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2015 Goals and Resolutions

Hey Guys

Happy Weekend!

I'm having such a relaxing day, haven't stepped one foot out of my house and I love it :)

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Someone commented on my previous post that she thinks I need more audience and I agree with her. It's actually one of my goals for the year!

You can contribute to expanding my audience by sharing any posts you like on your social media pages. I'll definitely appreciate it and it encourages me to keep creating great content. I won't stop blogging if you don't do it but it'll make happy if you do.

I did a Goal Audit post in May Last year and people really seemed to enjoy it and the end of year Audit too. I'm hoping this year is bigger and better than 2014, it gats to be mehn!

So, my goals for the year are as follows:

1) Grade 5 theory (and a practical exam): I did my Grade 4 Sax Exam in October/November 2011 and I passed with distinction. I did Grade 1 in March/April 2010 and I passed with distinction too. I was able to jump grades because I don't just learn from the book but I improved on my Sax Skills by playing at church, different events and the Nottingham Sax Ensemble. The fact that I was thrown into the deep and exposed to different platforms helped me learn a lot in a really short time. Now, I have to do Grade 5 theory because without it I won't be qualified to do grade 6,7 or 8 practical. So, the grade 5 theory is the koko, doing another exam this year will be jara (an added bonus).

2) Feature in ads/editorials, billboards, tvc's,etc: As you must know I can smile for Africa and I love taking pictures too. Some people have said close up should use me for ad, another person said I look like I should be in a Gap Kids Commercial.

3) Become a brand ambassador:  Kenyan Blogger, Sharon of This is Ess, was made a Samsung Brand Ambassador during the week. Nigerian Blogger, Sisi Yemmie is a Maggi Brand Ambassador so it's not impossible. Shoot for the moon so if you don't reach it at least you'll land in the clouds or among the stars.

4) More blog collaborations, brand collaborations and creative collaborations: The creative collaboration with Aima's is one of my top 10 posts and that was an unplanned/impromptu shoot. I really enjoyed the flower princess one, the Ankara Inspired one, the L'aviye one, the various guest posts, the giveaway's in collaboration with The Kinky Apothecary, Savvy and Chic, Mak Nisy and the current one with Shop Bella Cosa. There are a number of collaborations in the works so be on the look out

5) Active multiple sources of income (make money from your passions/talent): Like I mentioned in this post, a side hustle is necessary and I am of a girl of many talents, there's nothing wrong with making money from your hobbies and interest

6) Save at least double of what I did last year and invest in something that yields better returns: I'm thinking treasury bills, any finance gurus wanna give me some advice

7) Take advantage of the many benefits of social media, especially twitter, in terms of transmission of information to people globally: Hashtags trend, some people's tweets get retweeted millions of times. I don't use pinterest or tumblr yet but I want to maximise my presence/reach on the platforms I currently use

8)Travel, to other states in Nigeria and other countries in Africa: Articles about China and Uganda coming soon

9) Develop a more intimate relationship with God:  I need guidance in this life, can't afford to make mistakes or live life with no roadmap

10) Get a Blog Logo, move to the domain name and change the layout: I want this blog to look more professional, it's necessary for the growth of the brand. The first year was the experimental year, to see if I can actually do it and you know what I realised, I LOVE BLOGGING! I love this platform which allows me to express myself in a wide variety of forms.

P.S. If you've got any suggestions in terms of the layout, logo and the new look in general, don't hesitate to let me know either in the comment box or by e-mail. tuke_morgan@hotmail.com

I've started listening to Lanre Olusola's Saturday morning Radio show on Beat 99.9 fm. It starts at 9:30 am and there's always so much to learn from him and the guest speakers. Two weeks ago, I learnt that there is a difference between goals and resolutions Goals are more calculated as they are set plans to achieve certain yardsticks while resolutions are more vague. So my resolutions are as follows

A) Get to church on time for sunday school so I can achieve my goal of drawing closer to God
(I got a new bible from Laterna Ventures during the week, a very nice and easy to understand translation too so I would enjoy reading the bible)

B) Practise sax on a more consistent basis, I haven't set the frequency yet as I'm not sure what the workload will be like at my new job

C) Try and write One article on another platform other than your blog each month, it could be on paper or online, this will help in expanding the blog reach too

D) Cook more often

 My dad suggested that I read the Bible in one year but I'm not going to make that a goal/resolution as I don't think I'm ready for that yet.

So, what are your goals and resolutions for the year 2015?


  1. I also want to try to cook more this year but the way my life is set up right now with exams and all, there definitely won't be time.


    1. Awww, at least when exams are over, you can start cooking.

  2. I love how articulate and precise your goals are. By God's grace you would achieve all . Amen
    I want to write more this year and I'm already working on that.


    1. Thanks Kunmi, Amen o!
      I'm looking forward to reading more of your work.

  3. Really interesting reading about other people's goals, I especially liked the part about actually setting the plans to achieve said goals. Looking forward to reading more posts.. :)

    1. Thank you Anne, yes, it is pretty interesting. Some of the other lifestyle bloggers have up similar posts, you should check them out.

  4. this is sooo cool! thanks for sharing. yeah i definitely need some goals in my life...#1 off the top of my head will be to establish healthy habits....

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading it, healthy habits are so important.

  5. thanks for sharing tuke.
    this will surely keep you accountable.
    i suggest you have a yardstick for some of your goals
    e.g i want to have saved 50k by august or may and this should happen by blah blah..
    im sure you get my point.

    1. Yes, it definitely will and I'm sure some of my blog readers will ask how far with my goals :)
      Thanks for the suggestion Yeva, I agree that setting a yardstick is very important.

  6. One of my goals this year is to launch the mobile app we've been working on since last year. Maybe you could be our brand ambassador ;). That'll be two goals achieved in one :).
    All the best with achieving your goals this year. I know you can do it!

    1. Awwww, nice, Yayyy, that sounds like a plan!!!
      Thank you Nedu :)

  7. My dear may God grant all you goals!!!!!!!!!

  8. This is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing and yes i also believe in setting higher goals for the new year and not resolutions.
    I love your blog already, now following!
    *and yes you can smile for the world! lol! something i should learn for my blog photos.


    1. Awww, Thank you Titi!
      Welcome about the Tuke's Quest Journey!