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Restaurant Review: RSVP

'Ello Mate

What's going on? 

How did you spend/find the first Sunday of the year? Anything special happen?

I've put up quite a number of Restaurant Review posts this past week, this is the 4th one in 8 days. It's because of the holiday. Food and holiday go together innit? I met up with my secondary school girlies yesterday (We miss you Ndali). We went to this newish spot in Lagos called RSVP. One of my friend's said it is very alte (pronounced aww-te), for those of you who don't know what that means, alte is a slang for alternative which means different from the norm. There were a number of couples, expatriates and young professionals too.

It has very cool vibes, is a nice open space, with benches and tables, a bit like a loft, it's very clean and white and fresh. However, the menu isn't very extensive. If I had gone there on my own I probably would have just found another restaurant after glancing through the menu. I was pretty hungry and my friend said they served American Cuisine so I was expecting Ribs, "TGIF" kinda food but they didn't have any. They've got steak, some pastas, sandwiches, salads, soups and pie. 

I don't think I'm a picky eater but there are certain things I don't like to eat e.g. Mushrooms, Eggs, Lamb, Pork, Cheese (except it's on Pizza or Lasagne). I'm not a beef fan either so I don't love johnny rockets, I would never order a burger. The only Hamburger I actually like is the 99p one from Mcdonalds. I don't like steak, don't really like nuts in my food too so there were limited items on the menu I was actually interested in eating.

Anyhoo, you all know I love my seafood, they only had 2 dishes with prawns. One angel prawn salad (cold) and linguini with a vodka infused sauce. Now, I don't drink and I didn't want alcohol in my food. I really had a hard time deciding on what I'll eat. I was going to just get a chicken sandwich with fries (N4,500) but I wasn't in the mood to eat with my hands and I wouldn't spend that much on a sandwich. The female manager said they could make the pasta and prawns dish with another sauce (the one from the lamb meatballs) so that's what I ordered.

Tomi of Pity My Simplicity and Mosope
Ze Menu
Bunmi of  Reveries Des Bumz. She and her twin run m and f designs from this post.
Buki and her Chapman. I went to Orela and Blowfish with Bunmi and her.
Strawberry Dream. 
It was as sweet as the Daquiri's from The Foundry, 355 and Casa Lydia, however this was made with fresh fruit/puree 
Watermelon Punch, Mosope liked it.
Lamb Meatball Pasta Dish
3 of the 7 girls got this dish and they enjoyed it.
Creamy Lemon Chicken.
I was in the toilet when it arrived but there were 4 sundried tomatoes on it which made it look nicer/added colour to the dish
 She said it was decent, not the best because she has had way better, not the worst either, just decent.

My meal

The pastas came first followed by the burger and chicken log

She said it wasn't fresh, she didnt enjoy it
Fries were good. Different people tried the chicken logs. One person said it was meh, another said it was sh**, one person really liked them and it reminded me of a Scotch egg, nothing too great
Chicken Logs
Cheese filled chicken finger

Our bill was just over 40k for 7 of us.
Mocktails: N1,200
Prawn Pasta: N6,500
Lamb Meatballs: N4,800
Chicken Log: N3,200
Burger: N5,200
Creamy Linguini: N5,400
Bottled Water (Aquafina): N300

My meal was pricy, I typically spend an average of N5,000 on my food and mocktail. All my friends said they won't go back unless it was a date (nice and cosy, good ambience, etc) plus there are cheaper places with just as good food.

Have any of you been there? What did you think?

Please remember that each person has a different palette so one's opinion might differ from yours.

Have a good week ahead folks!

Oh, yeah, the address is 9, Eletu Ogabi street, Victoria Island. So, if you're coming from the chicken republic side of Adeola Odeku, it's the first left. If you're coming from the Akin Adesola side of Saka Tinubu, it is the first right.

Let me know if you go there after reading this review o!



  1. over 40,000 Naira :') :') :') :') :')
    Thats all i can see right now.

    1. LOL, it was N40.600.
      Ahnahn, i'm sure you can see other things na!

  2. Awww miss you guys too ❤️

  3. You didn't like the burger or chicken logs? OMG ������

    1. The logs did not taste like chicken :/. Maybe the chef was having an off day

  4. Yo this plae is pricey but it looks like a nice place for a date. Good job with the review x

    Aniekeme for TFLA

    1. Thanks Aniekeme, yeah, it was pretty pricey but it's a nice date spot.

  5. It looks really nice. I'd definitely want to go once I move back to naij this summer. 40k is expensive though but God will help us. Lol

    Thanks for sharing. I'm glad I stumbled on your blog

    1. Lol, Amen o!

      I'm glad you stumbled on it too, going to check yours out now :)

  6. The meal tho, very attractive and u really had fun.

  7. I went there for date night and I totally loved it. The ambience was amazing, good music (not too loud like 355), so had nice conversation with the boy. I had the meatball pasta and it was quite tasty (after I asked for pepper sauce ). Also had the strawberries and cream cup dessert which was amazing as well. I certainly would go back but just for date night.

    1. Yeah, the ambience is amazing, subtle soft music so you can have a stress free conversation. None of us got desert but it's good to know that it rested great. Thanks for the review :)

  8. Oh and I drink so I had a very lovely cocktail! Very very lovely! Can't remember what it's called now but would definitely have it again

    1. Lol, that's good to know :) The barman seemed to know what he was doing!

  9. Good review, and look at your list! Tuke, you are choosy! Lol but that's okay. (And so am I)

  10. Wait.. That tiny burger in that picture cost 5k?
    I wouldn't be so angry at the price if the food portions were larger.
    Nice, honest review.
    Now I can cross it off my list :)

  11. Heyy! My experience at RSVP is up on . I actually enjoyed myself tho.. But your review, detailed.

    1. Oh, okay, everyone's experience will be different and our taste buds aren't the same either so it's all good

  12. The food looks pretty good, especially the burgers. It seems like a really good place, I've been hearing rave reviews about it. I'm happy I stumbled on your blog, it's lovely. xx

    1. Awww, Thank you Demilade :)
      I've heard mixed reviews so I'll suggest you try it out one day and experience it personally!