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LA Girls Matte Pigment Gloss Review on Dark Skin (WOC)

Hey Guys :)

Happy New Month!!

I hope this half of the year is way better than the first half for you o!

I've been trying to do this review for the longest time. Remember I asked in this post if you guys wanted Pictures or a Video. I have tried and tried to record the perfect video, I finally made one that I loved on the day of this post but then I accidentally deleted it :(

I literally tried all weekend to recover it from the memory card but it wasn't working out. Tried recording another video but they haven't come out right so I have just taken it as a sign from God that it's not my time to vlog.

So, Matte Liquid Lipsticks were on my Birthday Wishlist, I got 3 of them, hope you like the swatches, it took me a long time to get these looking the way I wanted.

Dry Lips
 A little shea butter on my lips

I'm starting off with Rebel which I rocked in this post and this one too.

I wasn't sure how this colour would turn out the day I bought it but I'm so glad I didn't return it 
 I think it's a very Beautiful colour!
 It can be rocked during the day or at night time
 I don't use any lip liner with it
 I Love how it brightens up my face
 It is my favourite colour at the moment. In these pictures, I have 2 layers on!
 This is Secret which I rocked in this post.
 It's a rich shade of Red
 It looks really nice with a dark purple liner
 I typically wear it on it's own
 I mixed it with Backstage in this post though

 This is Backstage which I haven't rocked in any style post yet.
The formula of this one is different from the other two.
 I always layer it when I wear it out, in the picture above, I've got 1 layer on.
 This is what it looks like on application.
 After  a couple of seconds, it dries to this finish (2 layers in the picture above)
  3 layers in the picture above and below.
 Can you see that it applies pretty patchy?
 I've got 4 layers on to get that proper smooth matte vampy look.

Price: N1,600 from Beauty Kink

I love these glosses as they are Saxophone Proof, they are truly matte and they stay on when I eat, drink and even when I play the Sax. I think they are great value for money too as the other brands in the market cost 2-3 times the price of this one.

Have you tried liquid lipsticks before? What Brands? What did you think of them?
Which of these colours do you like best?


  1. I love the rebel the most, such a beautiful color!!! You should try the liquid lipsticks by LA Splash!!! They dry matte, don't stain when I eat/drink, super super long lasting and they have an amazing color selection!!

    1. It's my favourite too!! Oh nice, will be on the lookout for them now! :)

  2. In my book, the darker, the better. Like all the shades though.

    Mira La belle

  3. OMG! My name is Morgan and I might I say u are really pretty