Tuke's Quest: 2015

2015 Goal Audit

When I reminisce on 2015, I am honestly Super Grateful and Thankful. There were ups and downs, old friendships lost, new friendships formed, confusing times, trying times but it worked out the way God wanted it to and I achieved certain things I didn't think I would.
I recorded a single, Trust, which is on iTunes, it's been played on different radio stations and TV stations too. My Sax playing became more than a hobby and I met so many wonderful people while playing. I survived without a 9 to 5 for 9 months and that period was a time to dig deep, experiment and discover myself.

I will share all I learnt this year in the concluding part of the Lessons I've learnt as a Creative Entrepreneur Series but for now let's talk about goals.
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Weekend Gist: Eat Drink Lagos Festival, Beauty in Lagos Party, Zazaii Store Launch & Christmas Long Weekend

Hey Guys :)

Happy Holidays!!!

Hope you enjoyed the long weekend.

I had a LOT of Fun spending time with family & friends. I didn't lug my camera around though but I put a couple of pictures on my Instagram Page. The weekend before this Christmas long weekend was pretty interesting, keep reading for more gist.
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Hair Goodies: Darling Hair, Shay's Treats & Ultra Black Hair Africa

Hey Guys,

4 days till the end of the year, ghen ghen. Hope you've forgiven everyone that offended you this year and made up with people that did you wrong. I always like to start the new year with a Clean Slate and I've learnt to avoid situations that would most likely end up in conflict. I've learnt a lot of lessons this year o, hope you've been keeping up with the lessons I've learnt as a Creative Entrepreneur Series, the last 4 videos will be up on the last day of the year :)

So I've gotten a number of hair goodies in the past couple of months :) #Blogger Perks I'll be sharing my thoughts on them and some pictures too!

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Christmas Holiday Style Inspiration: Polka Dots

Hey Guys,

Merry Christmas, whoohoo!!!

I hope you have fun this season with family & friends, don't forget to be safe.

I'm spending time with family like I did last year. I just read my 2014 Christmas Day Post and it's funny that my laptop screen spoilt on Christmas Eve last year because it happened this year too. I went to Saka to fix it immediately sha, it pains me when I think about the money I've spent fixing gadgets.
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A Black Affair

Hey Guys,

Guess who's finally putting up a style post. It's been 4 months since my last one, you guys really loved that Hi Lo Dress, even Bella Naija featured it, hehe :)

There were 2 collaborative style posts in between though, the Independence day one and the one with Abuja Based Bloggers Grace and Sarah.
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Restaurant Review: Mico's House of Chicken & Waffles Lagos

Hey Guys,

So I stopped by at Mico's House of Chicken and Waffles last weekend as I had promised my brother a treat. I also had a meeting with an event planner from America so it was nice to take her somewhere she hadn't been to before.

I reviewed Mico's when they first opened at the beginning of the year. Lamide of Living in Lekki took me there. Check out that post here. They have now moved to a Larger space and have added a couple more items to their menu. They have Self Serve Frozen Yoghurt Machines like Sweet Kiwi too.
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Weekend Gist: Redeemed Camp, Debonairs and Mente De Moda

Hey Guys :)

How are you?

How has your week been?

I ate out quite a bit over the weekend and something I ate got my tummy feeling funny *boo* I'm better now sha :)

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Weekend Gist:Steph Obi Workshop & An Impromptu Jam Session

Hi Guys,

How are you?

How was your week?

How is the Christmas prep going?

It kinda sucks that I can't be as active on here as I used to be but I make up for it by posting on Instagram A loooot more. I joined Periscope too and I love it, been recording gigs and rehearsals live!
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Video Blogging

Hey Guys :)

Happy New Month!!!

It's December, whoohooo :)

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Weekend Gist: Clan Fashion Day Out, La Brioche & Laif Awards

Hi Guys,

I'm just going to be honest and say that this transition back to the 9 to 5 life hasn't been easy. It happened very fast and many aspects of my life are trying to adjust to this new schedule. I used to make my weekends free so I could spend time with those I love. Meetings were held during the week and I attended certain events for learning and networking purposes too. But now my weekends are packed.

Take last weekend as an example. On Friday I went to Domino's after work because I was Craving their Cheesy Pepperoni garlic bread.
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Weekend Gist: TBC Connect

Hi Guys,

Hope your week is going well!!

