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Pandora celebrates Mothers

Hey Guys

Happy Friday :)

I mentioned in this post that I rocked the Grey 2 piece to a really cool Pandora event on Sunday. Read about the Pandora meets ankara event I attended earlier in the year here

It was an intimate brunch at Four Points with Bloggers, Media Representatives, Successful Business women and some key members of the Pandora Nigeria Team. We were supposed to come along with our mothers but everyone wasn't able to do so. 
"Mothers inspire, encourage and tirelessly guide us through life. The month of March is when we pay tribute to them and celebrate Moments with Mom" says Charlotte Obidairo, CEO of Pandora in Nigeria and continues, " Our signature bracelet is called the Moment's bracelet. it is designed to hold charms that each capture those precious moments of life, including with your mother or the mother of your children"
Leslie Okoye (MD, Cookie Skin), Charlotte Obidairo (CEO, Pandora West Africa) and Teni Sagoe (Creative Director, Clan)
Their new collection was launched and a social media campaign too, #Momentswithmom, inviting Nigerians to post their memorable Moment with their Mothers on Instagram to win AH-MAZING Prizes. Follow them on Instagram @moments_ng so you don't miss out on the campaign which runs from the 7th to the 15th of March.

For my Non Lagos folk, it includes Abuja and Ibadan so you aren't left out, whoohoo. Their stores are at the Centro Lekki Mall on Admiralty Way in Lagos, Ceddi Plaza in Abuja and The Palms Mall in Ibadan.
Kanyinsola Odusi, the brand activation manager, spoke to us about the campaign
She started off by saying imagine if you were offered a job which would take up all your time and no pay, but it's very rewarding, will you take it? Of course, I said No. She went on to say that Mother's fit that job description which is the absolute truth, Big Round of Applause to all the great Mummy's out there.
Avon Ubiedi, the National Sales Manager showed us the new collection and talked us through the different charms and the idea behind them.
A Heart shaped clasp instead of the regular one

Pandora sells rings, necklaces and earrings too
The event was in collaboration with Clan, from the prestigious House of Deola Sagoe, and Teni, the creative director, asked us to share our most precious moment with our mother's. It was really sweet to hear what the other ladies had to say as we went round the table. Mothers are an amazing set of people so I urge you to celebrate and treat your mum rightly, especially on the 15th of March.
Toast to Mothers
It was a great event with great people and I look forward to the next one.
Goody Bag
Their presentation is always on point, a perfect Bow

The prettiest charm for my mum to add to her bracelet
Sharon Ojong, Cocophemie and Living in Lekki have written a recap of the event too so check out their posts herehere and here. Also, like Pandora's facebook page so you don't miss out on all the amazing prizes that will be given out next week.


  1. Thoughtful stuff, the whole work without pay thing, and so true too, what our Mothers do ... Thanks Tuke!

    1. Yes o, very thoughtful event organised by a brand, you're welcome :)

  2. Mothers are golden..
    where's a picture of your face Tuke?

    1. Yes they are.
      I'm in the picture where we are raising our glasses and all the pictures from the previous post were taken on that day!

  3. Congrats,Tukes! Two Pandora events in 3 months. It seems you've made it into their exclusive circle. Your mum will love the goody bag.

    1. Lool, Thanks Bluebird!
      Yes, I think I have, they are holding giveaways everyday from the 7th to the 15th, all you have to do is post a picture or video of a special moment with your Mom and #Moments with Mom, Get Involved!!!
      Yup, she definitely will.

  4. I love the Pandora bracelets, they are so cute

    1. They definitely are, you should take part in the #MomentsWithMom contest on Instagram, you just might win one.