Tuke's Quest: June 2015

Peter Pan Collar

Good Day Folks!

Hope you're week started off on a great note and I hope you've done your BVN too. If you haven't, I'll advise you to do it very early this morning before people swarm the bank and there is a 1-3 hour queue. 

We enter into the 2nd half of the year tomorrow, don't you think the year has gone by so quickly?! Hope you are on the right track to complete your goals for the year, doing an audit will help you put things into perspective and so you know which ones require more effort and focus from you this half of the year.
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Weekend Gist

Hey Guys

Happy Monday!!

How are you? How was your weekend?

Mine was great, really busy, weekeends tend to be busier than weekdays for me.

I got a call on Friday Morning to play at a 40th Birthday dinner that evening. It's really funny how the gig came about. The client called my dad in America, then my dad called me and gave me her number to call her. I really enjoy being part of people's special moments and I got a couple of pictures, yayyy :)

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Protective Style: Box Braids

It's the Weekend :)

I've got a lot planned for it, hope yours is enjoyable too. 

I got braids done on Wednesday, an interesting mix of colours, guess what 3 colours I used!!

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Ankara from Shakara

 Hey Guys,

How are you? How was your weekend?

Mine was goood :) I feel like it started on Wednesday though as I was out every night from Wednesday to Sunday. I was at Bottles on Wednesday, La Taverna on Thursday, Nike Art Gallery, Vantage & Bay Lounge on Friday, my Aunt's 50th, family friend's engagement and Stranger Lagos on Saturday then Terra Kulture and Maison Farenheit on Sunday.
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My Favourite Yellow Dress

Good Morning Folks

Happy Monday :)

I pray this week surpasses your expectations in sooo many ways! I pray God protects and keeps you too, Be careful when driving!
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My 23rd Birthday I

Hey Guys,

How are you doing?

I apologise for the reduction in post frequency, I'm going through some lifestyle changes so I'm trying to adjust accordingly. Remember my Birthday Wishlist, Well, I've gotten 5 of the items so far and many other things I didn't ask for :)

My parents gave me money for my birthday and I used it to get number 1 on my list. I needed that external flash because I'm about to start doing beauty posts :) and I hate the fact that my camera becomes useless once it gets dark or when the lighting is bad.

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Welcome to My Month :)

Hi Guys :)

Happy New Month!

Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes, I really do appreciate it :)

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