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Restaurant Review: Casa Lydia

Hey Guys!

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a restful weekend. School has started for me even though I had hopes that the resumption date would be moved back to October, Oh Well, everything happens for a reason.

I was on NaijaHairCanGrow last night and I found out that a lot of popular, well established, big name bloggers will be attending the garden party on sunday. I got a bit nervous to be honest as I'm still a bit of a newbie blogger but yeah, I feel quite honoured that I was invited. Bloggers like Sisi Yemmie, Berry Dakara, Ez of Beauty in Lagos, Stella of Stella's Addiction, Barbara of Barbara 1923, Daks of Third World Profashional, Yagazie and many others will be at this party. So, if you are interested in being my plus 1 for this party, please fill in the survey, leave a comment on the post with your email address and get your floral outfits ready. The survey closes tomorrow evening  and the winner will be announced on Wednesday. He/she will be selected using a random number generator so get your survey responses in people!!

So, back to the matter, I met up with my friend and blogger, Feyi Adesanya sometime last week. It was an impromptu date and it was so much fun, you'll find out what we got up to in due time :) We went to Casa Lydia for dinner and it was my first time there.

Casa Lydia is a cute, cosy and scenic hotel with 2 restaurants on site. One is called Lydia Bistro and they serve continental and italian dishes. The other is called Restaurant La Provence and they serve French and Continental Dishes. .

I Love the Ambience and vibe the place gives off. Feyi has been there a few times and said she preferred Restaurant La Provence so that's where we dined.

It's really quaint and cosy and there's a bar and some TV's there too. We were given Hand Sanitiser as we entered, everyone is being super conscious these days which is a good thing. Before our mains came, we got served warm rolls which I like, Ocean Basket does the same.
We both ordered the seafood pasta which cost N3,500. I didn't want fish or calamari with mine and feyi didn't want fish so that meant extra prawns for both of us. I got 3 jumbo ones which was't too bad and Feyi got 2. We got so excited when the food came because food makes us happy, hehe. It was soo delicious. I forgot to take a picture of Feyi's Virgin Mojito because I was so engrossed in my food. We both cleared our plates and we were too full for desert.

As you should know, I love my Mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) and I went for a Virgin Strawberry Daquiri (N1,500), choi!!! This picture doesn't do it justice at all, it was soo Yummy, soo sooo yummy. We got spoons to scoop up the flavoured ice at the bottom of the glass.

Casa Lydia is on 19 Glover Road, like a 5 minute walk from Golden Gate, so my people in Old Ikoyi, Dolphin, Abacha Estate, Osbourne, etc if you want to eat out and you don't want to go far, this place is the one.

Oh, yeah, the owner was there and he came up to us to find out if everything was going well, that's customer service right there, when the owner doesn't think he's too much of a big man to interact with his clients abi customers.

I know I usually have more pictures but my Camera hasn't really been doing stuff justice and I realised that it is because the filter was dirty. Sometimes you gotta learn the hard way.

You can check out their website for more pictures sha.

Next time I go there, I'll try out the other restaurant, can't wait :)

If you've been there before, let me know your thoughts, what you had, etc



  1. Omg I've been there once. Their food is amazing. I still dream about it sometimes lol!

    1. LOL, please what did you eat that you're dreaming about it?

    hi click on the link above it was good seeing you yesterday ....

  3. and i just pass this place everyday...