As you all know, TBC Connect happened on Saturday, the 14th of November at the Ethnic Heritage Centre, check them out on Twitter and Facebook.
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Weekend Gist: Lagos Fashion Week & Ajali Store Opening

Hey Guys,

Happy New Week.

TBC Connect was a Huge success and my next post will be about it. This post is long overdue and so are the vlogs.
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Events this November!!

Hey Guys,

Happy New Month!!!!

I had my Grade 5 Music Theory exam on Saturday which is why I have been a bit Quiet on the Blog/Social Media. It went well and I'm really glad it's done, that's something else off my goals list :) Hope you're making progress with your goals!!

So there are a couple of events this Month that I think you should attend.

1) TBC Connect on the 14th of November
A meet and Greet Event with myself, Berry Dakara & Cassie Daves. I'm super glad that it has finally come together. We have loads of goodies to giveaway too :D Kindly send an email to tbcconnect@gmail.com to register as spaces are limited. Major shout out to all our wonderful sponsors :) :)

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Weekend Gist: Jazz Night, Lagos Photo & A Natural Hair Shoot

Hi Guys,

Hope your week is going well!

Weekend Gist is coming late because my exam is in a couple of days....Aaaahhhh!!!

First things first, the vlog of the week is up :)
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My First Beauty Video

Hi Guys,

Happy Friday!!

I hope you had a Great Week :)

I'm excited for this post because it is my first Beauty Tutorial!!!!

People asked for it when I put up the Simple and Easy Make up Pictorial so here it finally is!
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Weekend Gist: Radio Interviews, TV Features & A Millesime giveaway

Hey Guys :)

Happy Hump Day!!

Hope you're having an enjoyable week!!

Last week Friday I had 2 Radio Interviews, one at Liveway Radio & the other at Naija FM 103.5. I enjoyed both of them and will put up the recordings once I get them.
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Weekend Gist: Glowreeyah's album launch & a 50th Birthday Party

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday!

Hope your weekend was enjoyable & hope you're making progress with your goals. My music exam that I spoke about here is in a couple of weeks so Tuke is in Student mode :)

Last weekend was very Sax filled for me, Musicians will say she gigged every day.
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My 5 Favourite Hair Products & A Hair Talk

Hey Guys, 

Long time, No Hair Post. Well, here's one for you :)

So remember how in this post, I told you I spoke about Natural Hair at an Event at Unilag, well, I finally got the pictures, Yayyy :)
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Weekend Gist: Femi Leye's Album Launch & #FindYourVelvet

Hey Guys, TGIF!

This is the weekend gist I owe you from the Sallah Weekend :)

That was the week of the She Hive and the Prayer Conference at my church where I ministered, video here:)

So, on Saturday I went for Dolce & Gabbana's perfume launch at the palms
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Weekend Gist: 9ja Mentors, LCA Film Fest & Sax Things

Hi Guys,

Happy Tuesday :)

I owe you 2 weekend gists, the one for the Sallah Weekend and the Independence day one. The flash I got for my Birthday stopped working a couple of weeks ago :(  I got it back from the repairman today though so I can start taking detailed pictures of my makeup (like this one & this one) and pictures of events at Night/when there is low light. Fun Fact, I have gotten all the items from my wishlist except the original number 2, Thank God :)

So, First of all, Vlogs, the 10th one is up and so is the 11th one. I share a lot of experiences about challenges I've faced in this journey and lessons I've learnt too so watch and share.
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Nigerian Independence Day Collaboration with Pretty Faze

Hey Guys :)

Happy New Month!!!

Happy Independence Day too!!!

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The "She Leads Africa" She Hive

Hi Guys, Happy Monday!!

Hope you enjoyed the Long weekend. Mine was fun and busy, I'll put the Weekend Gist post & vlog up at the end of the week but for now catch up on all the other Vlogs and Weekend Gist Posts.

So last week I was a part of She Leads Africa She Hive and it was a Great Investment. The picture below was taken by Mohini.
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Weekend Gist: Vlogs, TedX Gbagada & The She Hive

Hi Guys,

How are you? Hope you had a great weekend. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will know I played the Saxophone at Ted X Gbagada. If you don't follow me, then what are you waiting for? :)

I played my Single Trust and I will put the video up on the Blog once it's out.
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Tuke's Garlic Bread Recipe

Hey Guys,

So I decided to learn how to make Garlic Bread when I ate at Smokey Bones and the Garlic Bread there was made from regular Sliced Bread. I was extremely disappointed with the Garlic Bread I ordered from The Secret Garden in Abuja (pictures here), that's why I decided to share this quick and easy recipe.
The picture at the top is from a Restaurant, the one below is homemade

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Restaurant Review: Jevenik, Secret Garden & Sheraton Abuja

Hey Guys,

Like I mentioned in this post, I was in Abuja for the ICAN conference at the beginning of the month. On the first Night, we had dinner at Jevenik. I have eaten at the one in Lagos once before but it was my Dad's first time there.

