Tuke's Quest: January 2016

Restaurant Review: Insignia Restaurant Lagos

Hey Guys,

So I went to Insignia the day I picked up my TV. My sister was going back to school the next day and we were eager to try out the restaurant we missed out on this day.
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Weekend Gist: Sandwiches, Strategy & Solitude

Hey Guys

How has your week been?

How was your weekend? Mine was really restful, the most quiet weekend I've had in a while.

I wasn't feeling too strong after work on friday and the traffic was terrible so I met up with my dad who wasn't far from the office and went home in his car so I didn't have to drive. Picked up my car the next day and I'm glad I did that because the traffic when I left work was Terrible. Lagos traffic can be so unpredictable sometimes but I like to plan my days so I spend as little time in traffic as possible.

I spent Saturday at home, watched 2 movies and bonded with my family. I've been thinking about my life and what I want to achieve this year so I made some decisions which would help me achieve certain goals.

On Sunday, I went to church then came home and read a book, I've finished 4 books from this stack :)

I took no pictures this weekend so I'm going to share the pictures I took on Thursday. After reading Berry's post on the Honey Pepper Chicken Sandwich, I was eager to try it.
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Tuke's Trips: Road to China via Amsterdam

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday :)

So I've mentioned so many times on the blog that I will write about China but after the comments on this post, I decided to start the series this month.

I went to China in the Summer of 2012 and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Prior to that the only countries I had visited were the UK, Ghana, America and Canada. The most adventurous thing I had done was the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme where I climbed hills, walked 20 km's each day, slept in tents, didn't shower, drank water from a stream, etc. D of E was tougher but going to China was another level of adventure.

I was really scared to go. I remember the night before I left Nottingham to go to the airport, I was having second thoughts. I was nervous, I was scared but deep deep deep down I was excited. I was packing with my friend, Ife & he said if God didn't want me to go or if he thought I would be harmed in any way, I wouldn't have gotten the scholarship. That sort of calmed me down and I left Nottingham feeling a bit better.
Caffe Nero Frappucino at the Airport

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Restaurant Review: Ginger Tapas and Grill Lagos

Hey Guys

So I finally had a meal at Ginger tapas on the 17th of December. I had dinner with my friend, Dara, from Nottingham. It was great catching up.
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Weekend Gist: Redeemed Camp & Muson Centre

Hey Guys,

How is your week going? Is the exchange rate affecting you?
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Win A Smile Makeover

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday!

Hope you had a great weekend!!

Mine was Super Busy so I'm really tired but I'm glad that I get to do what I love. Weekend Gist up soon.
Perfect smile lagos
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Restaurant Review: Casper and Gambini's Lagos

Hi Guy!

Hope your week is going well!

One thing I've learned this week is that editing pictures when hungry is not a good idea. Anyways, remember how I mentioned that the Memkoh Meetup was at Casper and Gambini's, this is my review of it.

I got there at the nick of time as the Creative Cool kids were about to dig into their dishes.

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Weekend Gist: Memkoh Meetup & the Igbobi College School Song

Hey Guys,

Happy Tuesday!

Hope your week is going well!
Female saxophonist in nigeria
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Restaurant Review: Pearl Garden II Lagos

Hey Guys,

How is the New Year treating you? How did you spend the first day of the year? I did a lot of cleaning hence the New Year Giveaway. I also went out with my family for dinner. We go for lunch/dinner every year with my dad's siblings and their family.
Pearl Garden Restaurant Lagos
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I won a 32 Inch Smart TV

Hey Guys!

I'm writing out this blogpost with sooo much joy in my heart. I won a 32 Inch Smart TV because I watched a Movie!!!!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on the blog before but I don't really watch TV series. The only shows I've actually followed are Gidi Up, Shuga, Dowry, Skinny Girl in Transit and I watched Quantico at my friends house last year. I watched New Girl and 2 Broke Girls when I was in my final year of Uni though, it helped with the pain of Dissertation :)
Nigerian Girl carrying a TV she won
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My Flared Lilac Skirt

Hey Guys,

So I wore this outfit on Saturday, I watched Wakaa the musical, it was sooooo good. I miss acting and being on stage, if you hear of any auditions, please let me know o. I haven't acted since Band Aid.

I deep conditioned my hair with olori on Saturday morning then put it in 2 plaits to stretch it out.
Black Girl laughing with head to the sky
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Happy New Year

Hey Guys,
Welcome to 2016 poster
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