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Restaurant Review: Smokey Bones Lagos

Hey Guys,

Like I mentioned in this post I went to Smokey Bones restaurant with Tosin Alabi, who blogs here, Inikpi who took the pictures in this post and Tomi who blogs here, remember her from this post?

 Smokey Bones is pretty close to Mobil in VI, (8B Fabac Close). It's at the back of a compound which has a dentist and some other organisations in it. 
So the first impression from outside is Hmm, which kind place be this, maybe it looks better during the day. It's a soul food restaurant so the lighting inside is pretty dim, that's the ambience they were going for apparently.
There are canvases of football teams on the walls leading to the restaurant.

There are about 7 tables which can sit 3 people comfortably. There's a mini lounge area with couches too.

This chalk board was on the floor, I think it could have been placed in a better location.
Tosin got the Pina Colada which looked good but something about it irritated her throat so she didn't drink it all.
I got a pack of Frutta Juice which cost N500. You can peek the pack at the back of this picture. On the menu it says Funman juice so bear this in mind if you do go there.
Tosin and Inikpi got a plate of 6 wings which cost N1,500. They enjoyed it but wished the wings were slightly larger.
Tomi got the Wings & Prawns combo which came with 2 sides. She chose Fried rice and Mac n Cheese. This dish cost N4,500.
The prawns looked nice but she wished it was bigger.
The largest Jumbo Prawn I've ever had in Lagos was at Boat Club on Awolowo road, I need to go there again but sadly none of my friends are members. Carlitos Grill in VI has a pretty decently sized Jumbo Prawn.
Where do you go when you want to have a tasty Jumbo Prawn?
I wanted the same dish as Tomi but the waiter kinda messed up my order and brought it without the prawns. I chose Fried Rice and Garlic Bread as my Side.
The meals come with Corn Bread which was pretty yum. My younger brother saw the picture and thought it was a cupcake, hehe :)

The fried Rice was the highlight of my meal. It was sooo delicious, I'll give it a 10/10. I don't like going to restaurants twice but I could go back there for their Fried Rice.

I was pretty surprised that the Garlic bread was made with everyday sliced bread. I've never seen Garlic bread like this but it tasted good.
I wanted to eat my cake and have it so I told them I wanted each wing to be a different flavour. The honey mustard one was my least favourite. The mustard in the sauce they used greatly overpowered the honey so it was a bit too mustardy for me, it was kinda bitter too.The Buffalo flavoured one wasn't bad. I got some wings with the same flavour sha. The wings didn't wow me though, they were just ok.
 I really want to go back to BBQ and Cravings to try their wings. The ones at posh cafe are really nice and spicy.
This is Tomi.
This is Inikpi, she is rocking a really nice Burgundy/Vampy Liquid Lipstick that Tosin of Africanism Cosmopolitan sells for N1,500.
Have you been to smokey bones before? What did you think of it?


  1. Lovely review Tukes. Thanks for sharing. Maybe when I visit lagos...

  2. Inikpi is prettayy!!
    Nice pictures.

    1. Thanks Cassie :)
      I'll pass on the message :D

  3. The food looks yum would try it out whenever I am back in Lagos.

    1. Let me know what you think of it when you try it out :)

  4. Looks good...Never had fried rice in Lagos that wowed me so I'm definitely visiting soon.

    1. Oh nice, let me know what you think of it when you try it out!!

  5. I have already said, the day I have free time and loose cash and i am with friends and we are in the mood to eat out, your site will be my first stop. Thank you darling. Keep at it.

    You should think of a hangout, maybe face to face or on Google with us your 'fans' o. Just a thought. LOL.

    1. Awwww, Thank you Chioma :) Loool, the hangout is in the works, it might even be happening next month ;)

  6. I was there recently... Their fried rice was heavenly! The corn bread was nice too.. Nice review!👍🏾