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Weekend Gist & Tuke's Trips: Sheraton Hotel, Abuja

Hey Guys :)

Happy Monday!

Hope you had a Great Weekend. Mine was busy, it was Saxophone filled. The whole of last week was Sax filled tbh. I played with the Jazz Band at Muson on Thursday after attending a Jazz Master class for most of last week. It was actually featured on BBC, I never expected it, I saw the BBC guy interviewing people but I didn't think much of it, listen to the interviews and some of the music here. Can you spot me in the picture below?  I put up a cover of Adele's Someone like you that was recorded during one of our lunch breaks, Check it out here.
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Have you heard of Jiji

D:\WORK\Даша тексти\Jiji.APP\pics - 2\24.jpg
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Creative Collaboration with Grace & Sarah

Hey Guys,

Thanks for showing me sooo much love in my last post :D

Some people have told me they only check posts with pictures, or they only care about style posts or food posts or hair posts but it's good to know that the wordy posts are read and digested by quite a lot of people. Hope you've dropped your details here to subscribe to the blog, many goodies await you ;)

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My 200th Post

Hey Guys,

Happy New Month :)

Hope September has been good so far. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was in Abuja for the ICAN conference. I had a Great time, it was an enlightening trip, I met up with some bloggers and we had a mini shoot :)

I saw some old friends too and we had fun gisting and catching up on life. Free, open, honest conversations, no judgement, it's nice to have friends you trust who support you. I can't wait to start travelling to play btw :)

If you didn't notice, this is my 200th post! I'm Grateful :) I remember writing the 100th one last year, how time flies.
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Weekend Gist: 200k & Stepping Out of the Box

Hey Guys :)

Happy Monday!!!

Do you know the Blog hit 200,000 views on Friday *dancing dancing dancing*. I shared the picture below on my Social Media Platforms with the caption "Woke up to 200K so I #Shoki 
😊😊💃💃#FeelingGrateful 🎉🎉"


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Tuke's Trips: Ilesa, Erin-Oke & Zenababs Resort

Hey Guys,

It's been a while since my last Travel post, hasn't it. I still owe you posts on China, Uganda and Disney Land too. Soon come, they will be up before the year ends.

The only other places I've been to this year are Ijebu-Oru and Ibadan. Isn't it funny how all three places start with the same sound. Maybe my next trip will be to Egypt or India or Indonesia or Illinois.

Random info, Literature in English was one of my favourite subjects in Secondary School. I loved Geography, Mathematics and Biology too. Wonder why I studied Economics sha. I mentioned this because I really like playing The Rhyme Game, "Name Animal Place Thing" and Concentration.

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Restaurant Review: Smokey Bones Lagos

Hey Guys,

Like I mentioned in this post I went to Smokey Bones restaurant with Tosin Alabi, who blogs here, Inikpi who took the pictures in this post and Tomi who blogs here, remember her from this post?

 Smokey Bones is pretty close to Mobil in VI, (8B Fabac Close). It's at the back of a compound which has a dentist and some other organisations in it. 
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Weekend Gist (2 in 1): Collaborations, Confidence and Celebrating Life

Hey Guys,

Hope you had a Great weekend.

I've been away from the blog for 12 days and only a few people inquired to find out. Shout out to those of you who did and for those that didn't, Diarris God!

I've been up to some pretty exciting collaborations. You will find out about them in due time, I'm grateful to God because last week was productive and it can only get better. My favourite photographer Linguini was around for a couple of days, we had a great time catching up and he took some lovely pictures of me too. If you don't know who he is, then check out this Ankara Inspired Post, the Flower Princess post and my 22nd Birthday post :)
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My Hi Lo Striped Dress

Hey Guys :)

Happy Hump Day

Happy International Youth Day too!

