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Weekend Gist: Redeemed Camp, Debonairs and Mente De Moda

Hey Guys :)

How are you?

How has your week been?

I ate out quite a bit over the weekend and something I ate got my tummy feeling funny *boo* I'm better now sha :)

So, on Friday I came home to an empty house as every one else was in camp. I was craving Debonairs and I called them at 8:15 but they stop delivering to places outside VI at 8.

My best friend surprised me and we ended up going there. I got half Sweet & Sour Chicken, Half Something Meaty. It was Delicious and it cost N3,350.
 Where is your favourite Pizza Place? What is your favourite topping?
We stopped by at Eko Hotel & enjoyed Great Music by Femi Leye, remember him from this post & this one too?
I went to Camp on Saturday & the roads were so free. There was however traffic in Camp. It took us 3 hours to get to the new auditorium from my house which is right next to the old auditorium. Journey of Life. My cousin said it felt like heaven when we finally sat down on the altar. Thank God we made it. May we all make heaven o!

It took us 2 hours to get back to our house in camp and 1 and a half hours to get to Lagos the next morning. I missed the Lagos Bloggers Brunch but from the pictures on Social Media, I see it went well. I probably spend more time on Social Media than I do talking to God so I can't really complain about the hours spent in traffic.

I had a meeting on Sunday at Mico's house and waffles and I went with my little brother as I promised him a Treat. I reviewed it once on the Fayrouz Blog (post here). I will review it again on this blog because this experience was different and they have moved to a bigger space.
I stopped by at Mente De Moda before going home, haven't been for it since November/December 2013. I saw loads of people I knew and some other bloggers too. That's my friend Tolu on the left.
I bought 3 Great Black Dresses as I need them for Sax gigs and a Black dress is timeless. Remember it was on my Birthday Wishlist :) I've taken pictures rocking one of them so expect a Style post very very soon.
My friends got Frappe's from the Urban Fuxion truck but I already spent A LOT on the dresses so I just got N500 chapman when I was hot. Ikoyi Club Chapman remains the best and it only costs N140.
My Friend, Ife, spoke at TedX Croydon on the 14th of November, same day as TBC Connect. I'm really glad to see him living his dreams. He was my flatmate in my Final Year and he also MC'd at my 21st Birthday :)

Hope you're having a Great Week!

I've missed you guys!!!


  1. Mico's has moved? Where to?

    Have a nice weekend ahead :)

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Yes o, it's a bigger space a couple of minutes away. Directly opposite Bella Cosa/Jerry's Bakery. Thanks Berry :)

  2. Looking forward to your Mico's review, I was going to send you an invite to visit, but I am glad you already did. My friend is the manager there.

    Also, your style post too.

    1. Awww, she's a nice girl.
      You'll enjoy the review and the style post too!

  3. All I can see is that Pizza.Eyeing you.