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I won a 32 Inch Smart TV

Hey Guys!

I'm writing out this blogpost with sooo much joy in my heart. I won a 32 Inch Smart TV because I watched a Movie!!!!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on the blog before but I don't really watch TV series. The only shows I've actually followed are Gidi Up, Shuga, Dowry, Skinny Girl in Transit and I watched Quantico at my friends house last year. I watched New Girl and 2 Broke Girls when I was in my final year of Uni though, it helped with the pain of Dissertation :)
Nigerian Girl carrying a TV she won
My favourite TV channel is Ebony Life TV. I remember when it started in July 2013, I was soooo excited. I wanted to serve in Calabar and do NYSC there but God and my parents had other plans.

I even left a comment on Mide's blog last year saying I wanted to work there. She got posted to Cross Rivers and I hope she discovers herself while there. Ibukun Akinnowo and Princess Audu got posted there too, I hope they do some sort of blogger collaboration. Read Sarah's recap of her camp experience here.

In 2015, I learnt that it is good to say what you want to achieve as you never know who can help you achieve that goal. I wanted to do my grade 5 Music Theory Exam, I wrote it in my Goals Post and it was on my mind quite a bit. I was saying it at the Jazz workshop I mentioned here and one guy there took it upon his head to be my teacher. He was Godsent, our classes were flexible, he was calm yet tough and I ended up getting 88%, 2 marks away from a distinction which is pretty good for someone who jumped 5 grades and studied in a very short time period.

I've learnt that it is possible to speak things into existence. One of my friend's kept on saying she was looking for a job even though she had a Great Job already. She was saying this because she wanted something different. While saying this at a party one guy said they were hiring at his office and long story short she got the job and in her first year of working she travelled to 3 countries for work, got an Iphone as a present from her boss, did professional exams and learnt a lot as the role was more challenging.

Sisi Yemmie is another person that speaks things into existence. She put up a vlog about it here and by merely reading her blog you can see that God's favour  is upon her.

I want to visit a minimum of 3 countries this year, South Africa, Cameroon and England. I won't mind stopping over in some European countries like Cyprus, France and Spain while I'm in England too.
I want to Act on Stage, in TV Series and Films.
I want to feature in Ads and Editorials.
I want to ask questions (interview people).
I want to take pictures, especially food ones.
I want to write about my experiences and get paid for it.
I want to make a good living from my talents, interests and gifts.

I'm going to try out for more competitions, contests and giveaways. This is the biggest prize I've won in Lagos and I know this is just the beginning.

When I was in my 2nd year of Uni, back in 2012, my parents were saying I should find a job in England or I will come back to Nigeria early before we went on Family Holiday. The job thing wasn't working out and I wasn't really sure what to do. I wanted that time period after exams to be put to good use so I applied for a Scholarship to go to China to learn how business is done there. Do you know I was one of the chosen ones? All I had to do was answer 3 questions, no interview, no test and just like that I was granted a scholarship to have one of the best experiences of my life. I really need to write about China on the Blog, that's the reason I got my DSLR, so I would have quality memories of my experience in a foreign land. After I got that scholarship, they opened up applications again because they got more funding. This time around, many of my friends applied and my flatmate, Ify, from this post, got the scholarship and ended up coming to China too. Don't think that only certain people can win stuff, EVERYONE can win.

Anyways, this post is to tell you how I won a TV. So I mentioned in this post that I watched Fifty the Movie at Genesis Deluxe Cinema on Christmas Eve. At the table top there was a flyer saying you could win a ticket to Seychelles, Mauritius, Kenya, Dubai or London in the Fifty Movie raffle. I made sure I stapled my ticket stub to the raffle paper after the movie ended and I dropped it in the ballot box.
Genesis Deluxe Cinema at Palms
On Tuesday morning, I got a call from a Sweet Lady with a British Accent. My first thought was Sax Client. She asked if I was Adetuke Morgan, told me she was calling from Ebony Life TV, asked whether I had watched fifty, where I watched it and then told me I won a TV. When I got off the phone with her I started doing the dance I did in this clip.
Fifty the Movie Poster
May you be with your phone when they call you to tell you good news
May your battery not die
May you not give them attitude because you think it is 419
TV won through Fifty the Movie Raffle
Go and watch Fifty the Movie.
My friend, Harry Itie wrote out Six reasons why you should see it.
Check out their website and click here to see all the amazing things you could possibly win.
If you do win something, let me know what it is :)

Shout out to Ogochukwu of Nonijaz who took these pictures for me, Check out her blog here :)

Massive Thanks to Konga too, they collaborated with Ebony Life TV/Fifty the movie to give out 50 TV Sets.

P.S. I sent out my first Newsletter yesterday so make sure you subscribe to the blog here :D

P.P.S. Remember that if people don't know what you can do/what you are capable of then they wouldn't know that you are the one they need.


  1. "May you not give them attitude because you think it is 419"
    LOL, very very important- this, and all of this post, really.
    Voicing my goals is something I have found not easy to do, but if you don't ask, how are you supposed to get?
    Willing myself to do more of this.
    Congratulations on winning the TV!