Hope you're having a Great week :)

I wore this Beautiful Bella Cosa Dress on Saturday for the wedding I mentioned in this post.  It's extremely versatile and it's a sure winner for weddings and dinners. This style is very flattering for pregnant ladies or women who want to hide the fact that their tummy isn't as flat as it used to be.
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Weekend Gist: Camp, Afro & a Giveaway

Hey Guys

Happy Monday :)

Hope you had a Great Weekend!

I spent most of last week at redeemed camp and I had an amazing time. The only downside is that phone signal isn't the best there because of the sheer number of people who attend it. My cousin overheard an usher saying there were 3 million people there, that's greater than the population of Jamaica, imagine.
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Restaurant Review: Bottles

So like I mentioned in this post, I went out for lunch with my cousins on Saturday. We went to Bottles in VI, you know the spot that people go to on Wednesday Night, for drinks after work.

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Weekend gist: Appreciating Life & My Second Vlog

Hey Guys!

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend!

Mine was interesting, filled with ups and downs.

My cousin, Oyinade, from this post, went back to Uni on Saturday so we had a cousin lunch/send off. We had a very bad experience at the Restaurant we went to, the worst customer service I've ever experienced in Lagos. I'll put up a Restaurant Review post with pictures on Wednesday, it was BAD!! Here's a Sneak Peek of what I got, you might be able to guess the Restaurant.
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My Coral Heels

Hi Guys,

Hope your week is going well! The weekend is almost here, Yippee :)

My friend's birthday was a couple of days ago and I wore this look out to dinner. How cute are my Coral Heels from Kampke.com. Get them now for N4,500 in Black or Coral, all you have to do is enter the Discount code TUKE25 at Checkout. 

 They have them in Blue & GoldBlack & GoldBlack & Print and Denim & Print too. I'm rocking my favourite Light Denim Jeans from Bershka and a Staple White Shirt from Ralph Lauren. These jeans are so versatile, they've been featured on the blog in 2 Day to Night Posts, here and here.
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Weekend Gist & My First Vlog!!!

Hello everybody!

Hope you had a Great Weekend, Mine went well :) 

A friend got married on Saturday and I left there very very full. It was well contained, medium sized, there was more than enough food, the vibes were great, no one was hustling, I really enjoyed myself.

 Two of my favourite vendors were there, Hans and Rene, I did a review of their gelateria here and Helado Delicia, where I got my delicious Red Velvet Birthday Cake from. Grind Grill Cafe was there too, I had their chips and chicken wings, they had Burgers as well. I'm not really a Burger Fan but their style of food reminded me of BBQ & Cravings, remember them from this post?

It's really interesting how huge the wedding industry is in Nigeria. My first article published on Bella Naija was about 20 lessons I've learnt from attending weddings in Nigeria. I don't like tying gele, weddings have evolved since then, I really like the photo booths. This was my look for the wedding on Saturday, it's very similar to my make up pictorial but I added some eyeshadow and did a little highlight and contour, don't think it's very noticeable sha.
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Vibrant Prints & Half Bun Box Braids

Hey Guys :)

Happy Hump Day!

I just want to say that I appreciate all the comments you guys leave, they inspire me to do better and to never give up on my creative endeavours, Thank you :* :*  :*

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Weekend Gist: Long Weekend

Hey Guys :)

How are you? How was your weekend? What did you get up to?

My friend's birthday was on Thursday so we all hung out at Posh Cafe after work. I did a review of it here, it's a pretty interesting spot.

On Friday I got some Music materials from an older saxophonist friend and just had a nice relaxing time with family.

Saturday was B to the U to the S to the Y. First stop was Funto Ibuoye Née Oni's event, Becoming. It was an inspiring and enlightening event for women and I'm glad I was able to make it. Check the hashtag #Becoming on Instagram & Twitter and follow them @thebeautifiednetwork on Instagram and @beautifiedNW on Twitter. I listened to Bola Balogun and Tosyn Bucknor speak and I bumped into a couple of blog readers.
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Easy and Simple Make Up Tutorial (WOC)

Hey Guys,

Are you excited for the holiday? Got anything exciting planned? Share Share Share!

I have been trying to shoot a Beauty Vlog for the looooooongest time, I did the perfect one the day I took the pictures in this post but I deleted it accidentally before I transferred it to my Laptop :(

I really wanted to do a video review of the LA Girl Matte Lip Gloss but the subsequent ones after the one I deleted weren't coming out right hence why I did the review in a pictorial form, check it out here.

