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Weekend Gist: Eat Drink Lagos Festival, Beauty in Lagos Party, Zazaii Store Launch & Christmas Long Weekend

Hey Guys :)

Happy Holidays!!!

Hope you enjoyed the long weekend.

I had a LOT of Fun spending time with family & friends. I didn't lug my camera around though but I put a couple of pictures on my Instagram Page. The weekend before this Christmas long weekend was pretty interesting, keep reading for more gist.

Friday, the 18th was Rhythm Unplugged so there was a LOT of traffic in VI. I stopped by at the Zazaii Store Launch and then went to greet the chef at La Taverna because it's on the same street. I haven't been there in a while and the owner/head chef is really sweet. I've played there a couple of times, video clip here and flyer here. It's always good to maintain relationships and this is something I've spoken about in the Lessons I've learnt as a Creative Entrepreneur Series.
So Zazaii is located at 36 Balarabe Musa Crescent, VI and they stock pieces from African Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty Brands.
 They've got cute household accessories.
They've got menswear items too.
On the 19th I went for an office wedding even though I really wanted to rest, spent 2 hours in traffic getting there but I'm glad I went, bonding time is always good. On the 20th I went for the Eat Drink Lagos Festival and the Beauty in Lagos Beauty Party.

I was sooo impressed with the turnout at the Festival.

I never experred to see sooo many people but it shows how well their blog is doing, Kudos to them!

I had already eaten before I got there so I just wanted dessert.

I got a Cinamon Roll and Monkey Bun from Sprinkled and Spiced.

The Monkey Bun cost N700 and the Cinnamon Roll was N300.

The pastry wasn't as fresh as I expected but I had their Cinnamon Roll at a wedding over the weekend and it was Super Fresh so maybe they had an off day.

I also got a Milkshake from The Shake Bar. I was a tad bit disappointed as they didn't have ice so it was warm.

They didn't have change either and I just think that if you plan to sell your product at N800 then you should have gone to the bank to get loads of N200 notes. The owners were polite though & they are twins with a cute British Accent.

From the Festival I went to VI for the Beauty party
 Zaron had just started their live demo when I walked in.

They did a Simple/Toned Down Night look

Before I got there,  a gele tying class had taken place. I love how cute and compact the gele looks.
 Her make up is nice too
Berry was there and she tried to imitate my signature pose (the one on my business cards and in a number of style posts too), do you think she did a good job?
Zaron gave out some goodies which made me really happy as I missed out on the goody bag at Dee Mako's Lagos Blogger Brunch.
I use a number of their products already, check out this post to see which of their products I use to create my simple make up look. There's a video version in this post.
I love the colours in the Eyeshadow Trio (Glam n Tan 03) & the Lipstick (Dusk 06) is an exact dupe of Mac's Rebel which I have on in this post.
I bought Black Jamaican Castor Oil from one of the vendors there too.
In terms of the long weekend, on the 23rd, I went for a friend's bbq and cousin's party after work. On the 24th, I fixed my laptop (which I mentioned here), ate at spice bowl and then watched Fifty the Movie (it was really good). On the 25th, I spent 2 hours assembling my 7 year old brother's Christmas Present then went to my cousin's house for Christmas Day lunch. My Cousin's introduction was on the 26th at abule egba then I went for a family friend's engagement and then my cousin's cousin's wedding (Canadians party hard). I also stopped by at Hard Rock Cafe, review coming soon.
My cousin TJ on the left. Remember the Wedding & Engagement I went for in England last year? It was his brother's.
On the 27th, I went to church, then a family friend's baby dedication then a very lit engagement. On the 28th I went to palms then my friends house then bay lounge then the foundry. As you can tell, my waka has been much but I have loved it and I'm on vacation from work till the 7th of January, whoooohoooo. How did you spend the Christmas Long weekend?


  1. The pillows are sooooo cute! Looks like you had fun this holiday, I've been sick for the most part of it.

    Berry pulled off the look well hehe :)

    Always great to catch up with you!

    1. Loool, Yes I did, didn't leave my house today because yesterday I was running errands. Eyah pele, hope you feel better now!

  2. Berry pulled your pose Tuke.Fun holiday you had.I love the fact that Zaron is everywhere this season. I love their powder and lip stain.Cool stuff.
    http://Join the 2016 #ProsperityChallenge

    1. Loool, she tried o :)
      Yes, I did.
      They really are pushing their marketing game this season.
      I haven't tried their lip stain yet but I used my friend's Zaron powder and it wasn't bad.

  3. I was also the one that asked for help for my blog, thank you. www.tobstee.blogspot.com

  4. Wow, you went out a lot. Everything looks like it was fun especially the EatDrink Festival.xx


    1. Yes I did o, the festival was like a mini reunion tbh, saw people from my primary school, secondary school, church, university, sooo many people I haven't seen in ages, it was nice!

  5. Lool, Go to 36 Balarabe Musa street and check them out. I took a picture of the cap and glasses to show you guy's a glimpse of what they have.

  6. I love how detailed your review is. That cinnamon roll looks delicious. I still don't know how to tie a gele *covers face*

    1. Thank you Unashamed Beauty :) It was very sweet and it didn't have raisins too. Loool, neither do I, I hate wearing them because of the headache that starts after a couple of hours. You can learn how to tie them on Youtube though.