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Weekend Gist (2 in 1): Collaborations, Confidence and Celebrating Life

Hey Guys,

Hope you had a Great weekend.

I've been away from the blog for 12 days and only a few people inquired to find out. Shout out to those of you who did and for those that didn't, Diarris God!

I've been up to some pretty exciting collaborations. You will find out about them in due time, I'm grateful to God because last week was productive and it can only get better. My favourite photographer Linguini was around for a couple of days, we had a great time catching up and he took some lovely pictures of me too. If you don't know who he is, then check out this Ankara Inspired Post, the Flower Princess post and my 22nd Birthday post :)
I have so many posts scheduled for this week but I'll start with this 2 in 1 weekend gist post.

I went for an event 2 Fridays ago and I was shy. Now, I tried hard to understand why I was shy. I was dressed very casually and was very overwhelmed when I arrived at the venue. There were many camera crews, press people and just so many people milling up and down. I love Small Chops, remember it made my favourite snacks post. There was fresh, hot, free small chops but I didn't taste nada because I wasn't feeling comfortable or confident.

I talk a bit more about this shyness and what lesson it is that I've learnt in the vlog that should have gone up last week. Check it out here.

On Saturday I hung out with Tosin Alabi, who blogs at Africanism Cosmopolitan. We recorded some vlogs and went for dinner at Smokey Bones, a soul food restaurant in VI, expect the Restaurant Review this week.

We went with my friend Tomi, who blogs here and Inikpi, who took the beautiful pictures in this post. Check out the Accent Tag we did here and let me know what you think of our accents. If you think you can do a better accent put up a clip of your accent on Instagram and tag us in it :) We also did the First Time tag.

I went to Bogobiri after for something called Don't drop the mic. It was like a Rap Battle event and they played games too. A girl called wede won the battle and she was very very good, she came up with sensible lyrics with a nice rhythm on the spot and that was impressive.

I went to The Waterbrook Church on Sunday and it was interesting. I played at Bogobiri on Sunday. There is an event called Soak. It will happen every first Sunday of the month from 5-7 and it's pure undiluted worship which I love.

I went for 2 services of songs last week. Peter Bello, who was the young first officer on the Helicopter crash & my Uncle's own. Even though I don't know Peter Bello, I went because I love the fact that he lived a very full life and it's amazing how many lives he touched/impacted.

I talk about the importance of maintaining relationships in this week's vlog. Mai Atafo said something at the service of songs that I would forever remember. He said we should appreciate our friends and people around us now that they are alive. Let their name's trend on their birthday's now that they can see it not when they die.

I went to Ilesa on Friday for my Uncle's Wake Keeping and Funeral. Expect a Tuke's Trips post this week. The hotel we stayed at was wayyy better than I expected and the trip just re-emphasised how travelling is so enlightening. Remember, one of my goals for the year was to travel more. Hope you're working hard to achieve your goals for the year, 4 months to go!

I finished 2 books last week and 1 book yesterday. Lanre Olusola's The Money Book & Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers, which I mentioned in this vlog and Osisiye Tafa's book "60% of a True story". He's got a pretty interesting blog, check it out here and catch up on Temiville's blog too. Remember this post, she's one blogger who inspired me to start blogging, she took a bit of a break but she's back to blogging now at Musings of a Caramel Latte Addict.

The winner of the giveaway I mentioned in this vlog is Tiwa Faithful, kindly send an email to tuke_morgan@hotmail.com with your contact details. The author I mentioned in this post is having her book signing this weekend so if you're interested in attending it and meeting her, Save the date.

This past weekend was pretty quiet and relaxing, spent time bonding with Family in Lagos and Ilesa. How was your weekend?

Oh Yeah, Remember Grey Stores? I rocked a 2 piece from them in this post and you guy's seemed to love it as that post got the most comments I've ever gotten on the blog :)

 Well, I've got some good News for you, their annual "EVERYTHING MUST GO" sale is happening this weekend and I've got a N10,000 voucher to giveaway :)

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Good Luck Folks!


  1. Welcome back,kept refreshing your site,last week glad to have you back. So sorry aout your loss. Peter Bellos demise reminds one to live an impactful life on earth. Lanre Olusola is one man I admire sooo much,I haven't gotten his book yet but its definitely on my to do list.
    Your collaboration with Tosin was so funny,the scotish accent thingy was hillarious. Well done

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    1. Thank you Temitope :)
      It really does o and it makes one remember that life is short so we have to live intentionally and purposefully.
      You should get it, it's packed with powerful quotes and you can go through the whole book in an hour or two. Hehehe, Thank you :)

  2. I'm so glad you are back. I can't count the number of times I checked for a new post. So sorry about your losses. Can't wait for more posts this week.

    1. Thank you Chinomso :) and thanks for checking up on me offline as well.

  3. glad u re back, missed ur pretty write ups, lost ur contact though.hope u re good?

    1. Thanks Raye :) Yeah, I'm good! You can get it in church on Sunday

  4. I was also wondering why you went MIA. Sorry about the loos of your uncle. I absolutely loved the accent tag with Tosin Alabi. pelumi95@yahoo.com @ajixx_

    1. Thank you Pelumi.
      Your giveaway entry has been noted!

  5. Sad news about the loss of a life, especially one with so much potential. I did not know him, but read lots of tributes about his life while on earth. He clearly must have been a remarkable soul. May their souls rest in peace. Amen.

    Interesting post! I am excited about the #Giveaway lol. That should not surprise you. LOL.
    chiomaenwereji@gmail.com Instagram is @hephzibah287

    1. Very sad news but God knows best! Amen o!
      Loool, Trust you, your giveaway entry has been noted!

  6. Sorry for your loss Tuks. Yes Peter's tributes were very moving. May their souls rest in peace

    Giveaway :D bunmi_a@hotmail.com. Mint_frost_

    1. Thank you Bunmi, Amen!
      Your giveaway entry has been noted!