This is a Pictorial of a Simple Make up Look, No Eyeshadow, No Highlight, No Contour. This is what I do when I'm going out and I know pictures will be taken. It takes about 7-10 minutes.

Hope you like it! 
 So, I start off with my bare face, I got my eyebrows shaped recently at House of Tara.
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Print on Print

Hi Guys :)

How are you? Hope you had a great weekend :)

I played at the Redemption Camp on Friday and it was AWESOME!! I put a couple of pictures on Instagram and I'll put a post up once I get the professional pictures and video.

I went to The Social Place on Sunday for an event organised by Leading Ladies Africa. I got there about 30 minutes before it ended because of car trouble so I missed most of it but it seemed like it was an enlightening event. I saw my fellow bloggers, Berry, Cassie and Kachi :)

I took some pictures of my outfit too, hope you like them!

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Home-Made Waffles & Spring Rolls

Hey Guys :)

Happy Monday! Hope you had a Great Weekend!!!

Mine was pretty calm, I watched the stage play, Annie at Muson on Friday and it was really really good. It was done by the graduating set of my Primary School and I really just wanted to get off my seat and join them on Stage. I've been singing all the songs since then.

I woke up this morning craving waffles, my Aunt made some last weekend, wrote all about it in this post where I rocked this look
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There's a Consignment Store in Nigeria!

Hey Guys,

So I typically don't do press releases but I found this one really interesting and the owner is someone I admire and respect.


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LA Girls Matte Pigment Gloss Review on Dark Skin (WOC)

Hey Guys :)

Happy New Month!!

I hope this half of the year is way better than the first half for you o!

I've been trying to do this review for the longest time. Remember I asked in this post if you guys wanted Pictures or a Video. I have tried and tried to record the perfect video, I finally made one that I loved on the day of this post but then I accidentally deleted it :(

I literally tried all weekend to recover it from the memory card but it wasn't working out. Tried recording another video but they haven't come out right so I have just taken it as a sign from God that it's not my time to vlog.

So, Matte Liquid Lipsticks were on my Birthday Wishlist, I got 3 of them, hope you like the swatches, it took me a long time to get these looking the way I wanted.
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Peter Pan Collar

Good Day Folks!

Hope you're week started off on a great note and I hope you've done your BVN too. If you haven't, I'll advise you to do it very early this morning before people swarm the bank and there is a 1-3 hour queue. 

We enter into the 2nd half of the year tomorrow, don't you think the year has gone by so quickly?! Hope you are on the right track to complete your goals for the year, doing an audit will help you put things into perspective and so you know which ones require more effort and focus from you this half of the year.
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Weekend Gist

Hey Guys

Happy Monday!!

How are you? How was your weekend?

Mine was great, really busy, weekeends tend to be busier than weekdays for me.

I got a call on Friday Morning to play at a 40th Birthday dinner that evening. It's really funny how the gig came about. The client called my dad in America, then my dad called me and gave me her number to call her. I really enjoy being part of people's special moments and I got a couple of pictures, yayyy :)

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Protective Style: Box Braids

It's the Weekend :)

I've got a lot planned for it, hope yours is enjoyable too. 

I got braids done on Wednesday, an interesting mix of colours, guess what 3 colours I used!!

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Ankara from Shakara

 Hey Guys,

How are you? How was your weekend?

Mine was goood :) I feel like it started on Wednesday though as I was out every night from Wednesday to Sunday. I was at Bottles on Wednesday, La Taverna on Thursday, Nike Art Gallery, Vantage & Bay Lounge on Friday, my Aunt's 50th, family friend's engagement and Stranger Lagos on Saturday then Terra Kulture and Maison Farenheit on Sunday.
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My Favourite Yellow Dress

Good Morning Folks

Happy Monday :)

I pray this week surpasses your expectations in sooo many ways! I pray God protects and keeps you too, Be careful when driving!
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My 23rd Birthday I

Hey Guys,

How are you doing?

I apologise for the reduction in post frequency, I'm going through some lifestyle changes so I'm trying to adjust accordingly. Remember my Birthday Wishlist, Well, I've gotten 5 of the items so far and many other things I didn't ask for :)

My parents gave me money for my birthday and I used it to get number 1 on my list. I needed that external flash because I'm about to start doing beauty posts :) and I hate the fact that my camera becomes useless once it gets dark or when the lighting is bad.

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Welcome to My Month :)

Hi Guys :)

Happy New Month!

Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes, I really do appreciate it :)

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