    1. Loool, very very important o!
      You got that right :)
      Thank you AB!!!

    2. AB I share my goals but have a mild fear of voicing out things I hope for because I'm afraid of jinxing myself.

      Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Yay! Happy for you hunnie! To the prayers ahh amen o! Lol.

  3. And thank you for the newsletter *winks*

  4. Please tell us how we can win too. I need me a TV, moving to a new place soon, and a TV would make for a fab addition to my small and cozy haven. LOL. *

    I hear the movie Fifty is really a good one. Seen the trailer, and marked it as a movie i'll love to see in December, had to travel sha (no, no cinema there. lol) Oh well, i think it is still showing in Cinemas, now i am back to Lagos, will arange a weekend for it.

    * I am not sure why my comments keep breaking in bits.

    1. Loool, Simply watch Fifty the Movie, Staple your cinema stub to the raffle draw paper than drop it in the ballot box and pray you get that phone call!

      It was really really good, the acting was flawless and the cinematography was top notch. Nepa took light during the movie though and when it came on someone had to go outside to tell them to rewind it. Other than that, it was a Fun Experience. Two of my friend's watched it on Wednesday so I know it's still showing.

      I wonder why your comments keep breaking too :)

  5. *crying* I saw fifty when they hadn't even started giving out freebies. I even posted about it sef...Wish I had won! Or maybe I'd just go see it again lol. Congrats! I sort of have the same goals as you do. Funny enough I just put up a short post about goals..I hope they work out great.


    1. Eyah, pele. Just went to check out the post, Nice :)
      Loool, there is no harm in watching it again ;)
      Hope your goals work out great too!

  6. I need them to call me o. I hope my phone is going through because that was one of reason for seeing the movie and also the free domino pizza. Please do a post on the China entrepreneurs thing. This is a lovely post. Ebony TV is also one my fav station.


    1. Looool, I hope they call you too o!
      I shall definitely do a post on China in the next few weeks.
      It'll probably have to be a series because I did a LOT while there.

  7. lovely and very inspiring post.
    However I am still quite skeptical about winning anything as it hardly happens to me.
    i did win a phone from KFC once though lol.
    do you think they might have picked you for the TV because they recognised the name?

    1. Thank you :)
      Loool, you've won a phone before and you're still skeptical? Ahnahn, don't be a doubting Thomas o!
      Absolutely not, check out the @fiftythemovie instagram page and you'll see that people from different walks of life have been winning in the promo, I believe it is random selection.

  8. Yes please do a post on China.
    Congratulations Tuke!

  9. I want to watch Fifty but it's not showing in England so I wonder if it will be available online on Amazon Prime or Netflix later.


    1. It's already available on Netflix o, saw a picture on Instagram.

  10. I've never won anything before, I would have danced too. Loved this post, your very ambitious and I like that. Its good to speak things into existence as you showed in the above scenarios. Loved the p.p.s. its so true. BTW I've meet up with Mide already, I like her, she's so down to earth.
    Princess Audu

    1. Hopefully you start winning things soon!
      Lool, Thanks Sarah, You gotta shoot for the moon so if you fall you land on the clouds.
      Awwww, Yayyy, I'm glad you guys have met up already, can't wait to see how you collaborate, she's an Amazing Photographer :)

  11. Aww congrats! I wanted to see fifty before I travelled but my friend didn't let me. I'll definitely see it now though


    1. Thanks Cassie, I'm sure you will enjoy it :)

    2. Hey hey Cassie, aren't we overdue for a movie date?
      Tuke congrats on the tv! I would love to win one too. Might just do a backflip.
      I struggle with voicing out goals and wants. I shouldn't be scared of failure or of jinxing it right?
      I'm looking forward to the China series. Was just musing with a friend the other day on what it would be like to just take a year and immerse ourselves in a totally different culture like China's

  12. Oh Wow!! Congratulations Tuke!!

  13. Congrats dear. Great way to start the year, bigger things coming. You are so right about speaking things into existence. Ebonylife tv is my favourite too.And yes, do a china post

    1. Thanks Elizabeth :)
      Asin, very great way to start the year!
      Amen o!!!
      I got some bad news on the morning they called me so I wasn't very happy but their phone call totally brightened my day :D
      China Post/Series loading.....

  14. Congratulations Tuke!!!!!
    May this be the beginning of bigger things.
    I really believe in writing things down but I guess speaking them out is another powerful way.

    1. Thank you Yeva :)
      Amen o!!!!
      I think both ways work hand in hand, you speak it and then you go back to the written version to remind you of the words that were spoken so you keep working to achieve them.

    2. Nice one Tuke. Like your name too.


  15. Oshe, the year starts with winning things. I like this speaking things into existence idea mehn, I'm so doing it on my blog and in my conversations ASAP. Thank you gurl for the inspiration, I hope and pray you stay winning this year.

    1. Awwww, you're welcome :)
      Amen o!!!!
      The Year Of Winning!

  16. Congrats on ur win. Like Bekky said o don't voice things out for fear of jinxing myself. I just say them to myself and then keep my fingers crossed but I have won a few things here in Lagos o. At least 4times I can remember

    1. Thank you Cheechee :)
      There are some huuuuge things/private things I won't say to anyone until they come to past sha.
      Awww, what have you won in the past?

  17. Congratulations to you.
    You deserve it
    I'm winning next