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Easy and Simple Make Up Tutorial (WOC)

Hey Guys,

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I have been trying to shoot a Beauty Vlog for the looooooongest time, I did the perfect one the day I took the pictures in this post but I deleted it accidentally before I transferred it to my Laptop :(

I really wanted to do a video review of the LA Girl Matte Lip Gloss but the subsequent ones after the one I deleted weren't coming out right hence why I did the review in a pictorial form, check it out here.

This is a Pictorial of a Simple Make up Look, No Eyeshadow, No Highlight, No Contour. This is what I do when I'm going out and I know pictures will be taken. It takes about 7-10 minutes.

Hope you like it! 
 So, I start off with my bare face, I got my eyebrows shaped recently at House of Tara.

I fill in my Brows with a Brown Eye Brow Pencil. This one cost only N50 from Ojuelegba, some people sell it for N100, some people sell it for N150. It can be found at the market and even some pharmacies. I used to use the House of Tara Brow Pencil which cost N550 but this one is cheaper and it does just as good a job. I still have the HOT Pencil though, my mood determines the one I use. I've tried Mac Spiked too but it costs over N3,000 and the pencil doesn't last very long.
 I brush my brows in place with a Brow Brush that I got from my 12 piece Cala Brush set, it was a Christmas Present from my Aunty, I spoke about it in this post. You can get a similar brush set here and here.
 I fill in my Brows with a Brow Gel. I was gifted this Elf one by @shop_sisi on Instagram. I mentioned her in this post, I bought some stuff from her stall at the Lagos Make up Fair last year. I also have the House of Tara Brow Kit but I prefer this one. The left side is a dark brown gel while the right side is a Mid Brown Powder. It helps the brow hairs stay in place for longer. You can get it here.
 The Elf Brow Kit came with a tiny brush which is a flat brush on one end and a mini powder brush on the other end.
 I sculpt/clean up my brows with this Mac Studio Finish Concealer in NW 45. I've had this Angled Brush for over a year. I got it from Forever 21, it came with 3 other brushes and the set cost about £3.
 I Blend out the concealer with the Angled Brush
Then Blend it some more with a Fluffy Blending Brush, I usually use a smaller blending brush but this was the first one I grabbed when documenting this process.
 Blend, Blend, Blend
 I use my Zaron Cream to Powder Foundation to clean up the top of my brows. It's the same shade as my skin so it looks more Natural.
I use the Zaron Gel Liner and an eye liner brush to line my upper and lower lash line. I don't always line the lower lash line because my eyes water easily. Sometimes, I use my Maybelline Collosal Kajal, it depends on my mood. This Gel Liner has lasted for about 7 months and I haven't even used up to half of it, it's a Great Investment!
I use the Maybelline Rocket Volum' Mascara, I got it a couple of days ago as my previous one, a Rimmel one with argan oil is running dry.
I prime my face with this Zaron face Primer. I used the Elf one in this post from December last year to last week. It ran out and I wanted to try something different. I use Milk of Magnesia before the primer if I know I'm going to be out in the Sun or if I'm going for a Wedding and I want my make up to last the whole day.
It's a Silicon/Gel Primer which reduces the look of pores and lines and makes my face a smooth canvas for the Foundation.
 Can you see that my forehead and nose (My T-zone) aren't as shiny? I stop at this step for an everyday work look and just put some colour on my lips.
I dab some concealer under my eyes with my Mac Studio Finish Concealer and this Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush. The Brush is from the Real Techniques Core Collection set which you can get here.
 This step makes my eyes look brighter and covers dark circles
 Sometimes, I put some concealer on my spots too, either this Mac one or the Zaron Cream to Powder Foundation. Other Brands of Concealer I've tried are Black Opal and Milani.
 Most of the spots I have are on the side of my face. Sometimes I end my make up process here and skip the foundation step. I blend in the concealer and put the powder on top, it provides a Medium Coverage.
My Favourite Foundation at the moment is the Mac Matchmaster in 7.5. I have tried many foundations in the past one year. My interest in make up didn't start until End of 2013 when I moved back for Nysc. This foundation blends in seamlessly with my neck and it matches my undertone too.
 I put about 3-5 pumps on the back of my hand and then dot it all over my face.
 I blend it in with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and then Voila!!
 I set the foundation with my Mac Mineralise Skin Finish in Dark and a Powder Brush from the Cala set.
 I have tried quite a number of powders since I moved back but this one is my favourite :)
 Anyone else make funny faces when they are putting on make up?

I get out my Bare Minerals Blush in Shade Velvet and blend it lightly from the apple of my cheeks to the edge of my face
 It's a nice Reddy pinky salmony shade that gives my face a nice flush of colour
I go in with my Gold Deposit and a Fan Brush to highlight the bridge of my nose, my forehead and the high points of my cheek :)
 I put on some Baby Lips in Cherry Me to moisturise my lips. It adds a nice tint to my lips but I didn't take a picture of it. I was getting ready to go out with my mum and she was ready at this point.
 I have one swipe of the LA girls Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss in Secret on my lips.
I changed my lip colour to the LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Coy and lined my lip with a wine Air Woman Lip Pencil, the N50 one.
Can I just add that I didn't buy all these make up products in one day. It was a Gradual process, I buy things on sale, I buy dupes, I buy a mix of high end and affordable products. I get gifted makeup, sometimes there is make up in goody bags at events. I've also won some make up in giveaways, the Maybelline one here and the Mac one here.
So, what did you think of this Pictorial, Share your Make up routine with me :)

P.S. The last three pictures with the Purple-y lip colour were taken after about 5 hours of wearing the make up, out and about, lying down on my face, playing with children, etc

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  1. Wow. Love d Pictorial. Simple and beautiful makeup

  2. And still seems like a lot of work for a simple face. I like makeup but whyyyyyyyy does it have to be such a process?!?!?!

