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Mac Goodies

Hello People!

Hope you had a good weekend. I spoke to one of my blog readers today and it was a really great conversation, Thanks for the call Hephzibah :) 

Nominations for the Nigerian Blog Awards have begun so please fill in the nomination form. It's one of the awards I was referring to in my 2014 goals list, I really want to win Best New Blog and I'll like to be nominated for Best Lifestyle Blog and any other one you deem fit ;) 

 So, I woke up today and saw an email from Dabs of Naija Hair Can Grow, she hosted the garden party sometime last year. I won N25,000 worth of MAC Makeup from the giveaway she hosted in the last issue of her magazine. She dropped it off today and you can see her posing with the latest issue of the Magazine. You should all get a copy, there's a giveaway in it too. Enter giveaways when you see them o, you never know.

I don't own a lot of MAC Makeup, I only have 2 of their lip pencils, Vino and Cork and a powder that I think is too dark for me, it's an NC55, my sister bought it accidentally. I have Fix Plus and their Brush Cleaner and I had their Brow Pencil in Spiked and Pro Long Wear Concealer too. The first time I bought a MAC product was in Spring 2011, I bought MAC Studio Fix Powder in my first year of Uni when I took part in a beauty paegant called Face of Africultural. I'll do a post about it soon because I love reminiscing. 

Mac is kinda pricy so I'm really glad I won these goodies as I ain't really got spare money to buy new makeup. All the products are in the new packaging too which I Love :) Thanks Dabs!

New Romance
Candy Yum Yum, Phenomenal and Gwi Yo Mi

The Eyeshadow Quad comes with 4 shades: Rev Filament, Rev Quarry, Whisper and Shadowy Lady
The Eyeshadow Duo comes with 2 shades and is Spiced Metal (Wrong  Box)
Lipglass Tint, I never even knew such a product existed
Phenomenal on the Left and Candy Yum Yum on the right (I've wanted this lipstick for a whiiile because of Bella)
Blush, Eyeshadow Duo and Eyeshadow Quad

Candy Yum Yum on the left and phenomenal on the right!
So the question was "Which article stood out the most to you and why?"

My Answer

I received my copy of the magazine yesterday and the article which stood out the most to me was the Main Feature "Chika Emmanuella is a girl on a mission". I totally agree with the Article title and will share a few things I learnt from the piece:

You're not too young to achieve your goals: She won a Nationwide competition at the age of 15, other girls her age were probably just focusing on academics and boys but she got started on her dreams at an early age.

Never underestimate the power of a strong support system: I was so shocked when I read that her dad was the one who bought the form for the Elite Model Look competition which shot her into the spotlight. Many fathers are super traditional and would not see modelling as a befitting profession yet her father saw the potential in her. This leads me on to my next point.

Parents need to study and understand their children: Everyone is born with a unique set of skills, strengths and talent. Her dad understood this and served as a stepping stone to her success. He guided her and bought the form which which shot her into the spotlight. He didn't force her to be a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer or Banker but is letting her succeed in her natural habitat

Make decisions with your end goal in sight: She's studying French because her goal is to be an International Model and she knows that being Multilingual is an added advantage. She's investing now and would reap the reward in the future.

Don't Doubt yourself, Just give it a shot: This is pretty self explanatory. Fear is one of the reasons why the grave is full of untapped potentials. It's better to try something out than to live a life of regret. 


  1. Aww. Detuke, you won a lot of things. I like MAC lipsticks. What you said about parents not forcing their children to be a lawyer or banker is true but parents might be concerned that their children earn a regular income from practising one of the main professions.

    You should have a post on Face of Africultural (FOA). I wonder what it was like when you did it in your first year at uni. I'm really glad I did FOA in first year as well even though I had to learn all the dances and had to sing as my talent.

    1. Yes o, really exciting :)
      Yeah, I know the income in many fields of the creative world can be inconsistent. I spoke about it in my first things first post sometime in December.
      Yeah, I'm really glad I did it too. It's good to step out of your box/comfort zone every once in a while.

  2. Aww I love MAC, congratulations hunnie! And you are welcome too! I always try giveaways o, just for the fun of it and hey, to win too. lol

    1. Thanks Hephzibah!
      That's the spirit Jo, there's no harm in trying :)

  3. Congrats on your Win Tuke!
    This has been on my mind for the past week and I even wrote an article on it. Parents should let the creative side of their children thrive and not just force them to do stuff.


    1. Thanks Kunmi :)
      You got that right, our talents, skills and strengths should be enhanced and used to the best of our ability and our parents should encourage us so we thrive in our natural habitat!

  4. Hehehe :)
    I've never actually bought a Mac lipstick, now I can experience and see if they are worth the hype :)

  5. Look at alll those goodies. Lucky you!! x