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Pandora Meets Ankara

So I was gisting with my friend, Tolu, sometime last week and she asked if I had plans for Sunday the 18th. I had none and she said she'll send my name to the people at Pandora so I could be added to the guestlist. She's a blogger at Cocophemie so you can check out her recap of the event here.

A pandora representative brought the IV to my house  a couple of days to event and I was really impressed with the packaging.

The event was billed to start at 3pm prompt and it actually did. Big ups to them for not succumbing to African Time.

I got there pretty late so I missed most of the talks but I managed to catch the CEO's speech.

For those of you don't know much about the brand, Pandora is one of the world's largest jewellery brands, renowned for it's high quality and hand-finished jewellery at affordable prices. Pandora designs, manufactures and markets contemporary jewellery with several crafting facilities and an Innovation centre in Thailand.
They've got stores in more than 80 countries across six continents and they employ over 9,000 people worldwide thanks to Danish Goldsmith, Per Enevoldsen who started the company with his wife in 1982.
The brand inspires women to embrace their individuality and express their personal style while capturing the unforgettable moments in life with charms for their bracelets.
Charlotte Obidairo, CEO of Pandora West Africa
The event was to unveal the new line in collaboration with Jewel by Lisa and you can see one of the models wearing a bracelet from the Pandora meets Ankara collection. Lisa Folawiyo interpreted Pandora in the form of 3 differently styled bracelets matching beautifully designed Ankara Garments.

Chocolate, Champagne and Cupcakes are a must at such events
A selection of rings available in the storee
The valentines day collection "Show her Love" was also unveiled.

With Ifeoma Williams, she was really shocked to see me as I was a young tomboyish girl the last time our paths crossed
Content of the Goody Bag
Kontagora Lipstick and Omoge Eyeshadow Triad from House of Tara
The bracelet I was given which is worth N28,800. I gave it to my mum as she's a bracelet Lover!

A friend commented on my Instagram that she had no clue Pandora was in Lagos. They are actually in 3 different cities in Nigeria namely Centro Mall in Lekki, Ceddi Plaza in Abuja and at The Palms Mall in Ibadan. They have a limited edition on Konga too.



  1. Aww really nice of you to gift mama. And it looked like a cool event. Way to go!

  2. Such a dope goodie bag! Loving that tara lipstick
    I don't even know what pandora is, just hearing about them for the first time recently

    1. Oh, okay, you're not the first person to say that to me since this post. They are pretty popular in the UK but not yet here, it's a matter of time and good PR.
      Asin, the best kind of goodies, Tara Lippies for the win!

  3. Looks like a really classy affair. I wish I could have been there. Goody bag!!!

  4. It won't fade, that's why it's kinda costly, great quality!

  5. Just saw a post about Pandora on BN. Classy event! I love your hair.

  6. Tuke next time take me oh lol,i like things like this too na

    1. Lol, no wahala. I'll always host a giveaway if I can take a plus 1 along.