Happy Valentine's Day! | Tuke's Quest

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey Guys!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm really looking forward to the food I'm going to have today and the bonding time too :)

If you still don't know where to go to eat, check out this post for some recommendations.
So last week Sunday I had a Shoot in Collaboration with 5 other Bloggers for Valentine's Day.
 I wore this beautiful ankara skirt, a black leotard and my favourite red beads from this post.
It was shot at Cafe Neo and I was paired with Ifeanyi Okafor Jr
He was featured in the 12 days of Christmas series which I mentioned in this post
I actually enjoyed pretending like he was my Boo because I've missed acting. The pictures make me look forward to my pre wedding shoot ;)
The shoot was organised by Uju of Ursula Sebastine, she's wearing a Red Jumpsuit
The tall lady in the glasses is Cassie Daves, you should remember her from TBC.
Ekpo is the guy in the Black Suit
Akin Faminu is rocking a red and white polka dot tie.
This last picture is my favourite as it sums up everyone's emotion's/moods perfectly :)
I Love this Picture with Akin and Cassie, Natural Light/Sunlight is Bae
The Amazing Pictures were shot by Amah @amanoshokonu on Instagram
To see the other pictures that were taken, click on each blogger's name and it will take you to their blog!
Have a Great Day Guys!
Make sure you show love to everyone you meet and don't get unnecessarily upset if things don't turn out the way you want.
Happy Valentine's Day!!!!


  1. LOVES IT LOVES IT!!! Ursula's jumpsuit is so pretty.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Happy val Tuke and keep smiling

  3. Awwww babe, you look stunning!

  4. Happy Vals day, love the skat��

  5. Your smile is so contagious!
    I love what youre wearing

  6. Loveeeeeee girl your smile is everything. You guys look so good together.

  7. Lovee these pictures! You look really pretty and that skirt is lovely :)
    Oyime's Musings

  8. Tuke too gbasky....this smile of urs is like cold water to a weary soul hahaha.Great shots.

    1. Loool, eyah, love the illustration.
      Thank you Temitope :)

  9. The pics are so lovely! And the colours of your skirt!!

  10. Your smile is as bright as the sun...lovely!!!

  11. This is beyond beautiful! The good vibes, so lovely. You guys totally nailed the boo 'acting'.

    Very lovely smile.

  12. My favorite pair!! You both look so pretty, I swear the pics make me look forward to my pre-wedding shoot as well!! lol. You looked lovely and was so easy and fun working with you..


    1. Hehehe, Chief Organiser!
      Thank youuuuu, it was great working with you too!

      Cheers to future collaborations :D

  13. Your skirt is really pretty. So is your laugh.