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70th Post: Reader Survey and a Giveaway!

Hey Guys

Happy Humpday!

It's my 70th post, Yippee and I'm pretty excited.

I met two readers over the weekend, one of them is a corper in Agege and the other is a blogger. It made me really happy to meet readers I didn't know personally.

I've been wanting to carry out a survey on the blog for a while now and I finally got round to creating it (Say No to Procrastination, folks). It's 25 questions long, some of the questions are multiple choice, some are simple yes or no's and there are open ended ones too. It's your chance to give feedback and also an opportunity for me to make some changes. Please answer the questions, the survey will only run for a week and it'll make me really happy if you do so.

Thank you :)

Now, on to more interesting things. My female readers on Healthy Hair Journey's should know who Dabs is, she blogs at Naija Hair Can Grow and has inspired many ladies to take better care of their hair. She also has a salon called Savvy and Chic Hair & Beauty Hub which she started due to the demand she received from her readers. I have been there a few times and the customer service was great. I got Crotchet Braids done in Easter, I have bought their whipped shea butter and I ordered my Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner from them when they had a blogversary sale.

Remember this post? I told you how I went for a Salon Day out and I won a Secura steamer but I had left when the raffle draw was being held so someone else got it. Well, here's a picture of Dabs and I from that day.

Savvy and Chic Hair & Beauty Hub is having a Floral Themed Garden Party on the 28th of September to celebrate the 3rd edition of their magazine.

It's a beauty party for bloggers and guess what, I'm allowed to bring one Blog reader along with me. They actually had a tea party for bloggers on the 16th of May when they launched the second edition and you can look at pictures here to get an idea of how fun it was.

Fancy IV

If you would like to be my +1 for this fabulous party, you have to 
i) Complete the Survey
ii) State that you are interested in coming for the party in the comment box for the last question and leave your email address 
iii) Comment on this post with your email address so I can confirm you filled in the Survey.

The Survey closes on Tuesday, the 23rd of September and my date for the party will be announced the next day, Wednesday the 24th.

Start planning your floral outfit o as pictures taken on that day will be featured in the next edition of the magazine. It could be a flower crown, floral top, dress, skirt, pants or even just a floral brooch.

Good Luck Folks!



  1. I'm interested!

    not sure I remembered to add my email tho. I wrote "Keep being who you are. you're awesome! "

    you could also ask some other questions via email to confirm. so sorry for d troubles


    1. Aww, Nice. Yeah, I saw that comment.
      1st Entry!

  2. tosin1421@hotmail.com

  3. I love taking surveys. I actually take a lot of online surveys. Hmm this one is for only lagos folks abi. Congrats on your 70th post

    1. Thank you Sogie, if you're willing to travel to Lagos for it then feel free to take part.

  4. *sigh* I'll love to come . congrats on your 70th post!


  5. I would love to come!
    Got a flower crown as a gift and I've been thinking of wear to where it to. LOL

    ( I forgot to leave my mail in the survey though)

    1. Awww, Nice!!
      You are already prepared, that's good.
      3rd entry!

  6. Congratulations on your 70th post.
    You're Definitely going to attain unimaginable heights......

    Go Girl...

  7. Dont think I remembered to leave my email address, its ibitundebalogun@gmail.com. I took the survey and I guess I am probably the only insurance underwriter that would have. Anyways I would like to attend the event as your plus 1

    Really nice blog aswell.


    1. Yeah, there has only been one insurance underwriter, hehe :)
      Thank you Ibitunde!
      Fourth Entry!

  8. Congratulations Tuke on your 70th Post!!
    Just took the Survey..
    Would love to attend the event :D

    1. Thank you Temitope, Thanks for filling in the survey too
      The event happened last year, i blogged about it too, check out the post http://www.tukesquest.com/2014/10/savvy-and-chic-floral-themed-party.html?m=1
      There will be more giveaways very soon so subscribe to the blog so you're kept informed or follow me on Instagram or Twitter