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Loool, it might seem like a lot of work but after you've done it a couple of times your speec will increase.

  3. The first lip colour suits you more, try making the vlog one more time..it's easy to follow how but I'm sure it would be way easier then.

     The Diva Diaries


  4. Simple yet lovely. I wish I could learn to do my brows. Sigh the struggle.

    How I Wear My TwentySix

    1. Loool, Thank you Grace :)
      Practice makes perfect o, YouTube videos or get a friend who can do make up to run you through it.

  5. Am a newbie blogger and what attracts me to u and sharon mundia is the picture quality. Can u pls recommend a camera I can use or tell me the name of the camera u used for this post.
    Thanks in anticipation.

    1. Awww, welcome to Blogsville :)
      I love the quality of Sharon's pictures too, she works with a professional photographer, Victor Peace, he takes most of her pictures.
      I use a Nikon D3100 which I got 3 years ago. I have invested in a 50mm prime lens and an external flash which have greatly improved the quality of my pictures. I'm not sure where you are based but there is a Nikon store in Opebi, Lagos. Many people prefer Canon's so you can do your research and compare how the pictures come out from the different cameras before you decide. Also, talk to photographers you know and trust, one of them might have a friend that is selling an old camera for cheap.

  6. and she smiled all the way through :)
    I wish i could grab most of the products you use but as you've said it won't come in one day...lol
    I love this pictorial:)
    The Beautiful Eagle

    1. Hehehe, Thank you Ugo :)
      Lool, one day one day, you will realize that your makeup collection is bigger than you thought it was.

  7. Love it! We use a lot of the same products :) and yay for the matchmaster - current fav foundation. I got it in 8.0 and I have no regrets. Ps, you have lovely skin :)


    1. Thank you Unoma :)
      Oh Yayyy, match master rocks, it has shortened the time I spend getting made up as I don't have to mix foundations anymore.

  8. Simple and beautiful makeup. I've been reading your blog for sometime but this is the first time i'm commenting(shy much). Your blog is really nice and I enjoy reading it. Keep up the good work.
    P.S I got a free pair of thando flats from the survey link u put up on your blog sometime ago.

    1. Awww, I'm glad you aren't shy anymore so I'll be expecting more comments from you :)
      Thank you!!
      Oh nice, trust you are rocking the flats well!

  9. Wow...really nice.Thank you for the step by step explanation...Bookmarked this for the future!...I'm so ready to learn how to start using make-up!

  10. U Make it look so simple..... I swear by Maybelline mousse (cocoa) - it works wonders for me....

    1. Yayyy, I'm glad :)
      Ehnehn, I haven't tried any mousse like foundation but I will one day, I know Bimpe Onakoya uses it.

  11. Lovely tutorial!! Love that you did it in pictures instead of video actually..Lol cause I get lazy playing videos.

    1. Thank you Tolu, I guess God let it happen that way so you could see it, hehe :)
      Some videos can be loooong but with pictures you scan through the post quickly and get the message.
      Some people prefer videos sha because it might stick in their head better when they are watching and hearing at the same time. To each their own :)

  12. All I can see in this is that you smiled all the way!! That just rocks, plus lovely make up routine, doesn't look as hard as those videos I watch

    1. Awww, didn't think it'll make such a big difference but I'm glad it did :)
      Hehe, I'm glad this make up tutorial somewhat simplifies the make up application process!

  13. You looked yum! The step by step pictorial is cool, makes it simple and one is able to see what the result of each product that was used and then the final taadaa finish.

    Me, I sha need to up my makeup game o. It never goes beyond mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss/lip stain/ lip stick, eyebrow. Sigh!

    1. Thank you Chioma :)
      You get the whole idea!
      Lool, that's what I do on a normal day but sometimes I add primer and concealer and maybe powder depending on where I'm going!

  14. Hi Tuke! You're so beautiful and this post was amazing, you really should do more pictorials.
    I just stumbled on your blog and your posts are just too nicee, omgg


    1. Awww, Thank you Debbie for leaving such sweet words. What kind of pictorials would you like to see?

  15. I like this pictorial a lot, shared too!
    My routine is basic on some days but I go HAM on Sundays oh lol.


    1. Awwww, Thank you Bookie :)
      Oshey, Sunday Makeup gotta be on point ;)

  16. Really lovely tutorial. How did I miss it?
    I'm also a lover of the MAC Skinfinish Mineralize powder.
    My skin has gone haywire at this point, so I really don't want to wear makeup except I need a special boost lol. I haven't really figured out how to blend everything though, maybe one of those sponges will help? It's not bad or scary looking- it's just- it looks like makeup. A little too yellow undertone, nothing like the nize Ebony glow you're giving off here.

    1. I don't know how you missed it o!
      MAC Mineralise Skin Finish for the win, I've been interchanging between it and my Mineralise Skin Finish nowadays.
      Lool, I get you on not wearing make up unless you need a special boost. I don't use my Foundation as often, my concealer provides a good enough coverage.
      I have been using my Real Techniques miracle sponge more because my sister lost my buffing brush. The type of brush you use affects the finish too, maybe you should give Real techniques a try. Watch brownie and the blog on youtube too, I learn a LOT from watching her.