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Weekend Recap: Ijebu

Hey Guys, Happy Monday!

Trust you had a restful weekend. Did you vote? How was the situation in your area? It was very calm at most polling units in my estate. I wasn't able to register in December but I went to see and observe the situation with my parents. May the best man win!

I didn't get up to much this weekend but I'll gist you about the weekend before. I went to Ijebu Oru for the first time. It was a Family friend's Grandpa's funeral so we went for a couple of hours. It was a short day trip, I really want to explore the different parts of Nigeria.

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The Band for the day was King Sunny Ade, I wonder how many states in Nigeria he has been to
This man was blind yet he sat outside the party venue making mats. This taught me that excuses get you nowhere, conditions might not be perfect, but just do it.
Slyly took a picture of a woman selling palm wine in a Calabash, I don't like the taste or smell of it but I know quite a number of people that love it. What's your Verdict: Palm Wine, Yayy or Nayyy?
My aunty got to Ijebu the night before so she stayed at a hotel, apparently rooms there cost N10k per night, not bad ay?
We drove through Ijebu Ode on our way to Ijebu Oru and the Cathedral church and mosque weren't far from each other
Are any of you readers from Ijebu?
I took most of these pictures from a moving car and I don't think I did too badly, what do you think?
Animated Yam Seller, Oshey. Who likes Pounded Yam?
We passed by one area where there was a lot of wood on sale.
There was an accident too, I hope no lives were lost.
Have any of you been to Ijebu? How did you find it? What did you get up to?
What's your favourite state in Nigeria and why? 


  1. I have been to Ijebu before and it was also for a burial. It was in 2014 and it was Ijebu Igbo to be precise. I spent two nights in the hotel and trust me, I couldn't wait to leave. Most of their facilities were bad and their customer service was a no for me. The high point for me was when I ate Eran Igbe (bush meat) for the first time, the taste was superb.

    1. Oh, wow, that sounds like a terrible experience Deep!
      I haven't tried Eran Igbe before, the only animals I've eaten are cow (regular beef), chicken, fish, snail and goat meat. I was having a conversation with a group of people one time and they were talking about the taste of Rabbit, Rat, Crocodile and some other interesting animals, to each their own :)

    2. That crocodile matter has me like 0_>
      Yay to palm wine for me, one of the high points of going to the village. Funny how I don't drink it elsewhere. The environment plays a part in how much I I enjoy it I think.
      Pounded yam is my best swallow hands down :D

    3. LOL, I know people go for Afropolitan vibes at Freedom Park for the free Palm wine so maybe you'll enjoy it there. Eba is the winner for me o!!

  2. You seemed to have enjoyed Ijebu. I haven't been to Ijebu yet, but I love travelling and I've been to 10 states in Nigeria. Hopefully I'll add all the states to my list. I haven't downloaded your album yet but I'll try to do so and also help publicize it on my blog and social media. Have a blessed week ahead.

    1. Yes, I definitely did, wish I had more time to explore though.
      Wow, you're a traveller, please name these 10 states and tell me which one was your favorite and why.
      Awww, Thank you Hilda, I appreciate it :) you'll be shocked to know how much of an impact a little encouragement can have. :*

  3. Yay to Palm wine....
    I haven't been to Ijebu but I've been to its environs and passed through it.
    Need to get your cd and review this week.. :)

    1. LOL, Yeva, the palm wine lover!
      That's cool, yes, you do o!!

  4. I have been to Kogi, Lagos, Oyo, Enugu, Jos, Niger, Nassarawa, Kano, Kaduna, Abuja(which is where I live. lol), Kwara. Just realised that's 11. I love Ibadan maybe because I served there but it is a very cool place whose indigens take life very slowly. Unlike the hustle and bustle of Lagos, Ibadan is a very very peaceful place and everything is so cheap its unbelievable. My total transport fare to and from my PPA was N400 a week and sometimes less! Rent for a whole year was N50,000 and we had constant water and almost constant light. It also has a great history and historical sites but I was unable to visit any sadly. My only problem with Ibadan is it seems to be advancing slowly even though its not far from Lagos the fastest growing commercial city in the world. I hope the new Governor will change that.

    1. Woww, you've been to many places o! Hilda, the traveller :)
      Can't believe the cost of living is so sensible in Ibadan, ahnahn, N400 that you spend per week Is some people's t fare on a daily basis, even one way sef
      That 50k you paid for the whole year is what people pay on a monthly basis. Then you now had constant water and constant light, that's the good life o, very affordable living for corpers.

  5. this looks like it was fun, I like Pounded yam! and Palm wine too!! (not too much though, gets tiring after a while

    1. Lool, and I didn't even take pictures of the food, my mum said I shouldn't disgrace her, hehe, you're an Iyan Lover :)