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Protective Style: Bob Box Braids

Hey Guys,

So the last time I did Bob Box Braids, they were long braids (as seen here), that I cut after a period of time.

I wasn't a huuuuge fan of them as I would have liked them a bit shorter/longer but they turned out nicely as seen in the pictures here and here.

These pictures in the Blue Shirt were taken when I recorded the vlog in this post.
It's weird but I didn't like these pictures enough to put them up.
Now that I look back and compare them to the recent Bob Box Braids I did, I appreciate them better.
The recent one was made using the Darling Hair I received in this post.

As you can see the ends are really thin
It's also wayyy shorter than the first one I did.

I think the length is cute.
But I also think the length would suit me better if it was a weave.
My friend did something similar with a weave, check it out here.
So I took out these braids after 5 days.
I usually have my braids in for 3-6 weeks so that is really short.
The hair wasn't as neat as my braids usually are.
As you can see, there are loads of little hairs sticking out.
Tbh, it wasn't done by my regular braider whose hand is really neat.
I decided I wanted to get braids done one day at work so when I saw my mum's hairdresser leaving our house as I got home from work, I asked her to do it (Impromptu stuff)
I took loads of pictures to show you different ways the braids can be styled.
I put collages on Instagram ( I & II) and most people's favourite was the Bun.
Which one is your favourite?
Another reason I took them out is because I had upcoming shoots (like this one) and I wanted my Natural Hair to be on display :)
What's the shortest time you've carried braids for?
Social Media week is Next week and I'm looking forward to it.
Are any of you going to be there?
Which events do you plan to attend?
I just remembered that Oyime of Oyime's Musings has done box braids a couple of times, check out the posts here, here and here.
If you've done Box Braids before, tag me in a picture of it.

One think I've learnt is that if you want your braids to be thick all the way through, tell the hairstylist to not pull the extensions after cutting into 3, 4, 5 or 6.

Also, check out this post by The kink and I on how to get your Bob Box Braids right.


  1. Beautiful. My favourite is the pic before you asked the question 'which one is your favourite'. I'd love to make to try this style but i'm scared it won't fit my face.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth!
      Awww, I think your favourite picture makes my face look skinnier.
      Loool, try it jo, you wouldn't know if it will fit you unless you try it!

  2. I think this length in braids is cute and yes a weave with this length would suit you.I'm loving this whole Bob braud style but I'm not sure it would suit me, oh well. And wow five days is too short but I get what you mean.
    Princess Audu

    1. Thank you Sarah!
      I think you should give it a shot especially since you know how to braid your own hair!

  3. I like the short hair - it looks really chic, unlike all the long braids we see all the time. I braid my hair once a year, and I've never tried box braids. Just sitting there seems like such a long process.

    Anyways, you look good.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Thank you Berry :)
      I might just try it again but with thicker braids like the first picture!
      Oh wow, only once a year.
      Try it Try it Try it!
      I think Bob Box Braids when done right suits everybody!

  4. I love love the styles....i always make braids hoping to rock different styling methods and then I do braids and I'm just so lazy to try anyone out; just the conventional styling methods.
    But these styles I'd definitely wanna try them out when I'm on braids. Thanks for sharing, Tuke!


    1. Looool, it happens to everyone, even me ;)
      You're welcome!!!

  5. I love Bob braids!! Yours look great, even the longer one (maybe I'll try a longer one next time) I've done Bob braids a couple of times and they always end up looking great. The trick is to do big braids rather than thinner ones for that Pinkett type of look. Try doing faux locs Bob as well. They usually look very natural. Leaves even Nigerians wondering if it's your real hair after a couple of weeks if done right.

    1. Thank you Tobi!!
      Just checked out your blog but no pictures of you with Bob Box Braids on there, put some up!
      Who is pinkett o?
      Haven't tried faux locs yet as I'm not a huge dada fan, maybe one day.

  6. Your braids look good. To be fair, they look neat. Your usual braider must be out of this world perfect I so.

    Whenever you can, i'd love to have you check out my blog and share your thoughts with me. The url is

    1. Yeah, she is super super neat.
      Niice, will check it out and let you know what I think :)

  7. Nice length and frames your face well. Lol at now appreciating the other style later...that one was really nice sha o. I get what you mean abt it being rough, nothing a lil heat wouldn't have fixed tho.

    1. Thank you :)
      She burnt it on the day she did it and I got someone to trim it the next day but it didn't make much of a difference.

  8. I like both but I really like the long bob braids! They look really good on you. That was actually what I had in mind the 3 times I tried this style. Lovely pictures. Thanks for linking my posts :D
    Oyime's Musings

    1. Loool, Thank you Oyime.
      It's funny how things don't always come out as planned.
      You're welcome :)

  9. I love bob braids, I had my reservations but immediately I rocked I knew I loved it. I'm on it right now just installed it. My third time on it.
    Love the picture with the which one is your favourite.

    1. Niiice, you should put up a picture of the most recent one and tag me in it. The one I just saw is from 15 weeks ago.

  10. hey where can i get to braided such

    1. where are you based? Any good African/Caribbean hairstylist should be able to get this done!