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Weekend Gist: Clan Fashion Day Out, La Brioche & Laif Awards

Hi Guys,

I'm just going to be honest and say that this transition back to the 9 to 5 life hasn't been easy. It happened very fast and many aspects of my life are trying to adjust to this new schedule. I used to make my weekends free so I could spend time with those I love. Meetings were held during the week and I attended certain events for learning and networking purposes too. But now my weekends are packed.

Take last weekend as an example. On Friday I went to Domino's after work because I was Craving their Cheesy Pepperoni garlic bread.

 It is soooo delicious and it costs N1,000.
 Garlic, Parsley, Cheese and Tomato Sauce never tasted so good.
 From Domino's I stopped by at the Clan Fashion Day Out.
 My Friend, Obinna from NYSC Band was DJing.

It was Great seeing him do what he loves.

His equipment looks sooo cool and colourful.
There were loads of vendors there.
There was complimentary Fro Yo and Yummy Donuts too.
There was Bubble Tea but I went outside to get my flash and by the time I came back the bubble tea was gone.
I really like seeing Chalkboards, remember the one from Smokey Bones.
 There were Lashes on Sale
 A cute Hair Studio in the corner
 A lady was burning incense and selling them too.
 There were fancy earrings
 Cool Rings too
 R and R luxury had a stand. I haven't tried their stuff before but I know some people swear by their shea oil.
I met some cool people at the registration table, one of them went to my primary school and the other is a designer.
 There was complimentary Candy Floss which tasted soo good.
 From the Fashion Day Out, I stopped by at #AnIntimateNightWithFemiLeye at Cafe Neo Co Cr8. The same venue as the She Leads Africa She-Hive.
 I've written about Femi Leye here before and I put a nice little clip of him playing on Instagram.
 On Saturday, my first stop was the La Brioche Press Opening.
 I put a picture of the IV on Instagram sometime last week.
 The IVs came with a box of 4 Breton Cakes, those cute little pastries at the top of the tower.
 It is sooo cutely decorated.
 You won't feel like you're in Lagos.
 The Meat pie was my favourite pastry, it was delicious, flaky, melt in your mouth goodness.
 I don't drink tea but people said it was Delish!
From La Brioche, I went to Eve and Tribe to change the size of what I got at TBC Connect. Then from there I went home to change my outfit as someone's foundation stained my dress when they hugged me. My Next stop was a Studio in Anthony for a TV Shoot with Cocophemie. Then I went to my friend's house in Ajao Estate to pick up an outfit my tailor dropped for me before going to a friend's 25th Birthday in Maryland.
 My Final stop for the night was the LAIF Awards at Civic Centre.
My Agency won 24 Awards, Yayyyy us. I dropped the awards at the office with a Colleague before heading home.
On Sunday, I went to find fuel before going to church. After all my waka the day before, of course it had finished. Plus I knew my day was going to be busy so the earlier I got fuel the better for my life.
I had a shoot with the Amazing Niyi Okeowo after church. I'm sure you've been seeing pictures on my Instagram with the Hashtag #MySaxStory. Anticipate, Something Big is Coming :D
If you don't know him he took the pictures in this post. Check out his WebsiteTumblrBehance and follow him on Instagram &Twitter too.
From the shoot I went to Lekki for my friend, Tosin's Introduction. How Pretty does she look!! She co-owns a company with her fiance. It's called Zere Fashion House and they stock Nigerian Fashion Brands. They deliver to Europe, the US and Nigeria too so check them out :)

How was your weekend?


  1. Wow, what a long weekend. I'm sure you crashed into bed when you got back on sunday. Mine was fine, not too stressful. Details on my blog. Have a great week ahead dear.

    1. Yes o, I didn't get home till about 10pm so I was super tired on Monday. Thank you :)

  2. Hi! I saw you at Taruwa; we were both staring at Busola Dakolo probably thinking that she's a really lucky lady. But you left early and I didn't get the chance to say hi :(

    1. Awww, I didn't leave early o, I walked across to the toilet and then walked back to my seat. I chilled amd gisted for about 30 minutes after the music ended sef.
      I didn't expect to see her there because she didn't come for Tedx Gbagada. It was lovely seeing how true their love is and it was nice to see her sing along too.

  3. Girl. I want to have have weekend like this. My weekend most of the time is filled with so much but nothing like networking or events more like more work. Do make sure you take some time to rest tho. Happy weekends.


    1. Awww, what kind of work do you do? This coming weekend isn't as packed so I will definitely rest on Saturday morning. Thank you :)

  4. my weekend was lovely though with much stress too

  5. OMG!!!! I love the accessories... Now that picture of the doughnut is making me hungry. Fun weekend for you it was.

    When Will You Marry

    1. They are really beautiful!! Lool, yes it was a Very Fun one!!

  6. I usually get the cheesy bread and it's so yum...it's my fave thing there. I'm definitely trying out the garlic one next time I'm there.

    You definitely had a busy but fun weekend.

    1. Oh Nice, I don't like cheese on it's own but this Pepperoni Garlic Cheesy Bread is Wow!
      Loool, Yes I did!

  7. Congrats on the new job cuz! Looking forward to seeing your sax story! x

  8. I was dizzy reading about the number of places you went to in one day. Wow.and driving too. Nah G, unless someone is driving me I give up after the third place. You're the real MVP

    1. Loool, Thanks Mehn, It wasn't easy o!! A driver might be necessary for my life very soon!

  9. I saw you at Taruwa, but you left early so I couldn't come to famz.

    1. Awww, I'm sure you'll see me again sometime soon :)

  10. Oh wow
    This cupcakes genuinely made my belly rumble
    Yum! Wish I was there. I love CLAN

    BLEURGH - www.bleurghnow.com

  11. Wooow with lagos traffic?! That's y I don't go out most times, too afraid of the traffic plus I'm busy with a 6 year old, can't drag him everywhere. Your weekend sounds very interesting

    1. Loool, there wasn't that much traffic on Saturday. It was Friday that was a Nightmare. Awww, I have a 7 year old brother so I understand. There are a couple of places that have recreational facilities for children, not enough sha.