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Workflow: Textures

Hey Guys!

Hope you are having a restful weekend. Anyone else feel like the month of January has gone by too quickly. The month of February begins tomorrow and it's going to be interesting, my blog is going to be 1 on the 8th of February, I'm accepting presents o :) It's election season too, I pray everything goes smoothly and peacefully.
So, I wore this to work on Thursday as I was attending a Uni alumni shindig in the evening, I know it can be worn to church too. I have my moods in terms of office dressing, some days I'm all corporate like in this post, other days I wear a dress like this one. Friday is Smart Casual so my jeans come out. But, this past thursday, I launched my Twenty Six Skirt, this is my second one, the first one was polka, remember this post?

I've wanted a Black Midi Skater-ish skirt for a really long time, hence why I wore it the day after I got it. It's such a versatile and staple necessity in any wardrobe and it was really affordable too. All their skirts cost between 3,500 and 4,500 and they come in a really cute brown paper package.
 Simply send your waist measurement and your skirt will be ready in a matter of days. Desola, the owner is really sweet, excellent customer service, I know the business is going to go far.

So, I paired the skirt with my favourite cobalt jacket which I rocked in this post and this one too; a plain old white tee, like in this post. It was actually my favourite shirt during NYSC and my trusty Black Zara Heels from Kampke.

Please nominate me for the Nigerian Blog Awards, if you haven't already. The nomination period ends tomorrow.

Jacket: New Look (as seen here and here)
White Tee: Primark for NYSC (as seen here)
Heels: Zara from Kampke
Sax Brooch: N500 from some shopping event at Get Arena, Le Posh Lounge

My Nottingham Folk, they were all in my year, 3 engineers and 1 FAMzer. 
FAM stands for Finance, Accounts and Management by the way

Lars, Efun, Tobi, Tuke and Moyo
Oh, yeah. I met one of my blog readers at the hotel where the alumni shindig happened and she said I look prettier in person than I do on the blog :) :D Her name is Abiodun and she has got a blog too, check it out here.

Happy New Month in Advance folks!


  1. I love Skirts .. if I could wear them all year round I would .. I love the way you put the look together... :)

    1. Awww, Thanks Anne
      They always bring out the girlies side of me!

  2. Thank you Talikhi :)
    oh, nice, what design did you get? Get in touch with Desola, she will gladly sort it out for you.

  3. Oh, nice.
    Awww, Thank you, Have a great weekend too!

  4. Those shoes look so elegant.( I hope they are comfortable) Also, a nice little brooch completes the ensemble. Well done.

    1. Thanks Aloe Baby, they sure are.
      I've worn them in 7 different posts on the blog already and I only got them at the end of November, they are definitely worth the money.
      I know 2 blog readers who got them too as Kampke gave all my readers 25% off and they love them.

  5. You're so cute. I'm sure you're tired of hearing that. :p

    Love the way you styled your skirt. I really should get another twenty six skirt she and I totally agree with you desola is good!

    1. Lool, I'm not tired o, Thank you!
      Yeah, the skirts are so versatile and practical.
      Thanks for introducing us to her :)

  6. You look good Tuke. I love the pin on the jacket, lovely complement.

  7. I need to steal that blazer. SO CHIC!!

    1. LOL, Thanks Chifyy :)
      I'll definitely let you know if I see something similar on any online shopping platform.

  8. 'Twas nice meeting you in person, I meant what i said ooooo. Thank you for the references too.