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20 Facts about Me!

Hey Guys!

Happy Monday :)

I was tagged to write 20 facts about me by Dami of Scribbles and Realities. I was also tagged by Xclusive Mic the comedian/MC on Instagram. At first I thought I wouldn't have much to say because I have written a lot of facts about myself on the blog already and I don't like to repeat information. I've written 20 facts though and they are pretty different from the ones in the Sunshine Blogger Award Post, the Liebster Award Post and the Blog Tag too. Yayyy me

1) I'm probably the only Adetuke you'll ever meet
2) My parents must have known I'll be a unique girl hence why I've got such a unique name 
3) I'm a sucker for live music, I really am, especially when the Sax is involved and it's being played in the right manner
4) I used to be really outgoing but I've become pretty introverted, like I can stay in my room all day on my laptop or reading a book and I'll only come out for food.
5) I love Ankara and prints, you can probably tell so from my style posts: here, here, here, here, and here (Chineke!)
6) I am the first child of 3. most of the time I like that I was born first but sometimes the pressure is a lot, phew, wipes sweat
7) I am an Omo Pastor, I've been one for as long as I can remember so I sometimes feel like I have to set a right example and I'm conscious of this fact when I'm faced with tricky situations/decisions
8) I wish I could play the drums like a baddo, like I can play a few basic beats but I can't wow a crowd with what I can do
9) I really do love small chops and I have developed a small chops hierarchy which I shall put up someday 
10) I ask a lot of questions and it's out of sheer curiousity
11) I really would like to travel and explore the world, visit all the continents and experience other cultures 
12) Only God knows what I'll be doing with my life this time next year
13) I have big feet for my height, I'm a uk size 7.5/8
14) My photo library on my phone is filled with pictures of children, screenshots of quotes, beauty, hair and style inspirations
15) Words affect me greatly, whether positive or negative 
16) I like to meet people and hear their stories
17) I want to get paid to do things I love, things that come to me naturally 
18) I have been verbally abused by someone I really admired and respected and I'm having a hard time getting over it
19) I remember numbers easily e.g. Birthdays and phone numbers
20) I really like to win stuff, I mean, who no like awoof (Who doesn't like free stuff?)

I don't feel the need to tag anyone because some of the people I nominated for the Sunshine Blogger AwardLiebster Award, Gratitude Challenge and Blog tag still haven't written their answers. So if you read this post and will like to do a similar one, please go ahead and do one then tag me in it.

Thank you!

P.S. All of you that haven't yet accepted the awards I nominated you for, God is watching you o and so am I, hehe :)

P.P.S. Busayo/Linguini put up a few pictures on his blog 


  1. Interesting info.
    Lol @ Omo pastor. I am very curious and words affect me a lot.i however have small feet lol. Finding shoes my size is a chore.but they then look so cute.

    1. Thanks Funmi. That's good, you can get shoes from the kid's section too abi

    2. Looool! I love your name darl! What does Adetuke mean though?
      Awwwww at number 18.
      Number 10 is me.

    3. Awww, Thank you Chinazor :)
      It means Crown is worth being taken care of/worth being pampered/worth being nurtured.
      Yayyy, curious minds rock!!

    4. Finally got it!I have been looking for the meaning of your name. Such a unique and beautiful name.

  2. Lol.. My dear.. Pele, Im one of those guilty of not having done the nomination thing... I will get on it next week cuz then I'll be done with my disso... :) xx

  3. Congratulations on all your awards Tuke :)

  4. Number 4 is me as well. I could stay in and read books all day lol

    1. LOL, there's no feeling like getting lost in a book :) Love it!!

  5. lolz @ I have big feet for my height..... MOMENT WITH ZOE

  6. No 6,13,17,20 we're definitely sisters.

  7. Looks like I'm late to d parry after e-disturbing ur life! Hehe :D

    Thanks for sharing, Tuke. Nice to know this bit about you. I'm sure there's 1000 things about u sef *runs*

    1. Lool, Imagine that o!!!
      You're welcome Dami, hehe :) :p

  8. That number 20 is so me, i enter for all the giveaways lol

  9. Too many similarities! I can read all day, love small chops, i'm the 1st child and also an Omo Pastor (ps: I know your dad :) ), I have a thing for words, my name is Belinda...not many around. I like unusual names, I like yours! Thanks for reading my blog, will keep in mind your suggestions :)

    1. Awww, you do!?!? Ahhhhh, hehe, who's your dad? I'm guessing you are a Redeemer too, hmmm, mystery :D

    2. His name's George Nnah. Lol...yes I'm a redeemer :)