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Weekend Gist: TBC Connect

Hi Guys,

Hope your week is going well!!

As you all know, TBC Connect happened on Saturday, the 14th of November at the Ethnic Heritage Centre, check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

Our venue was PERFECT, the greenery there is beautiful, the Staff are polite, the Small Chops was delicious.

It's got an Afrocentric feel too.  It's actually a Language centre with a Restaurant, a Shop, beautiful gardens and a Multi-purpose hall. Check it out on 35 Raymond Njoku Way, same street as Whitespace.
Refreshments were provided by Cakesiana & Wilson's Lemonade.

The Cupcakes were yummy
The Lemonade was Super Refreshing!
We got complimentary zobo fromo EHC and it was put in the Canisters as the day progressed.
That bowl of sweets didn't finish o, I still have some left in my house :)
This is Precious, a Super talented Illustrator, @stylish_artist on Instagram
She came all the way from Ife for our Event :D

Check out some of the work she did that day
She's a Talented girl, isn't she?
Before the event proper started I took pictures of our guests with the IG Board. Nedoux was the first to walk through the doors, she is a blogger too.
This is Joan, her sister's name is Belinda and she blogs at Diary of a Fashion Enthusiast 
I got some Nice pictures of Cassie and Berry.
The garden is soooo pretty, some people have their Wedding Reception's there.
Berry wore heels but Cassie and I didn't.
Guests registered and paid outside.
Then grabbed a seat inside.
Got some chow
Then started talking.
Everyone introduced themselves, said what they do, whose blog they read, why they came and what they hope to gain.

Then Cassie, Berry and I spoke about why we started blogging, how the journey has been, etc before the floor became open to questions.
We spoke about a wide variety of topics and it was super interactive then we came outside to take a group picture as some people had to go.
An EHC staff spoke to us about the centre and it's facilities.
Then the giveaways began :) Giveaways were sponsored by Shay's Treats, who make deliciously smelling whipped shea Butter, Vane Polish, an Indigenous Nail Polish Brand, Ajali, Nuella Michaels, Luxe Beauty Lounge, African Naturalistas and The Kink & I. Cassie's sister won Gbemisoke Heels from Kaymu.
 Belinda's Sister & Uche got a bottle of Vane Polish each
 Tonye actually won 4 different things o, Imagine
 Lip scrub & Lip Balm courtesy of Ajali, Earrings from Nuella Micheals and A Deep Conditioning Treatment from The Kink and I
 She won Pecan flavoured Whipped shea butter from Shay's treats, her products smell so delicious
 Belinda of Diary of a Fashion Enthusiast won a pair of Cupcakes from Cakesiana for her sister. Cakes is Berry's husband btw
 Kene drinking Wilson's Lemonade
 Ify who blogs here has got the Pink Lemonade in her hands
 Ebony Duchess, holding the board below is a Fashion Designer.
She Blogs here, check it out!
The people below are My NYSC Buddies, Kene is a Low Key Fashionista and Ify is a Bad Ass Writer.
We attended a Writer's Conference early last year and it was an event that gingered me to keep creating good content on my blog.
Daks of Third Word Profashional and Ofilispeaks spoke that day. Their words of advice still encourage me today. 
That is why it is good to attend events for people in your niche/industry. I spoke about this in one of my vlogs, if you've never watched one of them, check out my playlist here.
 We tried to form the letters T, B and C with our hands.
 Did we try or not?
 Funny how we are all wearing Prints even though it wasn't planned
During the event someone from Eve and Tribe came with goody bags for Berry, Cassie and I.
 I now have Massive Love for Eve and Tribe.
Check out their website for awesome affordable clothing.

For people in Europe or America, you can order their pieces from Zere Fashion House. It is owned by my Friend and they stock many Nigerian Brands.
 How cute are our illustrations
 The Last Picture I took before my Battery died and I Love it
Hope you enjoyed my recap of TBC Connect. Check out Berry's recap here and the list of bloggers who came too!

I will be putting up blogposts everyday this week, Apologies for the break in transmission. The adjustment to a 9-5 schedule hasn't been easy.


  1. You guys look like you had so much fun!!! And those small chops look delishh

    1. Lool, that's because we did and they were soooo delish!!!

  2. Lovely pictures - looks like you all had a great deal of fun....

  3. Flawless.....the event was flawless. Well done you girls.Abeg when is the next one happening? The illustrations are very pretty

    1. Awww, Thank you :) Precious is very Talented! Not sure when the next one is but once the date is decided, you will know!

  4. lovely pictures, but Cassie is tall ohh


  5. This looks so good, I wish I loved in lagos and I like how you told the story with pictures and words.


  6. Looks like it was so much fun,i envy lagosians mehn,i wish events like dis wud come up in ph

    1. Yeah, I'm sure there are things in PH that we don't have in Lagos. Can't wait to visit!

  7. this is soo cool. when is the next one?? i would love to be there

    1. Not sure yet but the word will be out on social media when it's about to happen!

  8. Wow the instagram artist did such a great job.
    It looks so lovely! The event looks awesome. I loved the giveaways!


  9. Yaaay to events like these. You all look awesome.

    When Will You Marry

  10. Hello Tuke,

    The photographs are great! You told the story of the day's events really well, it was such a fun day.

    Thank you so much for sharing. :-)

    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Hi Nedoux :)
      Thank youuuu :D
      I'm glad you had a Fun Day!!
      Thanks for coming and sharing your experiences :)