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Restaurant Review: Bottles

So like I mentioned in this post, I went out for lunch with my cousins on Saturday. We went to Bottles in VI, you know the spot that people go to on Wednesday Night, for drinks after work.

There were 6 of us in total, I got there first with Oyinade and her sister then my sister and 2 other cousins came after about 30 minutes. They weren't very impressed with the decor and ambiance and they wanted us to move to another restaurant.

 I sorta talked them into staying since we had already started eating their complimentary Nachos and I just thought it would have been long to move to another restaurant plus Oyinade had a flight to catch.

Now, I had been to Bottles twice before. One time on a Monday in 2013 when I was venue hunting with a friend for her Birthday. We found out the Hard way that they don't open on Mondays.

The second time I went there was on a Wednesday Night some time in June. It is very packed on Wednesday Evenings, people are there drowning down jugs of frozen Strawberry Margaritas. There is a live band and an interesting mix of people, expats, "I just got backs", people from work who just want to let lose and have a good time.

On that Wednesday, I had something called Garlic Prawns. It is described as a Grilled skewer of prawns with rice served with Garlic Butter. It wasn't great, the prawns were alright. They were small sized prawns, the Garlic Butter didn't go well with the rice. It costs N2,500, I wouldn't advise you to order it.

Anyways, back to Saturday. For drinks, most of my cousins got the virgin Strawberry Margarita but I got the Lemon one. It wasn't too pricy, N750, but the glass was pretty small. You have to specify if you want it frozen. The Strawberry Margarita was delicious and refreshing, the lemon one had a nice tang to it, don't order it if you aren't a fan of sour stuff.

One of my cousins got the Virgin mojito. It came in a bigger glass but it wasn't as sweet as I like it. The one I had at the wedding I went for in this post was better.

My cousin ordered the prawn and bacon wrap as her starter. When she ordered it, I expected it to come in bread but the menu described it as Deep Fried, Marinated Prawns wrapped in Bacon and served with a Horse radish sauce. It wasn't wrapped in Bacon like Angels on Horseback. We can say there was a strip of bacon on it. I found it quite delicious because I LOVE prawns and the marinade wasn't bad. However, my cousin wasn't a fan, she was very underwhelmed.
My cousin ordered the Honey BBQ wings which cost N2,300. The Chicken wings weren't bad, it's pretty hard to screw up wings to be honest. I think it was a good portion of wings. I know they have an unlimited wings and beer special on one day of the week so if that's your thing you should try it out.

My sister ordered the Chicken Fajita and it came sizzling on a hot plate. I think the beef might be better or maybe the prawns one but the presentation was nice and she enjoyed it. It cost N4,000.

My cousin, Ife, had the Muchos Grandes Burger and she enjoyed it. It wasn't that big though, I expected a really Large Burger like the Heavy weight one from Crust and Cream, check out my review of it here. I feel like the name is slightly deceptive because Muchos Grandes means Very Large, anyways unto the next dish.

My cousin, Tara, got the Stuffed Chicken Breast which is described as Marinated chicken breast stuffed with Spinach and Artichoke dip, topped with a garlic cream sauce and mozzarella cheese. I didn't taste it but she cleared her plate.

I ordered the bottles combo and that was the cause of the wahala.  There were many Mexican items on the menu that I hadn't tried before and the combo allowed me try 2 or 3 options at a good price. It cost N3,200 for the Bottles combo and an additional N750 for a third choice. I chose the Flautas and Tacos and got the enchilada as my third choice. She brought the enchilada as a meal on it's own and started shouting when I told her she got the order wrong.

I got the Flauta with chicken and the Taco with beef. The flauta is on the left in the picture above and the taco is on the right. The beef was delicious but the chicken didn't have much seasoning. Neither did the rice, it looks like jollof rice but it's Mexican rice and I didn't even eat up to 3 spoons of it.

The Beans didn't look appealing and I didn't taste the enchilada because I was waiting for the manager to come and resolve the situation. Plus, I was too upset to eat, we just wanted to pay and get out of there.

They added service charge, VAT and consumptiom tax which was over 4k.

The waitress had attitude, was smart mouthed, her faced showed expressions of irritation, she probably didn't want to be at work that day. I mean, why would a waitress shout on paying clients? She might have been stressed or on her period but there was only one other table occupied so it wasn't like she was dealing with so many orders.

There was an elderly waiter who came as we had finished eating to apologise to us and the manager apologised too. He made the waitress, Abigail, apologise because we insisted and they took the Bottles combo off the receipt.

Would I go back there again? NEVER.

There are way too many restaurants in Lagos with better service, better ambiance and more delicious food.

Have you been to Bottles before? What did you think of it?

If any of you would like to go there, it is located at 8 Imam Augusta Close (off Olosa street near Eko Hotel). There is no sign board but it is on the left hand side of the close.


  1. No thanks I don't think I will like to go to this place there is nothing worse than bad customer service.

    1. You got that right, they have no idea how damaging bad service can be to their reputation.

  2. There is nothing more frustrating than bad customer service. I probably wouldn't go there simply because I'm not crazy about Mexican food, to me its okay so I wouldn't pay that much to eat out well unless it was Thai food lol. All the food looks great with the exception of the bean though.

    Princess Audu

    1. Very true, lool, Thai food lover, there a couple of Thai restaurants in Lagos but I haven't eaten at any of them yet. Looks can be deceiving!

  3. The only thing worse than horrible food at a restaurant is bad customer service. So sorry you had to go through that.

  4. SMH, seriously? That's not good enough at all!!!!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  5. Smh that's so bad!

  6. Mexican food for me is just a no. Shame on the service :(

  7. Wow!
    Pretty sad. Just think, they've lost so many customers on this one account.
    Pray tell, where are these Thai restaurants in Lagos you speak of? Lord knows I was really on the lookout for at least one on my birthday last month.

    1. They've definitely lost many potential customers and lord knows what will happen if that waitress behaves the same way for a customer who isn't understanding in any way.
      There's Pattaya on Adeola hopewell and Bangkok on Muri Okunola. Blowfish hotel at the end of idejo road has a Thai section on their menu. All 3 are in vi.

  8. Loool, Thanks Tola. You're definitely right about that.
    Oshey, Camera of Life!

  9. Ah ah for you to complain with an absolute NEVER, it must have been terrible. I am a sucker for good customer service. Not sure i'll give it a try, last time i tried Mexican, err let's just leave it at that. LOL. Pele hun.

    Lovely shots you took sha.

    1. It was very terrible o! Lool, Thank you Jare.

  10. As great as the pictures look, i have heard bad things about Bottles. Even though its quite popular I imagine. Good detailed review though..we would love to have you collab with us at :)

    1. It is pretty popular, it's always packed on Wednesdays.
      Thank you, I would love to collaborate with you too, I'm actually in Abuja next week :)