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Win A Smile Makeover

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday!

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Mine was Super Busy so I'm really tired but I'm glad that I get to do what I love. Weekend Gist up soon.
Perfect smile lagos
So I get loads of compliments on my smile and one of the reason's my teeth are in a good state is because I have a Great Dentist.
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My aunt owns a Dental Clinic in Parkview called Faces n Braces and this month marks its 10th year anniversary. To commemorate this feat she is offering 10 people the chance to change their smile.

There will be Free Eye Check Ups, Free Dental Check Ups and Free Breast Cancer Screenings/Counselling from the 21st to the 23rd of January  too.
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I know there are many people who don't like their dentition because of a missing tooth or because it's been yellowed and they aren't able to afford Dental Care.

If you know anyone in need of a Dental Makeover but they can't afford one, kindly refer them to this post.

Faces 'n' Braces celebrates her 10th  year anniversary.
Enter our smile competition and stand a chance to change your smile.
The theme of the Smile Competition is BEAUTY FOR ASHES

To Enter, simply:
Send a close up picture of your smiling face showing most of your teeth.
Send your entries to
Make sure you have liked their Facebook Page.

10 persons will be selected for a FREE smile makeover. All entries  must be sent on or before the 31st of January, 2016.

Terms and Conditions apply.

The terms and conditions are:
  1. The competition is open to persons 18 years and above.
  2. The competition is only open to those who have really poor dentition and cannot afford any form of advanced dental treatment.
  3. The Judges decision will be final.
  4. Only Pictures sent to their Facebook page would be considered.
  5. The smile makeover is only for a stipulated duration of time.
  6. Pictures that are not clear would not be considered.
  7. Faces 'n' Braces will not be liable for any picture, or wrong information sent to us during the duration of the competition.
Find Below Pictures of Smile Makeover's.

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  1. Nice...i really hope i get to win...I want to change my smile....big up to facesnbraces for this initiative

  2. Wow, they are doing a really great job. I hope I win too, but my dentition is good, I just need whiter set of teeths so I can smile like Tuksy..

  3. i pray my son wins,thanks to you

  4. Just like Chinomso, I also just want a white set of teeth. Hope I win oh

  5. I should enter for this. Everytime I go to a dentist or my dental classmates look at my teeth - they always go mehn! So many things wrong in here and you should see an orthodontist. The last dentist I saw even said I need to fix my teeth so my bride price can increase - see my life sha!!

    1. You should o, you have nothing to lose!
      Loool, some people are rude sha, what is their own with your bride price?

  6. Nice initiative, especially the fact that its for people who cannot afford advanced dental treatment. That's really cool

  7. Oh wow...This is really great! I want a whiter set of teeth too!!

  8. Yes to whiter teeth,big ups tuke ;)

  9. Good one, I will make sure I tell my friends about this.

  10. Unfortunately for my dentist, I have perfect teeth. No cavities, no caps, no problems. If all patients with dentist Hermosa Beach were like me he would be broke, however, it's because of him that I have terrific teeth.

  11. Procrastination kills. Lool
    Just came back to check deadline *sigh*

    1. Loool, still apply. Don't think she has contacted them yet.

  12. I afraid and ashamed to show my ugly poor smile.