacocks

3rd Look
Skirt: Internacionale
Belt: New Look
Shoes: Bershka

White Tee: Mr Price
Location: Rita Lori (Opposite the NYSC Secretariat)

Photo Credit: Niyi Sax



  1. Love the purse, you did the rocking just right!


  2. Hmmmm. You are the first person I've seen that looks good in your nysc uniform
    Love the kente print

    1. Awww, Thank you Sogie :)
      There are many people that look good in it o, come to my LG and see ;)

  3. Now an avid reader :) I wish you had a like button though :(

    1. Awww, Yayyyy, Thank you Eniola :) Will work on adding one to the posts :)

  4. Girlll, that shrinkage is TOO real! Love the accesories though!

    1. Girrrrrl, it's TOO TOO real, Whut?!?! Thank you :)

  5. Beautiful....I like.....that uniform looks cool on you tho'

    Tibs Tells Tales

  6. Beautiful..loved most and all of the pictures! I sooo gotta learn how to make that bow/brooch!

    *runs to pinterest to look for DIY*

    btw I loved L'aviye's website. Gorg!

    1. Awww, Thank you Dami.
      Nice, didn't know you were a DIY Queen ;)

  7. I love the clutch. Nice!


  8. Yelz oh... I'm in love with DIYs..crafts gimme goose bumps :D

    Btw I tagged you in my post "20 Things about me" kindly take up the challenge! Tainz...:D

  9. Oh, that's cool! Awww, Thanks for the tag, I will :)

  10. We LOVE you Detuke!
    Thank you for the feature! mwah xoxo


    1. Love you guys too :)
      You're welcome
      I'm looking forward to featuring accessories from the new collection :D

  11. Love how the 2nd guy rocked it! And obviously your style.
    I see you're always hailing cab in Lagos. lol.

    1. Hehehe, Thank you Memkoh!!!
      Mehn, the struggle is real o, choi!

  12. The white pumps!
    And yeah the clutch :)