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Tuke's Trips: Ilesa, Erin-Oke & Zenababs Resort

Hey Guys,

It's been a while since my last Travel post, hasn't it. I still owe you posts on China, Uganda and Disney Land too. Soon come, they will be up before the year ends.

The only other places I've been to this year are Ijebu-Oru and Ibadan. Isn't it funny how all three places start with the same sound. Maybe my next trip will be to Egypt or India or Indonesia or Illinois.

Random info, Literature in English was one of my favourite subjects in Secondary School. I loved Geography, Mathematics and Biology too. Wonder why I studied Economics sha. I mentioned this because I really like playing The Rhyme Game, "Name Animal Place Thing" and Concentration.

I come from Ilesa but I had never been there until this past weekend, like I mentioned in this post. Even though I went for my Uncle's Wake-keeping and Funeral I had some great moments there. Watch this video if you are interested in knowing a little more about Uncle Jimi Falase.

So I'm literally going to talk you through the trip as Tuke the Storyteller :) My first stop was Mobil at Magado, we got Mr Biggs, Pizza and yoghurt.
 Any Mr Bigg's fans? What is your favourite thing to get from there?
 The pizza was interesting. We got the Mixed Grill and the toppings were ground beef, chicken, green pepper, onions and pepperoni. The chunks of beef were huge and they tasted a bit off but the crust was nice.
This yoghurt is the truth. Soooo delicious, anyone know where it is sold in Lagos? It was quite expensive sha, N490 for the small 350ml bottle and N950 for the larger 1 litre bottle.
We stayed at Zenababs and it was an Amazing experience. I've never stayed at a Hotel in Nigeria, only Akodo resort for one night and that was a while ago, in 2012. Check out this video of Zenababs that I found on Youtube.
I was impressed at the size of the resort, there was so much land and everything is super organised.
 It's well maintained and the Staff go about their work cheerfully.
 This roundabout is one of the first things you see when you drive into the resort
 Anyone know what instrument this Baba is playing?
 I like this picture because the guy is raising his sword in the air.
 This tractor looked like something out of a movie.
This is what I wore for the 4 hour drive from Lagos to Ilesa. I absolutely love Maxi Dresses especially ones with sleeves like this Black one from Mint Frost and this Blue one from Ayaba. I'm rocking my Birthday Sandals too :)
 I Love how security conscious they are.
 I had waffles for breakfast and they were yummy. My meal cost N1,000
 My dad got the Full English Breakfast which was N1,500. He got a Spanish Omelette.
 I think the grounds are beautiful, have any of you been to Zenababs before?
The resort is owned by Dr. Adebayo Fajemisin and his Jamaican wife.


 I love going to the zoo. I haven't been there enough times which is probably why I was sooo excited to see the birds at the resort.

Peacock with a broken tail :(
 My favourites, the Ostriches :)

 This is the road that takes you into Ilesa and the road that takes you out of Ilesa.

 Many of the drinks that are popular there aren't very popular in Lagos.

 We bought Akara Osu on our way back to Laagos.
 There were many people selling different food items on the road. There was Bush Meat too.
What do you love most about travelling by road? Have you been on road trips in Nigeria? Did you encounter anything interesting?

P.S. The winner of the TukeMorganxGreyGiveaway as mentioned in this post is Bunmi Akinwonmi, Kindly check your email. 


  1. Aww looks fun we are literally neighbours! Sort of I'm from Iwoye-ijesa the next town haven't been there since my grandad died though many years ago

    1. It was Fun! Awww, nice, you should visit there sometime soon!

  2. I love this post. You already know I enjoy travel and seeing new places. I think my favorite photo is of your breakfast because I love the heart-shaped waffles.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Thanks Berry, yeah I know, Inagbe is on my list of places to go because of your blogpost :) Hehe, the waffles were yummy. I was super shocked that the menu had such a wide variety of dishes available, underestimation of the highest order.

  3. looks like you had much fun up there, beautiful post


  4. There's so much to do within Nigeria. I will definitely explore regions other than Lagos when next I visit home.

    1. There really is o and I haven't even explored up to 10% of what Nigeria has to offer. I would love to visit and experience the life and culture of all 36 states tbh!
      I will love to hear about your adventures while exploring btw!

  5. Lovely pictures
    You can get the yoghurt from most of the supermarkets. Saw it in grand square VI yesterday.

    1. Oh nice, Thank you :) I shall be paying grand square a visit very very soon.

  6. Farmfresh yoghurt is the truth. Its my favourite yoghurt. I love this post Tuke. Zenabas is beautiful.

    1. It really is o, I don't want to compare it to Hollanda strawberry but it's delicious :) Thank you Temitope!

  7. I think a Weekend Trip will be better so you can enjoy all the facilities the resort has to offer. I was there for less than 24 hours and I wished I was there for longer. Soo many things I wanted to try off the menu.
    Eyah, Did you notice the Olashore picture in the Iloko-Ijesa billboard?
    You're right about that one, Go on a Road Trip today!

  8. Almost all supermarkets sell Farm Fresh...ebeano, Grandsquare, spar...they're amazing. I'm not a fan of road trips because of the bad roads, but I went on a road trip in June and it was so much fun :) May your uncle's soul rest in peace and his loved ones be comforted by God's peace.

    1. Wow, I need to pay one of these supermarkets a visit. Awwww, okay, na to pray and cover the car in the blood of Jesus. Amen o, Thank you :)

  9. Look at all that greenery! LOL @broken tailed fine peacock.

    So, how much did it cost to stay at the resort a night? What other services do they offer? Any sports centre? Like tennis or a pool and stuff. I really would love to travel at least twice a year, explore my Nigeria.

    Congratulations to the giveaway winner.

    1. https://zenababs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Zenababs-New-Tarrif-Jan2013.pdf

      That's a link to their rates, I don't know if it has changed.

      We drove by the pool but I couldn't see it well because of the trees. I didn't explore the whole grounds but they have a gym, squash courts, table tennis table and more. Click on the link below for more details.


  10. that's a beautiful resort...
    we have hidden jewels in Nigeria and need more people to speak about them.
    I planned a trip to Erin Ijesha some months ago (didn't end up going) and I would have stayed in 1 crappy hotel..

    1. Very Beautiful resort. So many hidden jewels, the tourism sector of the economy could be bubbling if certain things are done. Awwww, okay, next time you plan to go there, stay at Zenabas, you will enjoy your time there and it's pretty affordable too.

  11. Wow looks super gorgeous...the ground look so good and waffles outside Lagos I'm surprised tbh, I am.not one for road trips they make me sick (motion sickness) but I would love to check out this resort.

    1. They grass and trees are sooo well maintained. I was shocked to see the waffles as well and they tasted really good. Let me know if you check it out!

  12. The resort is beautiful... saw the sign board of Olumirin waterfalls... i've visited before, and its awesome!

    1. It truly is, I can't wait to visit the waterfalls and climb it too.